League of Legends Player Count Stats

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League of Legends is no longer a small independent studio game. It has become an international phenomenon. Many songs, albums and even a TV program have emerged from it. You can’t forget the explosion in eSports that it facilitated.

All of this would have been impossible without the loyal and fanatical fanbase. They would never admit it but they are in the millions. What number of players is LoL really able to have? Is it in decline as some claim? How did its popularity rise?

How Many Players are There in LoL?

League of Legends was actually created by Riot Games, a small independent studio. It took most of its inspirations from DotA. However, the game’s development has been rapid.

In 2022 League of Legends has 180 million players, with its peak being more than 32 million daily players. Based on in-game events the daily number of players fluctuates eSports tournamentsYou can find out more.

League of Legends saw the greatest increase in player counts when Arcane was finally released in 2021. Its release saw it jump from 115 million to 155 million. Within a few weeks, culminating in the current figures.

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League of Legends Player Count Progress

As we’ve said previously, League of Legends is the game that spearheaded the modern expansion of the MOBA genre, and as such, did not have the astronomical numbers it has now.

League of Legends even had to use refer-a friend and other incentives to encourage people to play the game.

Year Player Count
  • 32.5 million registrations
  • 11.5 million monthly players
  • 70 Million Registrations
  • 32 Million Monthly Players
  • 65 Million monthly players
  • 27 Million Daily Players
  • 100 Million Monthly Players
  • 75 Million monthly players
  • 180 Million monthly players

The year 2011 was the first time Riot Games released the infographics regarding their player base, and since then they’ve been stingier and stingier with information. Analytics indicate that League of Legends reached 100 million monthly players in 2017 according to analytics.

The most notable drop in player numbers occurred in 2018. However, Riot Games went all out in 2019 celebrating the 10-year anniversary of League of Legends, and the incredibly successful Spirit Blossom event In 2020, the player numbers were back and so was everyone else.

Which LoL Region Has the Most Players

It is without a doubt: China is the region with most LoL players. Due to the large number of players, there are actually 27 servers in China. These servers are spread throughout the country. One new server is called the superserver, where players must be Diamond-ranked or higher.

It is now. there are approximately 75 million LoL players in China, More than any other region, by quite a bit. Korea comes in second place with half the population:

Region Player Count
Korea 19.822.124
Europe West 34.830.785
North America 27.889.684
Europe Nordic & East 18.428.816
Brazil 11.488.731
Turkey 7.727.140
Latin America North 6.798.119
Latin America South 6.052.414
Russia 4.888.207
Oceania 2.746.903
Japan 1.736.489

Japan currently has the lowest LoL in terms of both player numbers and eSports presence. The cultural influence of gaming in Japan is one reason for this. There, PC gaming is considered a hobby that is only for the privileged. Computers are designed for work, consoles for leisure.

League of Legends Ranked Distribution

League of Legends players are so influential in the game, List of ranked Gaming is the only thing that really matters. Regular games are meant to help you learn new champions and silly builds. LoL players tend to gravitate towards certain ranks more than others.

Rank Distribution
Iron 1.8% of the players are registered
Bronze 18% of all players
Silver 36% of the player count
Gold 29% of the player count
Platinum 11% of the player count
Diamond 1.4 of the player count
Master 0.12% of the player count
Grandmaster 0.026% of the player count
Challenger 0.011% of the player count

As you can see, The Silver and Gold ranks are where most League of Legends players congregate. We recommend that you don’t take it too seriously when it comes time to tank. Just reach Gold for the Skin care free.

Is League of Legends in Dying?

This question is simple, regardless of what anyone may say. A resounding “no!”! League of Legends is like any other game. Riot Games is currently working on it. multiple projects These have made them too thin and LoL has seen some aspects, like yearly events, suffer.

It is not difficult at all League of Legends can be compared to its most popular in-genre rivals, as well as other popular games, to determine where it stands.:

  • League of Legends vs DotA 2 – DotA 2, the second-biggest MOBA in the world currently has around 11 million active monthly users. League of Legends has 10 times the number of players in its worst months of 2022
  • League of Legends vs CS: GO CS: GO is the most well-known first-person shooter, and has the largest eSport presence. It has approximately 26 million monthly active users. League of Legends exceeded those numbers by more that 100 million last year.
  • League of Legends vs Minecraft Minecraft doesn’t focus as much on multiplayer as other games. It is, however, the original game in its own genre. Minecraft has been one of the most loved games for more than a decade. It currently boasts an estimated 125million players.  Despite these huge numbers, it still falls behind League of Legends by approximately 50 million players.

If there’s any indication that these games are ending, then League of Legends could also be considered as a possible candidate. But League of Legends numbers continue growing slowly and have slowed down in recent months. The growth is not stagnant, and certainly not slowing down..

Author: Eric Pomeroy
Passionate about Valorant, I started playing CSGO but switched to valorant looking at the characters and the play style. I own this website and have written the content myself.