LoL Preseason 2022: Drakes, Items & Runes Changes

Preseason League of Legends 2022 Season 12
Season 12 is coming, guys! | © Riot Games

Riot Games There is a lot to do 2022. The League of Legends developer already talks about its goals. 2022 pre-seasonSo what should we expect? Season 12? We have covered the Drake, Item, and Rune Changes!

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League of Legends has undergone a significant transformation in the last two-years.Unleashing the Elements” brought us the various Drakes with our Souls. Mythic Forge This has completely rewritten the entire merchandise store. However, Riot Games However, they have confirmed that such a major change is not in the plans. They are instead looking to improve and expand the “existing gaming systems.” Are we going get more Drakes, Riots?

What Does The Change With The Drakes in Season 12

Cloud Drake League of Legends
The Cloud Drake is soon to become the Void Drake. | © Riot Games

The “Unleashing the Elements“The change that brought about us” Drakes The idea behind influencing terrain was to allow players to be more challenging and more flexible by having different terrain. The Drakes should make each game more unique and individual.

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Riot Games Wants to go back exactly where it left off

  • New terrain features can be created that create unique matches or alter the game’s playability after the map has been transformed.
  • Expanding the thematic options of what empowers dragons and how that empowers champions in the Rift

Riot Games They have more changes in the works, which they will share as the season progresses.

What Does The Change With The Season 12 Items

Through the Mythical Forge, Riot Games We wanted to have the freedom to make individual decisions, and be able to adapt to them. You can add an item to your game situation. We all know how this worked in the game. Everyone built the meta item on their champ, and not much was ever modified for a game situation.

  • Patch 11.16 It is now. All the highlights are available here.

While we continue to think this is the right goal, we’ve heard your feedback that having to make a strategic decision about every item in your inventory isn’t always desired or possible, especially in high tension games.

Riot Games listens and implements our feedback in the best way possible, we think. 2022 pre-season.

Riot Games hopes to change that:

  • More Mythic options to support champs
  • Improved legendary items for tanks, assassins and mages

There will be many more items, but some of them won’t work for certain champions. Not every Auto-Attack ADC has a Kraken Slayer. Season 12.

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Anathema’s Chains and Hullbreaker already gave top laners an extra variation. Now it’s time for Riot to provide the other lanes with more items!

What Does The Change With The In Season 12, Runes (c) Riot Games?

League of Legends Pre-Season 2022 Runes
Inspiration gets some…Inspiration. | © Riot Games

Riot Games has analysed how often each rune is played and found that there are opportunities for improvement. Many players were not able to access the inspiration tree. It worked on Sylas but it was not possible for other champs to use it.

Most obviously, we feel the Inspiration tree’s identity has been fairly unclear, and we’d like to broaden its keystone use cases.

Here’s what you can expect from the preseason

  • Reworked Inspiration keystones 
  • Adjustments to the secondary rune balance

That’s it. Riot Games We have been told so far about the changes 2022 The associated pre-season. There will be many more. Season 12 It is being kept secret, but it sounds quite reasonable at first glance. Here are the Thread from Riot Games You can read it yourself

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