Roster Changes Ahead for TSM

TSM Maple
Maple will join TSM. (c) Riot Games | © Riot Games

Although it may not be the end yet of Season 12, teams are likely to make roster changes even after the Summer split. This is especially true for teams that haven’t made it to the playoffs, or who didn’t meet expectations from investors and fans. 

One of those teams is none other than TSM who had a horrendous Spring Split, finishing in 9th place and for the first time in the teams history did not make it into the LCS playoffs. The team was unable to salvage their fortunes and is now looking to make changes to its roster to earn a spot at the 2022 World Champion. 


TSM Searching for a Support Player

According to sources from UpcomerTSM has announced that they are looking to replace Wei Shi Zi-Jie, their 19-year old support player. He was the source of many headaches for TSM supporters. Two weeks later, the young player was transferred to the Academy squad. He was also removed from the Academy squad after he locked in a champion without talking to his team.

However, who might be replacing Shenyi at the support role? TSM seems to be looking at the LLA in order to replace Shenyi. Choi “Mia” Sang-In seems like the right choice for a support player. Since May 2021, he is a member of Estral Esports. In 2021, the team nearly qualified to compete in Worlds. 

Maple to join TSM ahead of Summer Split

The mid lane is another position that TSM needs to fill.. TSM and Keaiduo, a former mid laner, have separated before the 2022 summer season. The team will now have to find a replacement for the young mid-laner. According to sources from Upcomer, the person to do just that will be none other than former PSG Talon and Flash Wolves mid laner Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang

Maple is an experienced player who has competed in many international events and has had great success in the PCS. He spent the 2022 Spring Split in the LPL with Anyone’s LegendThe team was unable to reach the LPL playoffs and finished 13th with a negative 5-11 record. 

If the rumors prove true, this would be the final TSM roster for 2022 LCS Season. 

Position Player Spring Split Team
Top Lane Huni TSM
Jungle Spica TSM
Mid Lane Maple Everybody’s legend
Bot Lane Tactical TSM
Support Mia Estral Esports
Is this enough strength to make it to the 2022 World Championship We will need to see. Will TSM be able to beat teams like TL who don’t look to be making any roster changes after finishing third in the LCS playoffs or C9 who seem to Jensen Back up after Fudge is back Go to the top. 
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