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Hextech Ziggs
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The next League of Legends mythic shop has been leaked by a leaker, meaning we already know just which champions we can expect in the shop for the next month. What champions are included in this month’s group? And which ones still need to be waited for? 

Every month new skins enter the mythic shop. We sometimes get glimpses of what skins might be coming in the future. It doesn’t matter if it’s the next New mythic skinAnonymous old prestige skin Oder nur a New mythic-chromaLet’s see which skins we can get soon. 

Confirmed: Next Ashen Knight Skin

Riot is now open in a tweet The leakers were correct and that The next Ashen Knight skin will be going to Sylas. The next Ashen Knight skin will hit the rift in LoL Patch 12.18, which is also going to be the LoL Worlds Patch! 

What Skins have Leaked to the Next Mythic Shop 

In the League of Legends mythic Shop, you can purchase two prestige skins each month. Each skin could have been purchased for three months in the first Mythic shop rotation. However, this will change and become a monthly rotation beginning with the next month. Update from Mythic Shop

We have the answer to your question: Should you save or spend your Mythic Essence now? leaks For you. 




Hextech Poppy 3 Months 100 Mythic Essences
Soulstealer Vayne 3 Months 100 Mythic Essence
Battle Academia Leona 1 Month 125 Mythic Essence
PsyOps Ezreal 1 Month 125 Mythic Essence
Ashen Slayer Sylas 3 Months 100 Mythic Essence

Although we are hopeful for a stylish prestige skin such as True Damage Qiyana and even Bewitching Miss Fortune, the next skin has not been revealed. leaker BigBadBear has only leaked that the next Ashen Knight skin will likely be Sylas. 

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Which Mythic Chroma Is Leaked? 

This time around we won’t be getting a unique new Mythic Chroma since Sylas’ mythic skin – Ashen Slayer Sylas – will be released with a mythic chroma. 

Mythic Chroma Time Cost
Ashen Slayer Sylas (Emberwoken)

3 Months

40 Mythic Essence

When is the Next Mythic shop Rotation? 

The next MythicShop rotation will hit Patch 12.18 of League of Legends. This rotation will only include new prestige skins. The other mythic skins will remain in the shop for 3 months, while the prestige skins rotate bi-patch, meaning each month. If you are eager to get a new Sylas Skin, you will have to wait. 

Are you planning to buy anything? Mythic Essence Are you planning to save at ME for next week so that you can buy the new product? Mythic chromaYou can even get a high-ranking job Star Guardian Syndra skin? 

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