Path Of Exile Deal With Bandits Guide – Best Choice

Grinding Gear Games created the path of exile. This video game, inspired by Diablo, is action-based. The player will need to deal with dangerous and wild situations in order to survive in a dark fantasy setting. 

Because the player is in exile, the game’s title refers to his eventual return to prison and being punished for his actions. The player will need to make different decisions as the game progresses. You will gain experience throughout the game. This experience will shape your character.

While none of these choices can be the pivotal decision, one is an exception. This is the Path Of Exile Bandits decision. Different consequences will follow this decision. This decision is fundamental in its gravity. This article is intended to assist you in making the Path Of Exile Bandits a good choice. Also, we recently talked about Fractured walls in Path of exile You should also check it out.

The Deal With Bandits: Explained

Act 2 of Path Of Exile introduces bandits. The quest begins at the end of Through Sacred Ground. The player will find Eramir, a scholar. The scholar will tell him the names of the three bandits who are searching for him. Oak, Alira and Kraityn are the three bandits. They can be found in:

  • Oak: the Wetlands. 
  • Alira: The Western Forests. 
  • KraitynThe Broken Bridge 

The three locations where the three bandit lords reside are located on three different maps. They want you to steal their amulets. You have the option of choosing one lord to assist you and killing the other two. Because the outcomes of helping and killing differ, this decision is considered crucial. It can have a major impact on the game’s outcome. You can start the quest as soon as Eramir is reached. You have the option of choosing Eramir over the Bandit lords. You must kill all three Bandits in order to make a deal. 

Sometimes players need help. You must understand that players who have a pre-requisite mind map of the rewards they need must make the right choices. Below are the rewards you will receive for helping each Bandit King. What is the Path Of Exile Bandit’s Best Choice? Let’s find out.

There are rewards for helping the Bandits on the Path of Exile Quest

1. For Helping Alira

Alira would like to recover the amulets Oak and Kraityn. Helping Alira means that you will have to kill Oak or Kraityn. You will be awarded once the amulets are recovered from them and turned over to Alira.

According to what we’ve seen, Alira might be awarded the best awards. How? You win Elemental Resistance. This power gives you the ability to live longer. Kitava will seize your resistance in Act 6 of this game. You might find that winning the opposition is profitable.

You get these rewards:

  • 15% Elemental Resistance
  • Per Second Mana Regenerated at 5.
  • Global Critical Strike Multiplier of 20 Percent

2. For Oak Helping

Oak also wants you to help him kill Alira, Kraityn. Oak will reward you with rewards in exchange. The reward includes a reduction of physical damage. It is an excellent boost. It is not as impressive when you consider the Alira’s physical resistance.

Although Oak’s rewards are worthy, they are still less important than Alira. What do you get in return for helping Oak? Here’s the complete list:

You get these rewards:

  • Reduced Physical Damage by 2%
  • You receive 1% of the lives generated each second.
  • 20% more physical damage.

3. For Helping Kraityn

Kraityn is not like the other Bandit Lords. He thirsts for Alira and Oak blood. He is dependent on the player to choose him, and so he lures him with rewards. The reward is tempting as it is the “ one shoe that fits all.” Kraityn offers you speed. Speed is one feature that can help all classes of players. Alira’s rewards are not comparable to Kraityn’s. For all of the weaknesses in the player, speed is a virtue.

You get these rewards:

  • Acceleration and aggression increase by 6%
  • Chance of 3% to dodge attacks
  • Speed increases by 6%

4. Alternative Decision: Kill them all

You have another option, aside from the one with the bandits of Path Of Exile. You don’t have to make a deal for the bandits. Instead, you can deal with the scholar. Why would you want to do that? If the rewards offered by the bandits do not fit in the plan of your class building.’ The choice is to choose Eramir.

In such cases, you might offer all of the amulets and kill the three bandits to Eramir. Two passive skills are the reward Eramir gives you. The reward allows you to choose which stats or bonus you’d like to advance. This power is ideal for those who don’t know which stats to choose or do not have a clear guideline for class building. You can’t have all these skills forever. They only work up to a certain level.

The Choice of Bandit Choice

Did you make the wrong decision? You want to reverse your Bandit decision? Path Of Exile has an option that will allow you to reverse your Bandit decision. It’s not unusual for players to regret making a wrong decision at times. Instead of making a bad decision and regretting it, you can choose to make a change. 

But, it is important to know that every option comes with a price. This is the same for all options. The book of Reform costs money and will alter the options you have. The items can be sold to vendors in the game. You will need to sell the following items:

  1. Kill All Bandits Reform Book: Onyx Amulet & 20 Orb of Remorse 
  2. Book Of Reform For Kraityn: Jade Amulet & 20 Orb of Remorse 
  3. Book Of Reform for OakAmber Amulet, 20 Orb of Regret 
  4. Book Of Reform For Alira: Lapis Amulet & 20 Orb of Regret 

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Final Talk 

To make the Path of Exile Bandit the best, we recommend that you always think of your classes. The core of the game’s success is the class building process. 

You should also remember that if your wrong decision is made, you must not become rigid. It will be the best. It is about the Path Of Exile Bandits Best Choice.

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