Tekken 7 Tier List: Check out the best characters in the game!

Many people around the globe are devoted fans of Tekken 7. Tekken 7, which first appeared in March 2015, was a fighting game. It publishes Bandai Namco entertainment. It was released originally for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We’ve put together a list to help you find the best characters to play this game with if you’re a big fan. This is a Tekken7 tier compilation list that includes data from some of the most respected players around the world.

Tekken is a game that has taken the world by storm, thanks to its constantly evolving game strategies and techniques. It is an iconic fighting game. Every character brings something unique to the table. With such diverse abilities, it can be difficult to decide which character to choose.

Are you fed up with losing? You are a beginner trying to figure out which character will win you the game? It is all about how well-balanced and well-made characters are. Although your ultimate victory would depend on your skills, we can help you divide the characters to better serve your needs. 

Tekken 7 Character Tier List:

These rankings include both pro and world-class players. Below is a list of Tekken 7 tiers. It shows the players who are competing against them in online tournaments. You don’t have to be on this list in order to see your favorite player. They may move up on another ranking.

A ranking of S-Tier to F tier, where S means The Highest and F means The Worst is the Tekken7 tier list. We’ve created a tiering system of characters. This includes the most experienced players who have participated in several tournaments as well as those just starting. We have also been able to use their attributes such as move sets, combos and strength. 

Tekken 7 S Tier List (2021)

These are the most important and powerful players in the game. These characters are the most powerful and difficult to defeat. 

  • SteveHe is the most powerful player in the game. His combos and moves, which can be extended to many options, are sufficient to beat other characters.
  • Fahkumram – This character is famous for his strong offensive, and defensive moves. He also has electric attacks which can be used to upgrade his own abilities and are very effective against the other characters.
  • Devil JinJin is a unique fighter. It takes time to learn to like his style. Once you learn to master Jin, your opponent will be defeated by his punches & kicks. 
  • Julia Her impressive array of mix-up moves earned her a spot in the top tier. She is, however, the most difficult player to control. Get practicing if you want her to be a good player.
  • Marduk Marduk is an impulsive fighter who rushes in and makes a lot of counter-attacks. He pushes his opponent into a corner and presses them to make mistakes. 
  • Paul – Paul’s devastating punches and fluid movements make him one of the most demanding offensive players to win against. 
  • Geese Geese’s signature move is Moonslicer. It takes him to top of the tiers. His versatility is evident in his ability to mix-ups and bridge combos. 

Tekken 7 A Tier List (2021)

Tier A characters are equally strong. They are also very strong and have a lot of combos and moves that can be difficult to beat. They are above the rest of the characters and they only have trouble with the S Tier. 

  • Jin Jin is one the most powerful players in the Tier with his full moves package. However, he can be difficult to control and master against better fighters.
  • BryanBryan is a short-attack fighter who seldom uses long-distance strikes. To see him at his finest, move closer to the opponent to increase his chances of winning. 
  • Zafina – Zafina’s mobility and speed are her strengths. Her quick transitions between offensive and defensive moves help her to be agile. 
  • Akuma Akuma’s preferred attack is Burst Damages. Akuma can cause serious damage to opponents but it can also be dangerous. 
  • Bob Bob is the character to choose if you are looking for a more balanced approach. He excels at both defensive and offensive games.
  • Alisa Alisa is an offensive player more than a defensive one. Her movements, tools, and mix-ups work best in a vicious battle, but can also cause problems in other situations. 
  • Leroy – Leroy’s kicks are ruthless, rigid, and very accurate. Combining this with his agility makes him a solid long-distance fighter. His moves are easy to master and make him a great choice for novice gamers. 
  • Law Law is another easy-to-understand character. His repertoire of basic kicks, flips, and turns makes him a great beginner. Veteran gamers can expand on his moves and make him more solid. 
  • Xiaoyu Xiaoyu is a technically-minded character. She excels at evasion and hard strikes. 

Tekken 7 B Tier List (2021)

Tier B characters in the Tekken 7 tier list are capable of easily defeating lower-tier players. They only have to deal with the upper tiers.

  • King King is a unique character that has his own moves. It is difficult to stop playing once you get used to the moves. It is also difficult to play against top tiers because of his style.
  • Heihachi If played by a true player, Heihachi could be an outstanding offensive player. He hits hard and lays low.
  • MiguelMiguel has a difficult time with his slow movements, despite having the most impressive punches and mixups. He is often at disadvantage against agile fighters. 
  • Hwoarang He is a great fighter, but managing him according the game rules proves difficult. He is slower than other fighters, and has very limited skills. 
  • Kazuya Kazuya is best for players who are able to use his redundant moves effectively. He can be defeated with just a few mix-ups. 
  • Ganryu Ganryu is a combination of slow, heavy attacks and a hint of agility. Although he takes some time to get used to, he is an excellent mid-poking fighter.
  • Claudio – Claudio is best known for his movie “Starburst.” He lures his adversaries towards him, and then he gets to work. This is a versatile move you can use in almost any situation. 
  • Dragunov Dragunov excels against slow fighters. Dragunov hurls himself at his opponents with a flurry if moves that overwhelm them. Once he is in control, he attacks his opponent with his combos. 
  • Lee/Violet – In the heat of battle, Lee’s unpredictable moves come in handy, especially against organized fighters. 
  • Kazumi – Kazumi’s moves are almost similar to that of Kazuya. However, her approach to her opponent is what makes Kazumi different. But she doesn’t have the damage capability of Kazuya.
  • Asuka Asuka is a very easy-to-understand defensive player. Her damage ceiling is somewhat lower than other players. 
  • Negan Negan is a boisterous fighter with a variety of moves. Claudio is also influenced by his fighting style. 

Tekken 7 C Tier List (2021)

While the C-tiers are fine, they can also be a liability and an asset. They can be used by players in matches of lower tiers but they are not useful against higher tiers. While they can be defeated at most levels, they are useful for practice. Don’t dismiss them just yet!

  • Jack – Jack’s capabilities of defeating opponents depend on how well the player handles them. 
  • Josie Josie is agile and quick on her feet. Her moves are simple enough to defeat larger opponents.
  • Nina – Although her combos and quick attacks can irritate opponents, she is also very hardy, which makes her easily beatable. You will need to take time to fully grasp her moves. 
  • Shaheen – Shaheen’s signature moves are poker and counter-attacks. However, they are not powerful enough to overcome an opponent. 
  • Leo Leo has a speciality in long combos that include hard hits. He has trouble with players who are skilled at evasion, as his opening moves can be predicted. 
  • Noctis His defense skills are not up to par with top-notch players. 
  • Feng Wei Feng is a versatile player with a range of moves but none that are strong enough to defeat the principal characters. 
  • Lei Lei is a skill that takes hours to master, just like Nina. You must be able to execute his commands. 
  • Anna Anna is much more easy to master and does a lot of damage. However, her moves are very predictable. 
  • Lars Lars has some of the most flashy moves, which are extremely effective. It is his lack of defensive sets that puts him in the bottom tier. 
  • Master Raven Raven can use agility and teleports to attack with a variety attacks. However, they are not strong enough for sustained combat against stronger opponents. 

Tekken 7 D Tier List (2021)

You can gain an advantage in tournaments by using the D-tier characters’ unique and hidden moves. They are also easy to defeat. 

  • Armor King – Armorking requires some technical skills. He is limited in his movement range and can’t fight within that area.
  • Yoshimitsu – Yoshimitsu’s skills are very chaotic and erratic. He is hard to control and can take hours to master his moves. This is his advantage.
  • Kunimitsu Kunimitsu is an incredibly new fighter, who specializes in poker and mix-ups. However, they are not very impressive.
  • Gigas Gigas can only push his opponents towards the wall by putting pressure on them. But if that doesn’t work, he has nothing else in his favor. 
  • Katarina – Katarina’s moves are effortless and straightforward, making her very easy to play with but not effective against other characters. 
  • Eliza Eliza can help a skilled player play better. Although she has everything a gamer might want, her attacks are not varied enough. 
  • Lili Lili is a decent character, but is best suited for beginners. 

Tekken 7 E Tier List (2021)

The E-tier characters, which are the most difficult in the game, only aid beginners to learn the mechanics. They are not recommended for tournaments or matches. 

  • Eddy Eddy is a bright and flamboyant character, but he has very little else. His defensive and offensive are both mild enough to not pressure his opponents. 
  • Lucky Chloe – She is very adept against beginners because she has some clever moves. But within just a few matches, you’ll start noticing her faults. 
  • Kuma/Panda These characters are not recommended unless you are desperate. Although they are skilled in offensive moves, their ability to deliver subpar blows is not.

According to the Tekken 7 tiers above, Steve is the most skilled player. Lucky and Asuka are the weakest.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the strongest character of Tekken 7

Geese is Tekken 7’s strongest character. Geese is an old character that was introduced in the beginning of the game. He has some of the most deadly combinations, and very few flaws. Even for beginners, he’s easy to master. His attacks are precise and he can aim at both short and long distances.

2. Is Josie good at Tekken 7?

Josie, our Tier-C character, is agile and quick. She can be very agile and dodge most attacks. All her moves are repetitive and easy to master, so the opponent will quickly get used. She is therefore a liability against tier-A and B. 

3. Who are the weakest characters in Tekken7?

Eddy is currently the weakest character of Tekken 7. He is virtually ineligible even among characters of his tier because he lacks offensive and defensive moves. 

The conclusion

Although the exclusive Tekken7 tier list has not yet been created by any other teams, they aren’t discouraged. They may be able to reach the top, but they must overcome their weaknesses. Play happy.

Here it is! These are the Tekken 7 characters’ tier rankings! Each character is here for a reason. Starting at tier E, you’ll begin to grow and become familiar with yourself. Eventually, you will be able land characters from Tier S.

So, if you are a beginner or a veteran, take a look at the list and decide which character’s skill set suits your level, and get gaming!

Keep checking back for more information!

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