Guide to Withdrawing Funds From Loot.Bet

Do you need to take some of your winnings out of your Loot.Bet account? Withdrawing funds is easy once you set up and verify your account.

This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step so that you can collect your money quickly and safely.

In no time, you’ll be on your way to enjoying those winnings!

Key Takeaways

  • Choose from various payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets.
  • Verify your account to access higher withdrawal limits and faster processing times.
  • Access the withdrawal page on the website and select your preferred payment method.
  • Ensure that the withdrawal information provided matches the details associated with your payment accounts or cards used for deposits.

Setting Up Your Loot.Bet Account

To get started withdrawing funds, you’ll need to set up your Loot.Bet account first! It’s easy to do and takes just a few minutes.

Start by comparison shopping for the payment methods available. You can use credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller. Select the one that best fits your needs and budget, then fill out the form with your personal information.

Once you’re done, confirm the payment method and you’re ready to start withdrawing funds anytime!

Verifying Your Account

Verifying your account is an essential step for cashing out. To ensure a safe and secure experience with, you must verify your identity and funding sources to be eligible for withdrawals.
Benefit Risk Solution
Get access to higher withdrawal limits
Faster processing times
Getting locked out of your account
Unable to withdraw funds
Verify identity by providing
personal information & documents
Link funding sources to your account

Locating the Withdrawal Page

Once you’ve verified your account, finding the withdrawal page is easy. To start, simply access your bankroll management page on the website.

Once there, click ‘Withdraw’ and you’ll be taken to the withdrawal page where you can select your chosen payment method for withdrawing funds. Keep in mind that some methods may incur a fee; make sure to read up on all withdrawal fees before continuing with the process.

You will also see a list of available payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard or Skrill which are commonly used for withdrawals from Choose one of these options and enter the required information before confirming the transaction.

Your funds should arrive shortly!

Entering Withdrawal Information

Once you’ve selected a payment method, enter the required withdrawal information and confirm the transaction. All withdrawal requests must be accompanied by a detailed list of verification documents to ensure your identity is secure. To prevent fraud, has established certain limits on how much can be withdrawn at one time.

Payment Method Withdrawal Limit
Credit Card $2,000 per day
Bank Transfer $5,000 per week
PayPal $500 per day
Skrill/Neteller/EcoPayz $1,000 per day

Receiving Your Funds

After you confirm the transaction, your funds will be processed and sent to you. Depending on your withdrawal method, it can take anywhere from a few hours to several days for the funds to be delivered.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Withdrawal fees may apply depending on your method of withdrawing funds.
  • There are limits on how much you can withdraw at one time.
  • Make sure that all details like name and address provided while making a withdrawal match those associated with payment accounts or cards used for deposits.

Once the withdrawal is approved, your money will reach you quickly and securely – often within 48 hours. Keep an eye on any applicable withdrawal fees or limits as well as other terms and conditions associated with withdrawing funds from to ensure smooth transactions every time!

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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