LoL: It's Time for a New Champion Select!

LoL Champion Selection 2.0 by Zendruuu
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Reddit is an excellent place for gamers. You can also follow other users. u/Zendruuu He confirms it once more. He loves League of LegendsHowever, it is difficult to love every queue equally. Therefore, he tried to create a new, better Champion Select This will make LoL more enjoyable. All the details about the new features can be found here.

He sort of created a Champion Select 2.0This is a new version that we know of the champ selection. We won’t spoil the surprise, but we will say this: Zendruuu’s ideas are incredible and we hope that riot gets to see it!

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The New Champion Select 2.0 This is even better!

The following is a Reddit postThe creator shows you with some very useful pictures what he would do to the LoL client. He would starts with the lobby screen, where he would add the option to let the players pick their favourite champion. This could save you a lot of headaches if your teammates ban your main without asking.

LoL new Lobby Zendru Reddit
There’s enough space below the Riot icon, anway! | © Zendru/Reddit

You think it almost seems like the feature has been there forever? Wait and see! It gets even better.

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A new Champion Selection Features: Kick, Buy and Swap Positions

If League of Legends were to be completed, there would be quite a few modifications. u/Zendruuu. We’ve all been there. We would love to trade champions with our team, but they don’t have them. The drafts go crazy and yup, we end up with Ezreal or Lulu at the top lane… GG right from the beginning.

LoL Champion Select 2.0 by Zendru
But wait. But wait! | © Zendru/Reddit

u/Zendruuu has also included visuals so that your colleagues can see which of your preferred roles. Another feature is anonymity. Everyone´s Summoner Name is just a number. So you don’t know if you were paired with bad or good players from the previous game. This would be especially true in the first instance, where it could lead to even more flame and tension before the game started. What is worse than losing a game due to selection?!?

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Select the Best Features of the New Champ

If you believe you can win in every situation, you will be the best. just let yourself be the first pick of the team´s draft. One of Zendruuu´s new features would be a position swap. You will be swapped if both players agree. This would resolve the whole issue of swapping champions.

It is also possible to kick abusive players who threaten to feed and troll. Once the team is in agreement, the guy will be kicked. If you are able, another player will take his place.. You’d be relegated to the top of the queue if you don’t. The last eye candy is a Items & Runes tab post screen where everyone can see the building path, dmg done by runes and what specific runes the said player picked. This is more than the keystone.

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If you’re curious how this looks in real time and HD just watch this video, which explains the whole process in detail:

These are great news! iDeas to improve the champion selection process. We are amazed at the amount of ideas that the community has come up with. However, we hope Riot will take the hint and implement some of these ideas into the League of Legends client for Season 12. Riot, hire Zendruuu already!

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