LoL: NA to Host MSI and Worlds 2022

NA Host to MSI and Worlds 2022
NA should be cheering next year, I hope. (c/ Riot Games | © Riot Games

Riot It was announced that MSI LoL Worlds It will be held in North America In 2022. You will find all the information you need in this article!

A derby as old and timeless as time itself – EU or NA? Nope! Riot views it differently. After LoL Worlds 2021 was moved to Europe Due to visa and travel issues this year, NA will be the next year. Riot Games has now confirmed that the Mid-Season Invitational MSI, and the Worlds will both be coming to North America by 2022.

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MSI NRG Stadium

The announcement regarding the MSI You can reach us via the LCS Twitter account on 28 Aug: The League’s second-largest International Event will be held at Houston, Texas – NRG Stadium. Formerly known as Reliant Stadium, the venue is multi-purpose and can be used for many events, including concerts, games with the US National Team, and rodeos. It holds more than 72,000 spectators.  Now COVID can play along. Stay outside… you get the idea.

These welcome developments will cheer up NA fans. The current situation meant that the LCS final couldn’t be held at the Prudential Center Newark because it was impossible to do so.

Worlds Tour 2022 includes multiple cities

Chris Greeley is Riot’s Head for League Operations for LCS. He also revealed in an interview to Travis Gafford that LoL Worlds 2022 would take place in NA. Greeley said that the tour will take in various cities, similar to what was originally planned for China this year.

It all comes down to our friend, the pandemic. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly and NA turns up the heat next season. Fans will have something to celebrate when that happens.

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