LoL Patch 11.17: All Nerfs

LoL Patch 11.17 Esports Pros and Nerfs
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LoL Patch 11.17 This change will take place next week, August 25th. Riot has announced the changes. We review all of the Nerfs The System changes This is patch 11.17 With you.

Once there are more precise numbers, Nerfs In LoL Patch 11.17You will find them here! However, the items and champions are not yet known. Viego So far, no numbers have been identified.

  • A Mini Rework is coming for Rengar. It will be available on patch 11.18.

LoL Patch 11.17: Upcoming Nerfs

Riot will nerf six champions. Some candidates have performed far too well in recent weeks. It is no surprise that Viego, Irelia, and Viego are the two most popular candidates. That duo really shook up the Pro Play.

These In 11.17, champions will be nerfed:

  • Viego Please see the following
  • Irelia – Q heal decreased from 12 – 20% AD to 8 – 16%.
  • Graves – Q mana costs increased from 60 to 80.
  • Leona – W bonus armor and magic resist down from 20 – 45 to 15 – 40.
  • Kayn (Blue) – (Blue) – Passive bonus magic damage decreased from 12 – 44% to 8 – 30%.
  • Zed – Q AD ratio changed from 1 to 1.1 and the ultimate cooldown increased.

Some details about the Viego nerf are already known. The power of his Auto Attacks The price of the item will drop from 225-200. His Passive healing will be lessened The detection radius His E-Stealth will increase from 400 to 450. The. Q-Crit multiplier to be increased from 0.75 à 1 And his R-Slow will decrease.

Riot released a statement saying that they were trying to reduce Viego’s resets to make it easier for players to build crit builds. Let’s hope that we can soon replace. Divine Sunderer With Immortal Shield Bow.

Item Nerfs In LoL Patch 11.17

This patch also allows for the adjustment of runes and items. Wit’s end Divine Sunderer These will be generated Serpent’s Fang You will also be eligible for an adjustment. Nieche items were rarely very efficient, but they were too effective when they were.

  • LoL Patch 11.17 brings us not only buffs and nunfs but also the ability to vote by fans. Crime City Nightmare skins!

Champion Adjustments In Patch 11.17

It is impossible to predict the impact of these changes on gameplay. We will instead list the adjustments for the champions.

These are the champions that need to be adjusted

  • Amumu
    • The level of health per level has dropped from 80 to 75, and the level of armor per level has also fallen. 
    •  His Q. was charged with 2 offences
    • W damage will be more.
    • Maximum stun duration will begin at 1.5 seconds rather than 1/1.5/2 seconds.
  • Lucian
    • His base AD is diminished, allies buff his next two attacks.
    • Auto stacks can be max 4 instead of two. 
    • His final will was as follows: 15/30/45 (+25%AD). 
    • Instead of firing 22/28/34 shots he will fire 22 shots (+25% critical strike opportunity).
  • Akshan
    • Passive: A second attack will be more consistent on targets if the first attack was executed within maximum range. This is due to improvements in the accuracy of the first attack.
    • W – Akshan is unable to survive his death and join allies.
    • E – Damage has been modified to 30 – 1110 + 17.5% Bonus AD. This ability will no longer be available early on towers.
    • R – Minions will continue to be executed, regardless of armor bonuses.
  • Gangplank 
    • His movement speed will increase with each level, increasing from 15 to 30 percent. 
    • His Q will count as a basic attack of ranged range. No more Grasps for the Undying Proccs.
    • E now does 125% of crit damage.
    • more barrels as he levels up E (3/3/4/4/5).

Akshan receives a lot of tuning and fixes, but he will be disabled in worlds 2021. Continue reading.

We know very little about the changes and nerfs that will be made in Patch 11.17. This article will be updated as soon as more information becomes available. LoL Patch 11.17 will be available on 25 August, next Wednesday.

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