New LoL Champion | Bel'Veth Release in Patch 12.11

Who is the Void Jungler and why are they so important?

Bel’Veth Release in Patch 12.11| Bel’Veth Release in Patch 12.11


This is her splash! (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

The next League of Legends Champion is going to be a Void Jungler. This much is known. However, it remains to be seen what their abilities could be and how they might look.  

We will make some guesses about the type of Void jungler champion and some of their abilities. What will they look like OP? Viego Or, forget it Rell

Bel’Veth Release Date leaked

With the release of the two Bel’Veth trailers — the German trailer even confirming the name Bel’Veth — we were pretty sure that the new jungler was only a few patches away, but now it’s been confirmed by leakers that the Bel’Veth release patch will be LoL Patch 12.11. 

Ryscu claims that Bel’Veth will arrive at the PBE on May 24, 2022. He will also be available with Patch 12.11, which will release on June 8, 2022. 

Officially released Bel’Veth trailer

Riot is officially Bel’Veth trailer released Her looks are amazing. Now all we need is for Riot to show us her in-game model so we can be mesmerized by her, just as everyone else in Runeterra is. 

Voice lines found on PBE

According to leaker Ryscu on YouTubeThe PBE now includes some Bel’Vether voice interaction. This could be an indication that Bel’Veth will soon release this patch. We won’t have her until Patch 12.10 as she hasn’t been tested on PBE yet. However, this could be a sign that she is ready and willing to take over Rift in Patch 12.11. 

She is likely to be added to the PBE at PBE 12.11. This means her release would occur Wednesday, June 8, 2022, with League of Legends Patch 12.11. 

We also learn more about Bel’Veth and who will be an integral part of the 2022 Void Event. Kai’Sa is the most prominent role, but Vel’Koz Kassadin and Malzahar are also key. But what about the other roles? Azir? Cho’Gath? Taliyah?

Kai’Sa Splash Art could reveal new insights surrounding Bel’Veth or Void Event

If you’re a big fan of the Void or have read our articles about it, then you know we’ve been excited about a Void Event ever since 2021. We believe Bel’Veth will play a major role in this event and that her release will coincide with the event. 

Riot now reveals a New Kai’Sa splash art This could be the clue we’ve been waiting for: in Patch 12.11 or Patch12.12, we’ll finally be getting the Void Event as well as Bel’Veth. Riot changed Kai’Sa’s splash in the game on May 17, 2022. League of Legends Universe page

The splash shows that she’s clearly corrupted. There are also multiple void fish in her background. This has been a symbol of Bel’Veth’s for a while. Bel’Veth is able to’swarm’ and looks almost like a manta-ray. Even the story of Malzahar talks about fish and swarming. This makes us believe that we are one step closer to playing Bel’Veth. 

Corrupted Kai'Sa
Look at her! (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Bel’Veth Trailers Leaked

While the Kai’Sa splash artwork is adorable, there’s another big bomb that was dropped on Twitter. Riot Games has posted two trailers for Bel’Veth as unlisted videos. These videos were posted May 16, 2022. 

This is yet another sign that Bel’Veth is getting closer to her release. She will soon be the 160th Champion of League of Legends. Check out the trailers below if you are interested.

Bel’Veth’s Kit Revealed by Leaker

A leaker on Reddit The new kit for champions has been revealed. BigBadBear This leak was also confirmed by his YouTube channel, so it could be very accurate. 

Key Ability
Passive – Lavender Death
  • Bel’Veth can stack her passive by collecting the items that are dropped by enemies who die in Bel’Veth.
  • Based on the stacks, the passive forms a swarm as well.
  • She grants her lifesaving against jungle camps
  • Her swarm can attack epic mosnters or turrets, and will heal her as well as damage the stacks. This also consumes the stacks
Q- Void Surge
  • Passive: She is equipped with an arrow and 4 diagonals
  • Active: Bel’Veth slashes the enemy to cause damage or slow it down
  • She can cast her dash again if she causes damage to champions or monsters (in her direction with her arrow).
  • You can use it against small creatures/minions to recharge 40% her Q coodlown
  • While in Endless Banquet, proc her passsive for past enemies
W – Above and below
  • This is similar in concept to Pyke W with Rek’Sai.
  • Bel’Veth can move underground and gain speed so she can get through walls
  • SHe burrows, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them down
  • In Endless Banquet, she becomes untargetable and grants stuns after knockups
E – Royal Maelstrom
  • Bel’Veth uses a vortex to pull enemies near and cause damage
  • She can’t move during channeling but takes less damage
  • She pays back a percentage of the damage she suffered from her attackers
  • Endless Banquet does not deal any true damage, but her damage reduction rate is greater and she can explode an Area at the final.

R – Endless Banquetq

  • Bel’Veth is transformed for a moment into her true self
  • This form enhances her skills.
  • She gains HP, MR and Damage.
  • Her % is increased by collecting passive stacks.
  • A swarm of her creatures attack their enemies, too

Bel’Veth Leaked 

YouTube has leaked Bel’Veth. She is a gorgeous floating manta Ray from the Void, and she is our Empress… Oh no! I have looked too closely at her and become bewitched. 

Unfortunately, the kit has not been released. However, now we can see what she looks like, and can begin to imagine what abilities she might have. One thing is certain, however: Her ultimate will make her transform

This is the image taken from the 2022 Champion roadmap It makes more sense. As you can see, a portion of her wing can be seen in the above image. 

  • When Bel’Veth releases, domine with her by picking up One of these monitors

What skin will the Void Jungler have? 

Ryscu didn’t explicitly say which skin she would like to receive upon release. However, Ryscu gave an obvious hint that it could be something new. Battle Boss skins soon. 

[Update April 10, 2022] 

Is The Champion Now Delayed 

According to leakersThe announcement of the champion jungler was originally scheduled for April 11-15. However, players will now have to wait a bit longer to learn more about it. Riot has been known to delay a champion before. Vex had to wait until September 2021 for Vex, while Renata and Zeri Glasc were each pushed back to 2022. 

Why is the Champion Delayed 

It could be due to multiple reasons. For example, the champion may want to be released with the Void event this year. Or, it could also be because of technical issues with the champion. These are just rumors and speculations at the moment, but anything could happen. 

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[Update April 6, 2022]

Has The Junglers Name been Released? 

Rem’Ora or Be’Veth

Although it appears that leakers have found the next champion’s names, it was actually right in front of our eyes. This champion ‘possessed’ Reav3 during the 2022 live streaming. You will see the subtitles on the VOD and the name Remora will be displayed. 

Could that be the name of the new champion’s name? It could be. In the real world, Remora is a type of fish which travels in schools and that latch onto bigger fish — also called sucker fish — and that comparison could also make sense with this upcoming Void champion. 

In Malzahar’s story There are mentions of fish, the ocean, and judging by the many updates to Void champions and Kassadin receiving a new splash artwork, we think Rem’Ora could be actually the name for the next champion. 

Leaker of the League of Legends Prominent BigBadBear He also released a YouTube video in which he explained how the new League of Legends champion will be named Bel’Veth. Does that make sense?

He reasoned that the champion was named after Belveth, which Reav3 mentioned when he was ‘possessed’. What is your name would you guys prefer? Bel’Veth, Rem’Ora? 

Kassadin Splash
Is there a hint in this splash? (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

[Update March 18, 2022]

Void Jungle Leaks on Twitter

BigBadBear, a Twitter user, has leaked some details about the League of Legends jungler. Please take this information with a grain-of-salt, it is only a leak and may be totally off. 

Accoridng to BigBadBearThe Void jungler will be available around Patch 12.8. This makes sense as Riot has an unnamed ally around this time. Clash tournament planned — Void Event Clash anyone? 

A Void champion should also take inspiration from Omen, an earlier Void creature. Only the champion will be rounder and more purple in keeping with the Void theme. 

The champion will also strive to attain its final form in a match. The meaning of this is unclear. It could mean that the champion changes depending on which camps they attend. 

Who will be the next LoL Champion? 

The Void creature is the next League of Legends champion. This much is known. However, we don’t know how monstrous the beast will be. We do have suspicions. Personally, I imagine a Wasp-like purple Voidling swarming Runeterra. 

It is quite remarkable how many bug references there have been. Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, Lead Champion Producer for League of Legends, stated that This champion will infest the rift We all know that wasps or ants will swarm their target. 

It’s not just that. Season 12 live stream Reav3 mentioned an “empress” and we all know that wasps have one queen who lays eggs. She must be protected at all cost. These references are all logical, don’t they? 

What talents will the Void Jungler possess? 

Riot hasn’t revealed the champions abilities. However, we do have some thoughts based on the bits and pieces of information that we’ve gathered over the past months. 

One ability could be a type of swarm capability. The Void jungler might be able to command their own swarms of creatures, like Malzahar Voidlings oder Elise’s Spiderlings.

Possession ability is another interesting ability. Riot August stated that the jungler will ‘fill a void in all our hearts’ and in the Season 12 live stream Reav3 was ‘possessed’ by the Void jungler – yes it was a bit cringe but it was probably a hint. 

What Do We Know About the Void Junglers Lore 

There has not been any leakage in the champions’ lore for nowHowever, we believe there will be. Larger League of Legends Event The Void will be included in the coming. We believe that Malzahar and Kassadin will be a part of the champions’ lore. 

Malzahar is the one that will make it possible for the Void junglers to make it to Runeterra. So they are likely to be related in some manner. We have already covered the battle between Kassadin & Malzahar in more detail, so be sure to continue reading. Check that outTheir lore could contain clues that may point to the Void jungler or their role in the Void event. 

What do you think? Will it be a swarming OOP mess, or a balanced wasp possessing all of us to become jungle mains?” 

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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