Some Of Fortnite’s Rarest Skins

Fortnite could be a free play title, but it does not deter players from investing big money on cosmetics in the game. Skins and accessories are a common way to show players their personal style and flair during a game. Any of the hundreds are either rare or pricey in Fortnite. Many of these skins were exclusive to promoteurs, featured only for a limited period in the Epic Games Shop, or were unsuccessful when released, and not re-listed.
The top ten skins in the fortnite universe are rarest and most sought after. Since the design of this game is rapidly evolving, this list will also change, as Epic Games can release some of these common hides in their accessories store and decrease their rareness or worth. However, from this moment on, these skins are the most common and rarest in the game.
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The skin was about one month long when Epic Games first saw Fortnite: Battle Royale. In October and November 2017, this skin still appeared several times, albeit very rapidly. While this skin has been gone for almost 900 days at the end of May it reappeared in the in-store. What was a symbol of a Fortnite player for a long time now is a skin that many players appear to have. Despite the famous role of skin in Fortnite’s history, many gamers don’t think it’s any unique item, since none of the other rare and legendary skins are so obvious.

9. TROOPER Airborne Attack

The Airborne Attack Trooper has been on this list for the first time since season 1. After level 15 in the game players could buy it. This skin dates back to the Combat Pass system and it’s highly odd since the game started. What makes this skin much less frequent is the lack of definition of the skin, which led players to miss the chance of buying the skin when it was yet The low level relative to certain other Combat Pass rarities. The outcome? The scarcity has grown as few players have opted to buy it. This skin is currently much sought after and it is a symbol that a player has been with Fortnite from the beginning.

8. Dark Foreign Language

The Dark Voyager skin comes from the Season 3 War Pass as well, identical to the Reaper skin. In fact, this skin was famous in its heyday, as players had to only hit level 70 to reach it. This skin has become even rarer now that season 3 is long gone. Most players have no skin like many people today in season 3 don’t play Fortnite back. The cool appearances of this skin make it very common, but after Saison 3 combat passes the skin has not been showing up, making it one of Fortnite’s rarest skins.
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7. THE Culture

Since the early days of Fortnite, this John Wick-inspired skin was around, making it dark and in great demand. The players had not only to gain the 3rd Season Pass, but also had to move up the rankings before they hit Tier 100. Since Fortnite was only starting to gain attention today many people have not obtained this skin. Neither exists the skin beyond the Combat Pass, which makes it very precious. For players who didn’t hit Tier 100 in season 3 there was developed a real John Wick skin. The Reaper version is however much less popular.


From the beginning of Fortnite, Stage 1 this skin has been around exactly. This skin is so ancient that it was before the method of Combat Pass. In order to do this, the players were asked to hit level 20, and go to the item shop to buy 1,200 V-Bucks of this skin. Because this skin existed before it became really common in the game, many don’t. The players who played Fortnite when it was established, however are very precious.


A Skull Trooper outfit style is only available since the outfit was originally launched in October 2017 to players who bought it. This outfit has epic status, like the regular Skull Trooper version. The regular Skull Trooper is also difficult to accomplish as it appeared just a few times in the item shop since it was first launched in 2017. The purple version is unique in that like the rest of the variants merely need a user to own the suit, it will only be available to the few players who purchased the skin after it was published.

4. Nozzle NOW

Owing to its limited release, appearance and the period after the skin was last seen in this item store. This skin is very sought after. The Black Knight’s skin, released as an aspect of the Knights of the Fortress set, was the most wanted skin as players were expected to lift their Combat Pass to 70. While in Season 2, the level limit is much lower than the other seasons, the arrival of this skin in Fortnite is obscure too early. The game started when the skin came down and it was sought after highly. It was unveiled on 14 December 2017 and last seen on 21 February 2018. No one knows whether this outfit will appear or remain an exclusive season 2 in the item store.

3. The Future Life

The Leviathan skin is much cheaper than the promotional Samsung skin and one of the most famous of the legends. Prior to August 3, 2020, this skin was sold only in 2018, but along with various other nautical accessories and toys, it appeared for a day in the item store. Because of its $20 tag, its sci-fi look and its reputation as one of the darkest iconic outfits, this unique Fortnite skin is highly sought after. If a player does not feel like a fish in a suit, one of the other iconic outfits might complement their taste like Raven, Cuddle Team Leader or Moisty Merman. Every $20 legendary outfit is available only for a very brief period of time in the item store.

2. Existence

Owing to the vast number of supported Samsung smartphones and the elimination from Galaxy skin, the glow skin is much more available than the Galaxy skin and is the feminine equivalent to the legendary skin. Similarly, this skin is free to use while a user is installing Fortnite from the Galaxy Store using a compatible Samsung smartphone. Once there the user can buy the skin for $0.00, given that they already have the unit. If a player doesn’t have a supported Samsung computer and he has a great pal, they can make a gift of this beautiful skin. Applications sponsored include: S4, A90, A80, A90 and S4 tablets, Note 8, 9, 10, S7, S8, S9, S10 or A80.

1. Galacticism

The Galaxy skin is a rare and very difficult to get Fortnite Rare Skin as it is only available for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Tablet S4 owners, launched for cross promotions between Samsung and Epic Gamers. This skin is rare and sought-after, published on 1 November 2018. The Glow Skin has absorbed it and is no longer open to consumers. The player had to import Fortnite on the Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tablet S4 from the Galaxy Shop. Due to its invisibility and stylish looks, it has an epic rareness. This skin was also famous when Ninja announced that it had been published to the public shortly before.
These rare Fortnite skins are certainly collecting everyone’s interest in a match or lobby from season 1 exclusive to expensive cross-platform promotions. Every player with them has a little tale in Fortnite. They are as emblemtic as they are uncommon.

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