New ADC Champion Leaked: Nilah

Nilah Teaser
Nilah is coming… | © Riot Games

Do you long for more information about the ADC water-themed melee champion? Don’t wait! Now that we have more information, let us dive in!

Her name is Nilah, which is probably pronounced neel-lah. She will be arriving soon! (After Bel’Veth release and close to Udyr’s rework). There has been a lot of fan speculation This champion will be waiting eagerly for her arrival!

[Update June 17, 2022]

Riot drops first Nilah Trailer 

Riot just dropped a brand new trailer for Nilah the bot laner. The hype is real. You can see the trailer below. 

Isn’t she insane? It seems like our leaks were correct about her Q abilities and E abilities. However, she is a little off with the other abilities. Although she doesn’t leak much, it is clear that she looks more insane than ever after the trailer. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes as damaged as Zeri or Aphelios. She is definitely a champion for people who love to style on their opponents. 

Nilah’s Abilities Leaked

Finally, we get to see Nilah’s abilities in action. They sound insane and frustrating to play against. You can see a video of Nilah’s abilities here. BigBadBear’s YouTube video. Although the animations he created are very basic, they should be able to help you see her abilities as they sound complex. What are her actual abilities? Here’s a look at her first impression:

Ability Description
Passive: Iridescent Inertia Nilah has a very low base attack speed (.3) but it scales up on hits up to 6 stacks. An excess attack speed beyond the cap can be converted to additional damage on hit.
Q: Nacre Slash Passive: After casting an ability, Nilah can use her next three attacks to deal bonus damage. The bonus damage of the third attack doubles and she refunds 50% of her Q abilities’ cooldown.

Active: Nilah moves a short distance towards her target, before she empowers her next attack to strike twice. This will damage nerby foes in an arc-shaped shape that is centered around her target. After a short delay, the second strike marks all enemies that were hit and damages them. Based on the number and damage of enemy champions, the second strike’s damage will increase.

W: Tide Bauble Nilah hurls a water bomb in the direction of her target. The water orb explodes upon hitting terrain or enemy terrain. It damages and slows down enemies, and creates a slowing mist cloud that surrounds all terrain and enemies. It lasts for up to 10 seconds but dissipates four seconds after the first allied champion enters it bound. Allies cannot attack champions within the mist.
E: Reluctant Friendship Nilah extends her whip towards the target and ties herself to the first enemy for up to four seconds. Tether breaks when you travel more than 1000 units.

Recast 1: Nilah orders her whip to reach out from the position of the enemy in the target direction. Nilah gets a second recast if it hits another enemy, or a piece of terrain.

Recast 2: Tap to bring the tethered targets together, damaging and slowing down all enemies that pass through. Both champions are stunned upon collision if both enemies are champions. Hold-cast will also cause Nilah pull herself to her first tethered foe.

Ulti, the Promise of the Ocean Nilah channeled, creating a cicular-shaped elastic area in the target zone. This arena lasts for 7 seconds or until Nilah leaves its limits. Nilah is able to attack any object within the arena, regardless of its range. All enemies who attempt to leave the arena will be forced back inside. This can only happen one time per enemy. The arena walls are used as terrain by her W and E abilities. Nilah gains bonus movement speed as long as she remains within the arena. Unit collision is ignored.

Keep that in mind These abilities were all leaking, so Riot could always alter some thingsBut that aside, does she not sound crazy and super fun? I’m pretty sure that she will cause chaos in the bot lane when she is freed. Camille’s ulti might be slightly worse than hers, but when combined with her W, it’s going make for some very annoying situations. She is a champ who can easily 1v2 in bot lane. To make them invincible, ult them and place your W on them. If they run away, you can just tie them with your E and pull towards them. This is amazing, and I cannot wait for her to be revealed. 

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[Update June 13, 2022]

First glance at Nilah

After BigBadBear’s recent tweet, we finally see how Nilah will look. Her release is just around the corner and, we must say, she looks amazing. It’s almost like she has a mix of parts that were borrowed from other champions. It’s definitely exciting stuff. Here’s a quick look: 

It was revealed that she would be a melee bot lanner. However, her long whip makes it appear that she will have greater range than other melee champions. However, I can see her wearing a Star Guardian skin. 

You can see the BigBadBears Video below for a detailed breakdown of the image. 

When will League of Legends’ Nilah be released?

Although Nilah may be released soon, BigBadBear shared some information recently that suggests otherwise. It seems that Nilah might be out very soon. (Patch 12.12 or 13.13)

Her Star Guardian skin will be released alongside the Star Guardian event. For clues regarding her release, fans can check out the timeline for this upcoming event.

Nilah Teaser
Nilah Teaser | © Riot Games

Rioter Confirms Nilah is ‘Coming Soon’

Rioter ‘Reav3 ‘confirmed some information regarding upcoming releases in a recent reddit post:

“…next refers to the bot laner. Udyr follows, but they’re close. Bel’Veth and Udyr, who are all very close together, won’t have to wait too long between them

This is it! You can all expect Nilah to appear in your games very soon!

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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