LoL Ranked Borders To Be Updated

New Ranked Borders
These borders are being improved currently! (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Are you looking to display your talent? ranked status? Riot will soon improve the visuals of your ranked borders, and all other aspects of Riot’s website. Riot will have many new ways of showing off just how good – or bad – you are at League of Legends.

Recent research has shown that Twitter threadJordan Checkman, Design Lead for Competitive Initiative, explained the changes that will take place in the League of Legends client to make it more attractive visualize one’s hard work.

Ranked Rewards
What was your strategy for placing this season? (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

What will be added to Ranked Borders

According to a thread on Twitter, the ranked border will see multiple enhancements. One of the most popular changes is the inclusion in the border of one’s ranked section. This is just the beginning.

Riot plans to also add hovercards and the ranked division shown in the loading screen, lobby, and profile. So if you’re hardstuck Silver III, then everyone will get the memo. You can’t hide from your Diamond II friends anymore.

That isn’t all though, since we’ll be receiving the challenge’s menu It will be available soon. Riot is determined to make profile customization even more popular. So if you’re stuck in Gold, but your friend swears you’re Bronze, Riot will make sure they look different enough to avoid any confusion.

Of course, if you aren’t a scrub like most of us, then Riot will also make the ranked borders much more exciting. Get that climb started, so you can earn cool honors on the loading screen.

When will these changes become effective?

A set date for the updates hasn’t been announced yet. It could be live. LoL Patch 12.02Or at a later time. We will need to see how PBE turns out, and whether any changes are being made in the client.

You will have to live with the present until then ranked borders Your profile. As mentioned, challenges will also be coming to the client soon, so even if you aren’t into ranked, you’ll be able to rake in the honors Show off your talents! unique brand League of Legends coming soon

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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