Omen Valorant

Omen Valorant


Omen, the phantom of reminiscence and unknown origins is a lurker who hunts in the shadows. Omen can teleport around the map, making enemies blind and allowing paranoia to take over as they scramble for the next Omen.

Omen, a Valorant agent shrouded with thriller, specializes in covering the battlefield in darkness. Unknown origins, Omen focuses on disrupting his enemies imagination and prescient. He places them at their most vulnerable. He is one of the most skilled flankers. His orbs hit enemies with nearsightedness and obscure the imaginative, prescient of those around him.

Omen can use his crowd-control abilities to teleport, whether he is using Shrouded Step for quick distances or From the Shadows for longer distances.



Just like his talents and Omen, Omen is mysterious. However, it is known that Omen is mysterious. Very Being aware of his choices, he is a confident character. He also has a conceited view, often displaying his confidence in his grasp and abilities. Despite this, he still displays some friendliness towards people he is familiar with, such as Viper. He can be seen calling Viper his real name regardless of the fact that he doesn’t know her. other agents You should not name her by the exact identity.

Take a look

Omen is covered in a grey coat, purple cape and jet black pants. His arms are also wrapped in bandages. The sport’s skin is not revealed beneath this hood. Additionally, his face is not visible beneath his hood. Gamers can only see three glowing blue slits instead.



(C.) Shrouded Step

To start a short channel, keep the fireplace on and teleport into the space you choose. Equip the Shrouded step potential to see its range indicator.

(Q) Paranoia

Keep fireplace on to throw a blinding orb in front of them, inducing paranoia and disrupting their listening. This orb is able to be divided.

Signature Potential

(E) Darkish Cowl

Press ‘equip’ to make use of a shadow orb to let Omen go in a phased world. Omen will then be able to place and target the sphere. To throw it, use the flexibility key (E). This will create a shadow sphere that blocks enemy imagination and prescient. Keep fireplace on when you are focusing on a space to move its marker further away. To mark closer, keep secondary fireplace on to maneuver the orb even closer. To toggle the normal concentrating on view, you can hit reload.


(X) From the Shadows

To teleport to a space marked with a tactical plan, keep the fireplace on. Omen will present as a shadow that enemies may destroy in order to cancel his teleportation. You can also press equip to cancel Omen’s teleportation.



  • Viper revealed Omen’s identity in part through one of her quotes. Viper spoke about Omen as “Ja” before correcting herself to Omen. This is currently the most popular model. Viper called Omen “Free-” in an earlier model. Yow will find this information in Valoran’t audio file replace historical previous.
  • It was earlier than the worldwide launch Valorant and throughout the finish of its Closed Beta launch, Omen initially had gentle blue eyes sؤhowing by means of his hood as an alternative of the present three vertical slashes.


  • Viper and Omen have a pleasant relationship because they were already friends before joining the Valorant Protocol. At the moment, it is not known if Omen or Viper have had or are in a platonic relationship.
  • According to their interactions, Omens and Sage have shown a steady connection.


Omen seems to have limited reminiscences of his past. He seems to remember that Omen was concerned about something violent and that he would be ripped apart and killed. However, it is not clear where he came from. Omen joined Valorant Protocol using his armor, which helps him add his energy. He prompts whenever he makes use his radiant abilities. His hood bears their name.

Omen Suggestions & Methods

  1. Darkish Cowl’s and Paranoia’s Omen talents are ranged assaults that obstruct enemy imaginative or prescient. You get a huge advantage in one on one fights as well as staff clashes.
  2. If you have an ally Brimstone at any given moment, try to use Omen. These two can be very deadly on the battlefield. Each can manage crowds and harm anywhere on the sector, so they may appear out of nowhere.
  3. Omen’s ability to teleport allows you to traverse home windows, hallways and partitions. This will allow you to appear on an alternative side to flank the enemy.
  4. Omen’s smokes can be used to cover the area you want to transfer around in. This will keep you out of enemy’s reach. They will also recharge over time and can be used again throughout the match.
  5. You can use Omen’s projectile talents to fire up any terrain. This allows you to blind your enemies from all directions.
  6. Omen’s smoke pot can be used to organize your teleportations. This will allow you to keep guarded and lined up.
  7. With his totally different abilities for teleportation you might be able slip through cracks to gain a flank or escape enemy forces. These are essential for maneuvering around enemies.
  8. Omen’s Darkish Cowl (or Omen’s Darkish Cowl) is a hole that acts like a small enclosed room. This may provide you with a bonus under certain conditions.
  9. The final potential of Omen, From the Shadows is flexible. You should still time it perfectly. This is because flexibility can make a loud noise and attract enemies. It’s easy to let it go.
  10. Omen’s last can be used to capitalize on chaos.