MSI 2022 Drops & Watch Rewards

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MSI 2022 Drops & Watch Rewards

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MSI 2022
You can get some rewardsRiot Games | © Riot Games

Busan will host the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. T1, who was 20-0 in this year’s LCK, will take on Saigon Esports Proalo. Saigon Esports Proalo represents the VCS and has not participated in any international tournaments during the past 2 years due the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Now the action is underway Without the LPL representative being present, nor an Representative LCL We are curious if there will be any rewards for taking part in this event. The trophy will be awarded to the winning team, but what about rewards for those who watch the event?

Are There Watch Rewards? 

In previous years, there have always been watch rewards for those who watched the Mid-Season Invitational and connected their League of Legends account to In this way, players could receive special rewards and esports capsules depending on which match they were playing.

Riot Games hasn’t made any announcements about watch drops. However, we hope that there will be rewards at MSI 2022 For dedicated viewers again. The Leakers also indicated that this year’s esports capsules will contain more content. However, that is still a work-in-progress and could only happen for the next few years. Worlds 2022

But, TyraMaySue Twitter confirmed that MSI capsules will contain drops focusing on “Rell Morgana and Taliyah Icons, Viego LeBlanc and Rengar Plus some other.” 

How can you earn MSI 2022 watch rewards? 

As mentioned above, you can reap rewards by watching the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational at the. lolesports website. Simply log in to your Riot Account and you can then view the games. This will allow you to earn rewards and drop just as you did during the campaign. 2021 League of Legend World Championship. 

It doesn’t matter what browser you use to view the lolesports website. You have the option to view the event on, YouTube or any other stream on the lolesports site. You will not receive anything if you aren’t logged in. 


What Rewards And Drops Can You Get For Watching MSI 2022? 

Riot will focus on getting you icons and other small gifts to watch the 2022 Mid Season Invitational. TyraMaySure mentioned that the event will focus on champion icons. If you want to win a Rell icon then this is your opportunity… but we doubt that there are. Rell mains are very popular Riot considers giving Riot a place to call home. Mid-scope update 2022 

Are you ready to join MSI 2022? What is your favorite character? See the video our tier list Flame us (c) Riot Games/RiftFeed Discord

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