Phoenix Valorant

Phoenix Valorant


Phoenix, the British fiery Brit, can alter hearth at will. Phoenix’s star energy shines through his unique preventing style, which ignites the battlefield with flames. Phoenix is able to jump right into combat regardless of whether or not he has an ally.

He is a duelist ValorantHow to download Valorant(An agent who is skilled in looking down on enemies while also crippling their ability to fight again. He has the ability of flames and can transform the battlefield in any way he wants, helping his teammates to win.

Phoenix is able to manipulate match circulation with ease thanks to his blazing fireballs which injury enemy items, heal him, block fireplaces and an explosive hearth blast. Phoenix is a strong and effective duelist who can also use his supreme and signature abilities to make him great for aggressive gamers.



Phoenix’s blazing personality, much like his abilities, boosts confidence. Phoenix’s Tier 9 playcard depicts him burning down a building.

Take a look

Phoenix is a tall dark-skinned man with long, black hair. Under his white jacket, he wears a black shirt and a white jacket. His jacket contains a fiery-colored lightningbol, possibly called “Radianite”. His face is sharp with a strong jawline and high cheekbones. He’s a popular choice for compliments. other agents Jett calls Jett a ‘fairly boy’



(C) Blaze

You can hearth a line that goes ahead and creates a flame wall. This will block enemy items from seeing the creative and prescient, but also damage them. To bend the wall in your crosshairs’ direction, keep hearth (left mouse key) on. Phoenix can even heal himself in this zone.

Curveball (Q)

A flare orb that is bent will be hearth. The blast will cause it to detonate shortly after being thrown, interrupting the imagination and prescient of those caught in the blast. Use your hearth to move the flare to the left. This will detonate the bomb and obstruct enemies’ imaginations and prescient. Alternately, use hearth to bend or blind the flare orb to your right.

Signature Capacity

(E) Sizzling Arms

Keep hearth on to throw a fireball. It will explode upon effect on the bottom or after a certain time. It will create a lingering heat zone which may inflict injury on enemies who are affected by it. Phoenix can heal himself while in this zone.


(X) Run It Again

Place a marker at Phoenix’s current location. It will be active if Phoenix is alive. If he dies or the time runs out, the marker will close and ship him back to the designated space with 100% health and his ammo.



  • Phoenix’s original idea was the Phoenix Scrapper, also known as “Shatter”.
  • Grant Galloway was Phoenix’s exact title throughout its growth.
  • Grant Galloway is a derived from the word “Grant”, which means giant. This refers to Phoenix’s high level of confidence in the sport. Galloway currently lives in Scotland, where he may have been born. Riot Video Games has yet to confirm if the title was canon during Valorant’s launch.


Phoenix attended a college of Performing Arts in London. However, he was later expelled for setting up a constructing on the hearth. As seen on his “private card”, Phoenix, a younger Valorant agent has seen mirror versions of Jett and himself on Mirror Earth. This information was below Phoenix’s clearance level.

However, Phoenix was now worried about such important data. Viper and Valorant gave Phoenix all the information he needed regarding the Mirror Earth, its risks, and how they could help the world. Phoenix was finally able to understand what he was going through when the brokers from Bennett Island used this information to attack him again.

Phoenix helped Killjoy during an ambush at Rabat. Phoenix made Killjoy’s defuser do the same by heating a Radicore and providing enough energy.

Ideas and Tips for Phoenix

  1. Blaze capabilities could allow Phoenix to create firewalls that can block enemy imagination and prescient while dealing injury. This would permit Phoenix to be defended open areas without being detected. Curveball is a great tool to hide enemies when you are sneaky.
  2. Although it depends on the context, it is more common to duck into a corner to use Phoenix’s skills to heal him before you join an enemy. It is better to heal Phoenix while simultaneously using his utility skills.
  3. Curveball allows you to throw into narrow alleyways and behind partitions in order to reveal your enemies.
  4. Curveball allows you to look up and curve it onto enemies above you.
  5. Blaze is energetic, but you can also throw a Curveball to blind an enemy unit or defend yourself.
  6. Run it again is best used when teleporters on Bind are active. It should be used on one aspect. You can use it to undergo a Teleporter and kill enemies within that space. If it’s profitable, you can go back together with your resurrected Phoenix.