Second Ashen Knight Skin Leaked

Ashen Knight Pyke
Who will it all be after Pyke, you ask? | © Riot Games

Pyke received the first Ashen Knight skin, which included a revamp of mythic content. A whole new currency was added to the game. There are also new ways to buy Prestige Skins. However, the Ashen Knight Pyke Skin is only available for 3 months. Who will  get a new mythic skin after? 

The next Ashen Knight has been revealed by Leakers. The cost and the benefits of purchasing the skin. Let’s take a look at what Riot has to say about this next mythic skin. 

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Who Wants to Get a New Mythic Skin Look? 

Their champion will be perfectly matched by the next Ashen Knight skin. The Ashen Knight Pantheon will soon hit the rift, and you can pick it up in the updated Mythic Shop. This skin is for you if you like the aesthetic of Ashen Knight Pike. 

RF Dashboard
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How Much Does the Ashen Knight Pantheon Price? 

Ashen Knight Pantheon will cost twice as much as Ashen Knight according to leaks by BigBadBear on YouTube. So, if you decided not to spend money on Ashen Knight Pyke and save up 100 Mythic EssenceYou can then get the Ashen Knight Pantheon instead. 

However, the leaks indicate that you won’t get Ashen Knight Pantheon. YYou’ll also receive a border and an icon to represent your Ashen Knight Pantheon purchase. Riot encourages you to spend more. More You can also buy a chroma with a second icon by spending money. Riot will also release an Emote and a Ward Skin. 

Let’s sum up everything you can get about the Ashen Knight Pantheon Skin. 

  • Ashen Knight Pantheon + Chroma
  • Icon of Ashen Knight Pantheon Icon, x2
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon Emote
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon Ward Skin 

When will the Ashen Knight Pantheon release? 

After the League of Legends MythicShop updates, Ashen Knight Pantheon will be available for purchase. Each three months new mythic skins will become available to clients. You will have to wait for League of Legends Patch 12.12 before you can purchase the skin. 

Let’s all hope this happens before that. Bel’Veth is now available We can get more information about the next bot lane champion Riot wants to be received. We’ll have a better idea by then about who might make it to Riot. 2022 World Championship This year in North America. Time sure does fly, eh? 

Author: Eric Pomeroy
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