PoE Prophecy Guide – Updated For PoE 3.13

Path Of Exile has become a very popular game in the video gaming industry. Every player is looking for tips and tricks to help them succeed in this competitive industry. To excel in the game, it is important to fully understand each feature.

Prophecy is a popular feature in Path of Exile. Prophecy may be well-known to pros, but newbies might need guidance. Prophecy is a powerful tool that can be used to your advantage in the game. Prophecy can have a profound effect on how your characters develop in the game.

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for a Prophecy Guide POE. This article contains a detailed guide to Prophecy. This article covers the meaning of Prophecy as well as how to use it. We also discussed recently Fractured walls in PoE It is worth checking out.

What is Prophecy?

Prophecy will change the course of Path Of Exile. There are many kinds of prophecies. For a silver coin, you can purchase a Prophecy from Navali. Different prophecies can have different responses depending on their type. They can change the outcome of the situation or make certain events happen.

If bought, they can only make a positive impact on the player. However, they cannot run on the realms owned by the player. You will need to visit Navali to purchase a Prophecy. You will be rewarded if you meet the requirements. 

Types of Prophecies Available in PoE

There are many types of Prophecies you can earn in the game. Some of these are listed below.

1. Silver Coins

To seek prophecies, silver coins can be used. For a silver coin, you can obtain a prophecy. They seal the prophecy. Although they are not part of Prophecy, we felt that they were important enough to mention. You can get the silver coins by attacking enemies, chests, or objects. They can also be obtained by trading with other players.

2. Prophecy Chains

A series of levels can be described as a chain. This is because the higher the chain, the greater the difficulty level.  The chain, however, is the source of many rewards. How do you recognize a Prophecy Chain. It is easy. A Prophecy Chain will include a number or digit beside its name.

3. Crafting 

As the name implies, the goal of the game is to create items to earn rewards. To participate in the task, crafting must be done. Whetstone’s use of the Sharpened Blade Prophecy weapon is a popular example.

4. Fated Unique Items

Prophecies are required to obtain these unique items. These items can only be obtained by defeating an enemy using a specific weapon. You will be awarded a unique, fateful item after the task is completed. The weapon will be upgraded to a more powerful form.

5. Tempest Prophecies

These prophecies can only be won if the player enters a specific area. The site will reward you as soon you enter it. Tempest is a set of circles that will fill the space. The prophecy must be activated by the player staying in the loop for no less than 4 seconds. You win Resistance and damage control once it has been activated.

The Most Important Prophecies

After you have read some prophecies you will be wondering which ones are the best. Each one has more value than the others. Which ones? Let’s find them out.

1. Fated connections:

You can obtain an item with this prophecy by purchasing 6 sockets, and only one Jewellers Or. 

2. Trash to treasure:

You can make an ordinary substance extraordinary with the help of the Prophecy. The prophecy is useful in achievement hunting. 

3. The Queen’s sacrifice:

The prophecy levels of Aziri’s mirror. This prophecy will help the mirror perform better than ever before. 

How to Use Prophecies

Players know that silver coins are required to obtain prophecies. Navali grants them. How do you get the Prophecies? How can you activate Prophecies Let’s find out. 

Keep in mind that Navali is located in Act 1 town. If you have enough Silver coins, you are able to go to her for prophecies.

Method To Activate Prophecy

Once you have the Silver Coin, go to Navali. She will trade you the Prophecy. Once you have the prophecies you can view them on the prophecy screen. You can activate the Prophecy on the same screen. You can activate the prophecy you want, and then it’s done!

Prophecy sealing

Players who are not part of the RNG force have this option. If you don’t want to use the prophecy you can choose not to. It’s called the Sealing of prophecy. It is as easy as paying Navali an additional coin of silver. You can then sell the prophecy to other players later, if you feel so. This way, you can obtain different currencies.

Although it is not recommended, most prophecies can be profitable. These prophecies can be very helpful in the game. Sealing prophecy is not a good idea. If they give you a lot of currency or are not compatible, you can lock the prophecy.

How to Finish the Prophecy

Each prophecy is unique and has its own reward and task. Now the question is: How would you finish the tasks necessary to trigger the prophecy and get the prophecy result? If you complete the given mission, you will automatically be reimbursed for the prophecy rewards. The quest indicator purple will show you the status of Prophecy’s usage. It will be displayed on the device’s screen.

Final Talk 

Prophecies cannot be ignored. They have become an integral part, including prophecies Poe. Prophecy is your only option.

This article will give you an in-depth guide on prophecy, and how to use it most effectively. We hope you found our article helpful.

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