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A player in the United States named Jay “sinatraa” Won, who was born on March 18, 2000. He is a streamer for the Sentinels. He had played Overwatch before, most recently with the San Francisco Shock, who won the Overwatch League 2019 title. He also played for his country in the Overwatch World Cup in 2017, 2018, and 2019. He won the 2019 edition over Team China.

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During the second season of Overwatch League, Jay “sinatraa” Won was the best player, and he won the MVP award and won the competition with the San Francisco Shock. But a few months ago, he stopped playing Overwatch and started playing in the professional Valorant competition.

Even though the esports scene is still very new, Sinatraa is already making as much money as he did in the OWL, even though it is still very new.

In Valorant, Sinatraa said the salary is lower, but it evens out with the great sponsors that he gets in Valorant, which he couldn’t get in OWL because of rules.

Sinatraa didn’t go into great detail about the numbers involved. However, looked at the publicly available Overwatch League data to better understand how much money he is making. Late last year, Matt “Mr X” Morello, who hosts the Overwatch League, wrote a blog post about how much each player in the league made in 2019. The average player made $114,000 in 2019.

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Players made about $114K in 2019. This was a $97K base salary, $16K in prize pool winnings, and a $1,000 signing bonus. People who play football make an average salary of $80,000. A player in the league must be paid at least $50,000 a year, plus benefits, to play.

As one of the best players in the league, you can be sure that Sinatraa earned a lot of money in the Overwatch League. He must be making a lot of money from Valorant already, and it wasn’t money that made him decide to leave Overwatch and start playing Valorant instead.

Sinatraa said he quit because he didn’t enjoy playing the game anymore. It’s kind of like I lost my passion. My heart is with Valorant right now, and I want to be with them. I know I can always go back to OWL, but I want to see what I can do in Valorant.

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There were a lot of teams that wanted to sign Sinatraa after he changed teams, and he signed with Sentinels, a Valorant team that isn’t quite as good as Cloud9 or G2. For Won, this was the right fit.

In terms of treating their players, “Sentinels was just the best organization,” said Sinatraa. This includes how quickly they do everything and how honest they are. Many organizations came to me, but Sentinels felt right to me. He explained that there were other teams interested but he chose the Sentinels in the end.

Overwatch was a game that many people questioned when they switched to Valorant. This is mostly because there is no way to know if the Valorant pro scene will take off. If you compare it to the stability the Overwatch League gives to some of the best players, it’s a very different game world. However, Won thinks that one day the two will be the same.

When Valorant does things right, “I think they can become one of the biggest e-sports,” said Won. “I think that an open ecosystem is good for games at the start, but hopefully, there will be a well-known league in a year or two.”

Because Won is one of the best players in the world at Overwatch, he switched teams and now it looks like the move is paying off. It doesn’t seem as crazy as it first seemed in the short term.

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