Cypher Valorant

Cypher Valorant


Cypher, a knowledge dealer from Morocco is an all-in one human surveillance community that keeps tabs on each enemy’s transfer. Cypher keeps an eye on everything and is able to see every movement.

He is a Valorant agent He is the embodiment of the spy-infiltrator archetype. Cypher is an expert at gathering information about the battlefield using his Spycam to monitor enemy movements. This allows him to lead his crew to victory, giving them the chance to ambush enemies with completely different traps and restraining them.

Cypher is able to extract information from dead enemies and reveal the location of their friends who are still alive. Cypher is the best agent if you are looking for intel.



Cypher, like his talents, is very secretive. This ensures that nobody discovers any of the valuable data he has found and only shares them for their benefit. He is constantly gathering information, secrets, and other essential knowledge to defeat the enemy crew, in spite of all this.

Cypher may also be nonchalant. This is because he can take elements and instruments from different brokers at will, sometimes telling them after a while that it was done.

Take a look

Cypher is seen with a big hat that has an antenna. This is what he uses to locate and transmit enemies places with his allies. Cypher is seen wearing an overcoat to conceal his utility and store his gear. He also wears masks to conceal his face. His masks are not everyday masks. It is vision-specific and high-tech, just like most of his gear.



(C) Trapwire

Keep a fireplace in place to arrange a covert and destructible entice wire at an area that is well-defined. Draw a line from the location to the wall. These entice wires can be picked up and redeployed to move them to another location. If they don’t destroy the units, any opponents gamers that walk over the entice wires may be dazed and exposed.

Cyber Cage

Put a Cyber cage in front of the entrance. The Cyber Cage is lively and creates a barrier that blocks enemy imagination and prescient. Once they have completed it, Cypher and his allies receive an audio cue.

Sign Language

(E) Spycam

Keep the fireplace lit to keep the Spycam in a well-defined area. This will allow you to get control over the digital camera’s view. If you are charged with spycam violations, use fireplace to fire a marking dart at an infected unit. This marking dart will show the current location of gamers who have been hit by it.


(X.) Neural Theft

Use immediately on an enemy corpse within Cypher’s crosshairs. Neural Theft will then reveal their location.



  • Cypher was acquainted with Nora, a person Cypher implied was related to them. A few of his quotes suggest that the deceased individual and Cypher were killed.
  • Cypher knows many secrets and techniques, which he prefers to keep from different brokers. This makes it difficult for many to believe him, along with Sova. Cypher is a secretive man and Sova is open and honest.


Cypher’s real name, Aamir, is actually an Arabic identity. Cypher’s thrifty quotes and English translation of the name mean that Cypher could be in financial trouble or even have been poor. He is quite aware of a lot of important information, so he keeps his face and exact id secret.

Phoenix Ideas and Methods

  1. To be able to help your crew and grasp Cypher, you must know all the Valorant maps. (Download Valorant here). This will allow you to identify the best areas to place Spycams and traps that disable the opposing crew while remaining hidden.
  2. One of your responsibilities as a Cypher participant is to ensure that all your traps are placed in the most effective space throughout the match. Keep in mind that you must change the designated areas throughout every spherical. This will help you to win with your crew.
  3. Your Spycam or Trapwire can be used to detect enemy crews moving to a different space.
  4. Cypher is great for locking down websites. Cypher can be used to leave an area undefended by you and your team. You can see if the enemy crew is pushing.
  5. Although Cypher’s abilities don’t cause injury, their utility will still be a major factor in the battle.
  6. Cypher’s digital camera functions as a spy device, similar to Sova’s Owl drone. His Spycam is able to lure enemies and help your crew push while they are busy with your digital camera.
  7. You may need to develop a strategy before the shopping part of Cypher begins. This will give you more time to study the map and plan your traps strategically.