Is Rust Cross-Platform?

Rust has become a favorite in multiplayer games that combine survival and fighting tactics.  The game was released in 2018 and quickly became a hit with millions of gamers around the world. 

But with the game’s introduction, many fans were quick to ask whether Rust is cross-platform or not. Cross-platform is a feature that game developers are eager to incorporate into their games.

We will be discussing the cross-platform Rust in this article. Also, all details related to this question will be discussed. So, let’s get started!

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Rust – Overview

Multiplayer survival games are a popular choice for many years. It is no surprise that Rust offers a completely new experience. You play as a survivor in an apocalyptic environment and must gather materials to make shelter and food. The game also lets you build your survival place and protect it from aggressive players who’d want to destroy your shelter.

It is available for Windows, Xbox, PS4, PS4 and PS5. Since the game is online multiplayer, most people want to enjoy this survival horror show with their friends, so the question remains, “Is Rust cross-platform?” 

Let’s continue reading about this information.

Rust to Cross-platform in 2021

Is Rust Cross-Platform

Rust will allow cross-platform gaming by 2021. However, this feature is not available on all devices. Rust does allow cross-play between consoles but not for PC, making it impossible for PC gamers and console buddies to play multiplayer games. 

Let us now look at the platforms that allow Rust cross-platform support.

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Is Rust Cross Platform for PC and PS4 Possible?

The short answer is “No”. Rust doesn’t allow cross-platform use for PS4 and PC. 

This means that if you’re a PC player, there is no way to queue up with PS4 players for the multiplayer Rust mode. Cross-play may not be possible on the PC because of differences between PC gamers and developers, as well as production costs and technical problems.

Rust allows Cross-Platforms for Xbox One and PC, but not for Xbox One.

It is impossible for PC gamers to cross-platform play between consoles and PCs, because there is no cross platform feature, like Rust. 

This means that a PC player can’t play the multiplayer mode with an Xbox 1 console player. You will need a console in order to enable Rust to allow cross-play.

Is Rust able to support cross-play between PS3 and Xbox?

Rust is able to allow cross-platform gaming between Xbox One and PS2. This means that Xbox and PS users can play together regardless of their consoles. 

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Cross-platform has many advantages, including a larger player base and better multiplayer experiences that make the game more fun and engaging. Rust allows cross-play between consoles. This helps to bring in more console gamers and keeps the multiplayer survival game alive.

Can I cross-play Rust on Xbox One and Xbox X/S with Rust?

Yes. Rust supports multiplayer cross-gaming between Xbox One or Xbox X/S. The consoles are from the same manufacturer so it doesn’t matter which one you have. However, the controls and gameplay features of both consoles remain the same. This allows you to enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends using an Xbox X/S series or One.

Rust allows cross-Platform use for PS4 & PS5

Yes, Rust is cross-platform compatible for PS4 or PS5. 

Both consoles are identical, so the network and controls they use remain the same. This allows PS users to play multiplayer games with other PS owners. This allows you to save money on multiple games purchased on different platforms.


Cross-play is a feature that developers need to be able to use in every game, new or old. It’s no surprise that they are under a lot pressure from the gaming community.

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Rust does offer cross-play support for console players but it has one drawback. Facepunch Studios is working on cross-play for PC. 

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