Meet Kindred

Kindred LoL All You Need to Know About This Champion


Meet Kindred, a marksman and support champion in League of Legends. Kindred is an ethereal pair of hunters, Lamb and Wolf, that embody the balance of death. They search the land for its truest, fiercest predators, destroying them in pursuit of a spiritual quest to restore balance.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Kindred and provide you with tips on how to play them effectively in LoL.

History of Kindred

Kindred is a powerful marksman in League of Legends (LoL), and is one of the most popular champions on the rift. As with all LoL champions, Kindred has an interesting backstory filled with mythology.

First introduced to the game in 2016, Kindred was reimagined as a pair of spectral figures – Lamb and Wolf – representing “kindred spirits on opposite ends of a binary”. Referred to as an invisible threat within Runeterra’s forests, Kindred has gone on to become one of LoL’s most iconic characters.

The duo are believed to be descended from Mordekaiser, himself created from Ionia’s ancient spirit elemental powers. The brothers now serve as guardians of the soul nexus in Ionia, positioned between life and death. They come with their own unique set of powers and skills – from targeting enemy mages to summoning wolves for protection – making them some of the strongest units on the rift.

Though their power might seem daunting for opposing teams, even this guardian’s dark history deserves to be respected by anyone wishing to master this champion!

Abilities and Skills

Kindred is a champion in the game League of Legends, with a unique set of abilities, including her passive ability wolf’s morse code. This allows Kindred to deal additional damage to enemies that are struggling to get away while they’re below a certain health threshold. Additionally, she has two active abilities; Dance of Arrows and Mounting Dread, which are activated by her Wolf’s Frenzy.

Her ultimate ability allows her to call forth an area-of-effect (AoE) mist that blocks enemy vision.

  • Dance of Arrows deals area-of-effect (AoE) damage to enemies in an area and grants Kindred additional movement speed while damaging enemies inside the arrow storm.
  • Mounting Dread locks onto targets after a few seconds and deals physical damage over time; if the target avoids or blocks all three strikes, then they will be slowed for several seconds afterwards.
  • Her ultimate ability Lamb’s Respite creates an area-of-effect mist that blocks enemy vision for 2 minutes and deals periodic magic damage over time to all enemies within it; if any enemy enters or exits the mist from within during this duration, then the effect is immediately ended.

Lore and Story

Kindred is a pair of twin champions from the League of Legends universe. Each champion is half of an ancient being known as the Eternal. The two halves of this enigmatic being have come together to bring balance to the mortal realms by hunting down all who would disrupt the delicate balance of life and death.

Read on to learn more about Kindred’s lore and story.

Kindred’s Background

Kindred is the name of two entities – a lamb, called Lamb, and a wolf, known as Wolf. The two were childhood friends and eventually representations of death who were seen as two sides of the same coin. Once powerful beings, they now haunt the physical world as embodiments of gravity and try to prevent it from falling into eternal ruin.

Lamb was born in a distant land with special powers implanted in her from birth. She grew up to become a brave mercenary able to best even the most fierce enemies with ease. With her indefatigable courage, she did many good deeds but was eventually betrayed by those closest to her and killed while defending them. In death, she was reborn as an embodiment of death itself – known to others only as Kindred.

Wolf also had immense magical forces flowing within him that caused many deviants in his village to fear and dislike him due to jealousy or superstition. Though kindhearted at heart, Wolf had been unknowingly chosen by a mysterious force that forced him on a course he could never escape no matter how hard he tried. He eventually found his way into an occult group led by an army of menacing specters who changed him forever, forever altering his appearance and traits turning him into Kindred’s opposite half – Wolf – who would later aid Lamb in all parts of their mission together.

Kindred’s Role in the Lore

Many people are drawn to the lore of Kindred because of the unique mythology it creates for two opposing powers, called the Butcher and the Lion, who have a much different relationship than many classical tales of ‘good vs. evil’. The Butcher is the mysterious force behind death and destruction, while the Lion is tasked with reminding us that life must go on despite tragedy. By intertwining these opposing themes, Kindred reveals how life and death are intertwined: in one moment you can be facing danger and devastation, but in another moment hope can exist where despair was once found.

The storytelling about Kindred stretches far beyond just its main characters, though. It calls upon other creatures such as Stags, Wolves and Ravens that play their own role in the narrative – each offering their own insight into understanding a new set of characters or exploring the lore’s rich history even further. Every creature has an effect on its environment or an impact on another creature within this realm, making each character part of something bigger than just themselves – thus creating greater meaning in all matters concerning death, life and everything in between.

It’s easy to understand why so many fans admire this lore:

  • It offers us comfort during trying times by teaching us to find solace in our struggles rather than retreat from them;
  • It creates an enchanting story with empowering messages about taking control of our own destinies; and
  • It reminds us that although hardship does exist within our world at any given time, we still have hope for tomorrow through strength of character and love for those around us.


Kindred is a powerful champion in League of Legends. They have high attack damage and a great kit of abilities that can be used to burst down enemies quickly or to control the battlefield. They are also a relatively safe champion, as they can use their ultimate to reposition themselves or escape any tight situations.

Let’s take a look at their gameplay and see what they can do in teamfights and 1v1s:

Kindred’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Kindred is an unique marksman champion in League of Legends who has a unique playstyle and various tools to dominate the game. Kindred’s biggest strength is the ability to quickly take out enemy champions from afar. The ultimate ability Lamb’s Respite allows them to momentarily stop enemies from auto-attacking or casting champions allowing them safety to reposition and stay in lane longer.

In addition, their passive Cursed from Death grants them a stacking attack speed increase as well as additional damage per shot when damaging multiple opponents at once making team fights favorable for Kindred players. In addition, their first and final Marksman abilities – Wolf’s Frenzy and Mounting Dread respectively – help unlock ambitious plays like rapidly initiating on distant targets.

However, Kindred’s weaknesses lie in their need for attack speed items to maximize effectiveness with Wolfs Frenzy active, thereby forcing them into riskier laning scenarios compared to other marksman champions making them less consistent against tanks or heavy fighters mid-late game. Also, his ultimate can easily be out-prioritized if your team is fighting in unfavorable conditions whereas the rest of his kit does not have enough CC or self peel tools if properly engaged upon. As such playing a safe laning phase is essential before pushing during mid-late game stages where quick skirmishes usually favor Kindred’s power spike potential.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Kindred

When playing Kindred, it’s important to understand the game dynamics and take advantage of the tools available. The following tips and tricks can help you become more successful when playing:

  1. Learn the champions’ abilities – Learning and understanding each champion’s abilities is essential for success when playing Kindred. Knowing what abilities could be valuable in a particular situation can allow you to better use your ultimate ability or be more effective during team fights.
  2. Count enemy cooldowns – Pay attention to when enemy champions’ abilities and ultimate abilities are available, as this will give you a significant edge in battle. Knowing when their abilities are unavailable can also let you know when it’s safe to engage or disengage from them.
  3. Prioritize objectives – Always prioritize objectives such as the Baron or dragons over enemies in the early-to-mid stages of the game, as these have more value than individual kills alone. Taking objectives will put your team ahead, allow you to pressure towers with ease, and gain control over other key locations on the map such as neutral minions camps or Rune spawns (which grants extra gold).
  4. Master your jungle rotations – Understand each camp’s respawn time, which camps are worth taking early on (such as Gromp), and use vision wisely by placing wards near enemy buffs/objectives that they could be taking (use Oracles if needed). These ideas will help improve yours jungle rotations while avoiding getting caught out by enemy ganks on routes where enemies would likely rotate from one location to another by warding entrances/exits of mid lane/bot lane rivers (and other paths between major objectives).
  5. Posturing properly helps increase your engagement success; for example, position yourself so that enemies cannot flank your team during a fight but instead must face your whole unite head-on first before being able to move around behind them if they back off after being engaged initially (if needed).


One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of Kindred’s success in League of Legends is the itemization. The right items, combos and builds enables Kindred to maximize their impact on a game. With the right itemization, Kindred can easily become a real threat in the late game and help your team secure an easy victory.

In this article, we will discuss the best items and combos for Kindred and why they are essential for success in League of Legends.

Recommended Items for Kindred

When playing Kindred, it is important to select the right items. Selecting the right items will make a huge difference between victory and defeat. Generally, attack damage (AD) heavy build is most effective for Kindred, as it increases their damage output exponentially.

Here are some items that you can use to maximize your champion’s potential throughout the game:

  • Early Game:
    • Blade of the Ruined King (BoRK): This is a powerful early game item that provides you with AD as well as life steal and attack speed.
    • Trinity Force: Trinity Force provides you with lots of stats—especially movement speed—which makes it great for getting around the map quickly and chasing down enemies.
  • Mid Game:
    • Infinity Edge: The passive from Infinity Edge grants a 25% increase in critical strike damage, making it essential when playing Kindred.
    • Phantom Dancer: Phantom Dancer gives you even more critical strike chance as well as movement speed and attack speed bonuses.
  • Late Game :
    • Bloodthirster: This is an excellent late game item that will give you a huge boost in AD and life steal.
    • Guardian Angel: Guardian Angel provides Kindred with lots of armor and magic resistance which will be very helpful in sustaining through close fights while dealing lots of damage.

How to Build Kindred Effectively

Building a Kindred team effectively is essential if you want to maximize your chances of success. When done correctly, an effective build prioritizes certain items that are key for their champion. Here are some items you should consider when building your team:

  • Core Items – Every Kindred player should prioritize these essential items, as they enable the maximum effectiveness of Kindred’s basic kit. Examples include Runaan’s Hurricane, Statikk Shiv, and Nashor’s Tooth.
  • Support Items – These are important for any team composition that includes Kindred as they provide invaluable utility for the entire team. Examples include Ardent Censer, Mikael’s Crucible, and Locket of the Iron Solari.
  • Priority Items – These give Kindred a powerful boost in their individual power and make them more likely to win duels or have an impact on fights with their ultimate. Examples include Trinity Force and Rabadon’s Deathcap.
  • Utility Items – Utility items provide additional flexibility to how a champion plays beyond what their basic abilities give them. They tend to be more expensive or involve more thought in terms of itemization than core/support/priority options but can still be beneficial depending on the situation. Examples include Hextech Gunblade and Liandry’s Torment.


Kindred has been a great addition to the League of Legends scene. She is an extremely versatile champion and she can fit into any team composition. Her Ultimate ability, Lamb’s Respite, can be a great tool to turn the tide of a fight. Kindred can also be a great choice for solo lane players as she can safely farm and clear out waves of minions.

All in all, Kindred is an amazing champion who is sure to please players of all sorts.

Summary of Kindred’s Strengths and Weaknesses

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Final Thoughts on Kindred

Though Kindred is a work of science fiction, it carries important messages about humanity and the way we interact with and view each other. Butler shows her readers the consequences of allowing prejudice to determine our behavior, and demonstrates that science fiction can function as a way to open up conversations about race, gender, sexuality, and other controversial topics. By shining a light on these issues from a different perspective, Butler drives home the point that intolerance never leads to anything good.

Ultimately, Kindred is an exploration of both love and loss; it speaks to the power of relationships to break through barriers created by our differences. We come to understand how even when life is unfair or unjust; this bond has the potential bring people together in unimaginable ways. We are reminded that no matter what kind of world we inhabit; there is always hope for change— both small moments between two individuals and large-scale shifts among society at large. Kindred stands as an example of how literature can provide understanding that can’t always be found in real life conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Kindred LoL?
A1: Kindred is an iconic League of Legends champion. It is a two-person team consisting of two wolves, Lamb and Wolf, who together hunt down and attempt to eliminate the strongest creatures in the game.

Q2: What is Kindred’s role in LoL?
A2: Kindred is a Marksman, meaning they are a ranged champion who excels at dealing high amounts of sustained damage from a distance. They are also excellent at kiting and chasing enemies, making them difficult to catch and often avoiding death in team fights.

Q3: What are Kindred’s abilities in LoL?
A3: Kindred’s abilities include Mark of the Kindred, which allows them to mark enemies for death and deal extra damage to them; Dance of Arrows, which increases their attack speed and movement speed; Wolf’s Frenzy, which grants them bonus attack damage; and Lamb’s Respite, which grants them invulnerability for a short duration.