The Story of Hextech Crafting

Hextech Brackern
From where did Hextech come? (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Hextech, the blue-colored crystal that can be seen throughout Arcane, plays an important part in Piltover’s progress. It is also a key part of Jayce’s lore and backstory, but what exactly is Hextech, what crystals are used and where does it come from?

To be better Arcane Some of the The legends behind it all, we’re going to take a look at the crystal spires and the crystals which are used to create Hextech tools. Hextech crafting will play an important role in this. Act II and Act III Arcane in the coming weeks

What are Hextech Crystals and How Do They Work?

Hextech crystals can be used to make exquisite artifacts or tools.. The technology can be harnessed by anyone who wants to use the magic contained in the crystals. These tools can be used by anyone, even people who haven’t been given magical abilities by the Arcane.

Each hextech artifact is unique to the owner. The art of crafting hextech tools is also kept very secret and is part of Piltover’s society.

Where did Hextech Crystals originate?

The crystals are Shuriman in nature. In Jayce’s lore the first crystal he encounters ‘sings’ to him. League of Legends fans discover that this is a true story. The crystals belonged to the Brackern, an ancient race from Shurima.

Skarner is one the last Brackerns left.. Piltover’s crystals were so powerful that they taught them how to make hextech tools. They set out on missions to collect more crystals to power Piltover’s progress.

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During the process The Brackern race was nearly extinct. Brackern’s memories, although not immortalized, live on in the crystal once their deaths. The crystal is then placed in a grave until another Brackern, preferably younger, finds it. The crystals keep calling out to Brackern through this cycle.

Jayce harnessed crystals in Hextech. (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

How did Piltover Harness the Crystal Power of Crystal?

Piltover was given the crystal. Various scientists tried to find out what it was. Jayce received the crystal after they failed to discover its purpose.

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For the first time in Jayce’s life something gave him trouble. Jayce worked tirelessly to discover the crystal’s nature. He tried everything, until finally he was able to just chip off a little bit of the crystal. This piece was used for future experiments and almost destroyed his lab.

This discovery enabled him to harness the power inherent in the crystal. Jayce’s former colleague and friend Viktor helped to steal the larger crystal.

When Jayce went to retrieve it he used the small shard he’d been experimenting on to find the larger crystal. Jayce saw the connection between the crystals. The smaller one called to the bigger, and Jayce followed his lead.

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He was shocked to find the crystal being that could power an army robots once he had arrived. To defend himself, he used power of the shard and fused it to his hammer. Thus his mercury hammer was the first hextech tool known to man.

Are We Going to Learn More About Hextech Arcane?

Yes, Arcane’s story will continue to revolve around Jayce (and Viktor) who play an important part in the creation and growth of Hextech Tools. Arcane will most likely focus on the discovery and eradication Brackerns, but will probably not go into too much detail.

Skarner and Brackern’s story will be revealed in a new show.

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