Mid-Patch 12.02 Tier List: ADC

ADC Tier List 12.02
Do my eyes deceive me..? These are the Power Puff Girls of A-Tier. | © Riot Games

Zeri is now a champion and one of the most exciting in the game. We don’t even mind that she is broken, because she is so much fun to play. You can get Zeri if you want to download a free LP.

Are our Meta picks starting in Patch 12.02 Are we still at the top or did we guess the League of Legends Season 12 meta incorrectly? We’re making sure that this is the case with our Tier Lists halfway through the patch. 

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Who are our S-Tier ADCs for LoL Patch 12.02

The S-Tier champions are the best in current meta. These picks will give you wins even when your feet are on the ground. Make sure to get past the ban phase and choose one of these S-Tier champions. 

S-Tier ADC’s available in LoL Patch 12.02

  • Senna – Win Rate 53.73%, Pick rate 4.9%
  • Vayne – Win Rate 52.03%, Pick rate 7.43%
  • Jhin – Win Rate 51.02%, Pick rate 26.0%

Senna Is going to get a nerf in LoL Patch 12.03 It’s easy to see why, given these numbers. It’s clear that she is completely insane in the bot lane at the moment, which leaves her significant other behind. You should play a few Senna games by the end of this patch! 

Who are our A-Tier ADCs for LoL Patch 12.02

These are the best champions to choose if the S-Tier champions have been banned. These champions are extremely skilled in the meta, and can help you get that W you have been aching for. However, you will need to work harder. 

A-Tier ADC’s in LoL Patch 12.02

  • Jinx – Win Rate 50.69%, Play rate 22.33%
  • Seraphine – Win Rate: 54.54%, Play Rate: 0.8%
  • Zeri – Win Rate: 52.07%, Play Rate: 11.08%

All things sweet: Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These are the ingredients that made the perfect little girl. Professor Ryze forgot to add Chemical Shimmer. The Power Bot Girls were born. Jinx and Zeri are super-superpowered and have dedicated their lives in fighting F-Tier FDCs and the forces that Riot! 

This trio is actually very powerful in the current meta. Seraphine Has a staggering win rate of 54%, and can take on any ADC. Zeri Is a broken and new champion. You can learn more about how to master this champion by reading our detailed article. Zeri champion guide You can also!

Who Are Our F-Tier ADCs in LoL Patch 12.02? 

F-Tier, the lowest tier of our tiers, is unacceptable. F-Tier is the worst tier we have. We didn’t feel bad about that. These champions should be avoided until Riot gives them substantial buffs. You will have difficulty finding that precious LP until then. 

LoL Patch 12.02 – F-Tier ADCs

  • Aphelios – Win rate: 46.35%, play rate: 6.4%
  • Lucian – Win Rate: 49.05%, Play Rate: 5.25%
  • Kog’Maw – Win Rate: 46.51%, Play Rate: 0.63%
  • Kalista – Win Rate 48.90%, Play rate 1.06%

No matter what Aphelios Does he not seem to work well for solo queue? He can be a great champion if you take your time to learn his tricks. However, he is a no-go for those who don’t have a one-trick or main strategy. 

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