Raze Valorant

Raze Valorant

Raze is a VALORANT agent that specializes in normal explosions, grenades and mines. Raze loves inflicting AOE damage to foes and will be a sought after agent for gamers who love chaos and mayhem.

Raze hails from Brazil with her huge personality and large weapons. She excels at clearing out dense foes with blunt force trauma and tight areas with a significant amount of “increase”

Raze is a brand-new character that was created in open beta. Valorant was still in closed beta. She is a very offence-minded participant but will also do some scouting. Her skills include Showstopper, Paint Shells and Boon Bot. Bots to Increase Cluster grenade to cause space-impact harm Paint Shells These grenades can be used to spread additional harm among enemies by acting as cluster bombs. Bum Bot Raze’s third and final means of communication, the explosive reconnaissance drone. Raze’s final means of communication is via the ShowstopperThe, which is a powerful rocket launcher that does serious damage to any space it hits.

Raze doesn’t have the expertise to block opponents’ view (like partitions), or display any kind of smoke. Raze’s only means of crowd management is the Blast Pack C4 price, which has an average likelihood to beautiful a goal.

Raze has a very aggressive play style compared to other VALORANT brokers. This is because her talents are centered on mobility and harm rather than intelligence gathering and assist. She excels at dealing with harm and is a specialist. She is probably one of few brokers whose talents are geared towards inflicting harm, including Paint Shells and Showstopper. She has received a lot of criticism for her skillset. Valorant gaming group.

Raze is always cheerful, impulsive and spontaneous. Raze exudes chaos and destruction, causing havoc on the battlefield. She can be impatient and will not follow through with plans.

Blast Pack, and Increase Bot are Raze’s trademark talents. Each of these abilities softens the opposing staff. Blast Pack can be used with partitions to detonate on demand. Increase Bot is an autolock Bot that chases foes, detonates when it catches them as well as detonates if they catch it. This makes it great for putting strain on opponents and inflicting a lot of damage. Paint Shells, Raze’s additional harm grenade-throwing method, splits into four smaller grenades that deal more serious harm. And if somebody survives Raze’s assault on the sphere, Showstopper, the last word energy, does simply that — it kills everybody.

How to play Raze

Special Talents


Throw a Blast Pack immediately to stick to surfaces. RE-USE the power to damage or detonate another hit after deployment. Raze is safe from this energy, but he will still fall if it’s sent too far.

Although the C4 explosion won’t harm Raze, it can blow her up again. You need to make the explosive drive work for you. You’ll likely use this method to place the Blast Pack at the right location to propel Raze forward or upwards. This allows you to jump onto any excess spots, such as partitions and home windows.


You could also equip a cluster grenade. FIRE can be used to throw the grenade. It causes harm and produces cluster pieces that do damage to everyone within its radius.

Raze throws a Paint Shell that might bounce off partitions. After a brief time, the grenade explodes into a large explosion, then splits into smaller explosives that inflict space of impact damage. The explosion can cause severe injury to targets who are near it.

Paint Shells are very dangerous but can be used with great success if used properly. You will get the most impact in narrow areas, corridors, and alleyways. In this situation, the opponent has less space to maneuver around and is subject to significantly more damage than in open areas.


Once you have geared up your Increase bot, it will be able to follow you on the bottom and fire rockets at nearby targets. The bot can be deployed. It will travel in a straight line along the bottom, bounce off partitions and then it can be deactivated. The Increase Bot will lock onto all foes within its entrance cone and follow them, exploding if it reaches them.

Raze uses Bum Bot, a reconnaissance drone. Raze can unleash the power in any course once it is activated. The talent only works within a course. It cannot change the course. The drone scans for a specific time period and detects any targets that are within its reach. Your Bum Bot drone can be used to scan the area before entering an unknown room or leaning around a corner.

The Bum Bot is limited in mobility and cannot move forward. The Bum Bot might, however, bounce off of walls. Due to varying circumstances, a drone might become stuck in a narrow passageway or fail to reach its goal.


It is necessary to equip a rocket launcher. When it comes in contact with something, a rocket can cause serious space damage.

Raze fires a missile from her rocket launcher, inflicting massive damage. The missile can be launched in a matter of ten to eleven second. Showstopper, unlike C4 explosions can cause Raze to be injured.

The Showstopper can be useful in many situations, such as when you are managing a bomb site and have to evacuate gamers behind walls or disarm someone using explosives. You could also use the Showstopper to stop an enemy who is hiding in a narrow passageway or confined house. It has a blast radius so large that it could inflict severe injury on many foes.