Sova Valorant

Sova Valorant


Russian initiator Sova locates, tracks and kills all enemies accurately and efficiently. His unique weapon, top-notch scouting skills and impeccable tracking abilities ensure that enemies can’t disguise themselves.

He is a Valorant agent Specializes in reconnaissance and scouting. Sova, an expert in archery, can equip his bow using numerous bolts to reveal enemy areas and stun those close to him. Sova can also deploy his recon drone to scan your entire battlefield, allowing him and his friends to discover where the enemy is hiding.

Sova’s whole equipment revolves around tracking enemies, marking them, then eliminating them. Sova and his vast experience will appeal to groups who want complete data about enemy movements and places.



While Sova can be ruthless and dedicated to his enemies, he is calm and grounded on the outside. He’s warm to his allies and encourages them at all costs. This Russian agent is a great believer in honesty and openness.

Take a look

Sova wears a fur-lined coat and dark blue cape. He also has owl-shaped boots. His archery gloves are worn on Sova’s left forearm. He also has his owl drone on his right side. A bow and arrow are slung through his back. Sova places the rest of his weapons, such as his shock darts on his right thigh, and a search knife on his left leg.



(C) Owl Drone

Fireplace to deploy an owl-shaped helicopter and manage it. Fireplace to fire a marking dart at an enemy unit when you are found guilty. The enemy’s current situation will be revealed by the marking dart.

(Q) Shock Bolt

You can use a fireplace to send explosive bolts ahead using a bow with shock bolt. The bolt explodes upon effect and damages enemies and anyone nearby. To increase the range of the Shock Bolt’s projectile, you can keep a fireplace. Alternate fireplaces are available to give the arrow a few more bounces.

Signing Means

(E) Recon Bolt 

To deploy a bolt using a bow and a recon bolt ahead, use a fireplace. The bolt will detonate upon collision, revealing the exact location of any close enemies that are within the bolt’s range of sight. To increase the bolt’s projectile range you can maintain a fireplace. The Recon Bolt may be destroyed by an opposing crew.


(X) Hunter’s Fury

Fireplace to launch a blast in a straight-line in front of Sova using a long range bow that can shoot power blasts. These blasts may pierce partitions and inflict damage.



  • At first, Sova was believed to have been a girl with an visor.
  • His Owl Drone capability was originally believed to be the Drone Dart capability of Joules. However, this is now a scrapped agent.


  • Sova and Cypher are able to have a fight in worth because of their pledge to honesty, openness, and transparency. Sova is left to search for it laboriously in order to believe the Moroccan Sentinel.
  • Sova might have already met his mirror-model before. Although different brokers may know that there is a mirror-model of themselves on enemy crew, Sova is still the only one who mentions having met them sooner.


Sova is the sixth member. Valorant Protocol He hails from Russia’s frozen tundras. Like the rest of the VP he is here to protect the Earth. His abilities seem to be linked with a prosthetic eye that gives him hunter-like vision. Radianite appears to be used by all of his techs. Although Sova’s story is not as exciting as his becoming a Protocol member is, it’s clear that he has a remarkable story.
It is believed that Sova encountered a rift in his country of residence and that he may require a navy background. Although there are many mysteries about Sova’s life, it is widely known that he had a meeting with a mirror image of himself who saved him.

Sova Suggestions & Tips

  1. Communication is essential when using Sova’s Owl Drone. This will allow you to assist your crew in pushing, providing you with all the sting you need in scouting around corners and other areas where enemy models might be.
  2. Even though Sova’s Reconbolt doesn’t show the exact location of enemies, that doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking nearby. Sova’s Recon Bolt is not a good way to scout, but it does help to be attentive and then to press the button to shoot the bolt.
  3. Recon Bolt is a creative tool that allows you to pretend you are pushing as your opponent would imagine you are.
  4. Sova is a partner with other Valorant brokers who may decelerate enemy, along with Sage.
  5. Even though enemies are not detected alongside your skills, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Because a Sova is always in a crew, it’s likely that they will wait for the radar impact to end. They will most likely push when it ends.
  6. Sova’s abilities are completely interrelated. You should use his Owl Drone and Recon Bolt to locate enemies and then attack them with his Shock Bolt or Hunter’s Fury.
  7. You can use Sova’s last to see a variety indicator in your minimap. This will allow you to set a higher goal. This allows you to align higher-quality pictures across the map.