Phantom Valorant

Phantom Valorant

Valorant is an a first-person shooter (FPS) Riot Games created the Phantom, which is one of the most beloved weapons in the game.

The Phantom is a submachine weapon, sniper rifle, and fully automated rifle valued at 2,900 Credits. It inflicts more damage per bullet than its counterpart, the Vandal. It has superior accuracy, fast-fire, tight spread, silencer, and a silencer. It can hold 30 rounds before being upgraded to 40 shots.

The Phantom’s design is a mix of Heckler & Koch’s HK433 and FN SCAR-H. The handguard, charging handle and receiver are all based on the HK433, while FN’s SCAR-17 magazine is used as a replica. It appears that the stock was derived from Magpul’s MOE Rifle Stock, and is available in different colors.

The “Swiss Army knife” is also known for its versatility, which includes a submachine rifle and sniper rifle. The weapon is highly versatile, as it can do both high-damage and low accuracy. This results in lower spread. The Phantom is well-known for its accuracy at long range. This makes it a popular weapon for Sniper on Capture Points.

Due to its high price, the Phantom is more commonly seen in gun rounds than SMGs or other rifles. The Phantom is a highly accurate fully-automatic rifle that can be used to keep positions, decrease recoil, and spread.

A Silencer is also included in this weapon, which can be a great tool to eliminate players or sneak into Capture Points. This is evident in the Silencers on Legacy and Star Station models. It can be very useful in positioning snipers and setting up defenses.

The Phantom’s fast firing rate and suppressor make it an ideal weapon for ambushing from close range. A single headshot could cause death immediately. Six taps are made to the legs, five to the body and two to the head at close ranges.

The Phantom’s high rate of fire (compared to the Vandal) and fast speed compared other weapons makes it ideal for close-quarters fighting. The Silencer can help compensate for the lower fire rate.

The Vandal does more damage per shot than the Phantom, but it has a wider spread, uses heavier ammunition, and is much noisier. The Phantom is slightly more expensive to purchase at 3,150 Credits.

The Vandal’s rate of fire is higher than that of the M4A1/AK-47. It can be more difficult to learn and use if there are no previous knowledge. Many users feel that the Phantom performs better at long ranges than the Vandal because of its greater accuracy and lower recoils.

In conclusion, although the Vandal may have a greater short-medium potential for damage, the Phantom is considered superior overall because of its lower spread at long distance and Silencer.