LoL Pentakill: Skins, Relase Date & Price

League of Legend Pentakill bomeback 2021 Pentakill Viego
The eagueof Legends receives new Pentakill skinsExciting! Exciting! | © Riot Games

Pentakill You are back baby! It took a while, but the band finally released a single. New album. It’s not just that! But it’s not just that! Champions The new look is for all members of the band. Let’s take an in-depth look at the new Skins. We have all details about the SkinsPrices?, and Date of release For you!

The Sentinel Event It’s over, but that doesn’t mean no new skins are coming out. You know it. Riot’s design team works constantly to create something new. How could this be any more fitting? Not only the long awaited, but also the elusive Pentakill album and matching skin series are coming soon.

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What is The? Pentakill skin prices?

As usual The Pentakill Skins are expected to retail at 1350 RP. We are not sure if Riot will lower prices for the Pentakill Skins. The community loves Pentakill, and the players love new skins. These skins, if they were available, would sell out quickly. 

What is The? Pentakill Skin Release Date?

The new skins are what we expect to see. Released with patch 11.18 on September 9. We think the skins look great and are intended to celebrate Pentakill’s new album, which is 8 September. It seems that the 9 September date is perfect, given its significance. Both the patch date as well as the album release date are included..

What Champions are eligible for Pentakill skins?

  • Mordekaiser
  • Karthus
  • Sona
  • Viego
  • Yorick
  • Kayle
  • Olaf

If you guys are familiar with the Pentakill Skins, and have the time, we are sure that they will look fantastic.

Pentakill Karthus LoL 2021
The Pentakill Karthus Skin. | © Riot Gaes

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