Get Free League of Legends Skins With Twitch Prime !

Prime Gaming Free LoL Skins
Every week, new Skins! | © Twitch

Twitch Prime is now available on Amazon Prime You have the opportunity to win up to 36 Free League of Legends skins. If you love League of Legends skins As much as we love it, why wait? We’ll show how to get them!

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Amazon Prime customers get a League of Legends skin for free Every 10 days. Riot Games Amazon A joint cooperation has been established in which Prime customers that connect to Twitch will receive skins. You can get up to 36 random skins during the promotion, which runs through January 2022.

Prime Gaming Twitch free trial
Get the loot with the first month free! (c) Twitch | © Twitch

What time can you get your next freebie? Twitch Prime Gaming skin?

On August 12The next step is possible with the help of League of Legends skin Shard. You can then pick up your loot once a week and unlock cool skins. Next one will be on August 23rd And so on… You’ll receive an email reminder to grab your loot if you have notifications turned on.

What should I do? Free League of Legends skins Starting at Twitch Prime Gaming?

All you have to do is look for Amazon Prime subscription You’re ready to go. Amazon Prime Also, you can stream your favorite Twitch streamer and receive faster package delivery.

Also, create a Twitch account If you don’t have one, connect it. Amazon Prime account It. It is the League of Legends skin shards You will unlock them for you and can pick them up every ten days. Prime Gaming also has a lot to loot other games such as Valorant or FIFA. This is why it’s also interesting to non-Liga of Legends players.

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