Viper Valorant

Viper Valorant


Viper, the American Chemist, is basically the most dangerous agent in the world. ValorantTo take control of the battlefield, she deploys a variety of lethal chemical weaponry. If her toxins fail to eradicate her enemies, her thoughts will videogame Will.

She is a Valorant agent Who offers poison and acid to inflict injury. Viper is a predator. She burns down and kills her enemies using gasoline to activate her poisonous abilities: Poison Cloud, Poisonous Display. These talents melt passing targets and block their imagination and prescient. Her gasoline gauge can recharge over time, which allows her to manage larger areas for a longer period.

Viper’s Pit, her last ability, is an AOE ability that can be used to end her poisonous and harmful ability set.



Viper is as savage and effective as her talents. She is also confident. She doesn’t worry about enemies. Alternatively, she would wish their fear. Viper is poisonous like her expertise but she’s kind and caring to her friends.

Take a look

Viper has jet black hair and is inexperienced. She sports a black bodysuit with inexperienced buttons and a black masks to keep her venom theme in mind. Viper transforms her black masks into gasoline masks when she uses her last.



(C) Snake Chunk

Hearth a canister containing a chemical launcher. It breaks on impact with the ground. This creates a lingering toxic chemical zone that damages enemies. Alternatively, ‘Weak’ doubles any injury. The stat Weak’ is only active for 2 seconds after enemies have left the AOE.

(Q) Poison Cloud

You can throw a gasoline emitter that will stay in the area throughout the match. This flexibility could be used to create a poisonous gas cloud instead of gasoline. These means can be used more than once, and Viper may decide to redeploy the emitters. The Poison Orb has a 6-second cooling down after being deactivated.

Sign Language 

(E) Poisonous Display

A long line of gasoline emitters can be thrown. This can be done by means of partitions. It will create emitters at the proper places, such as the bottom, regardless of its size. This can be used to create a wall made of poisonous gasoline as an alternative to gasoline.


(X) Viper’s Pit

Use a chemical sprayer and hearth it to create a poisonous cloud. It reduces enemies’ imaginative and predictive range and best well-being when it is inside. To tempt enemies, you may keep the flexibility key. Viper’s Pit can last endlessly if Viper goes back to refuel it every 15 seconds – or if she stays within it.



  • Viper, Omen and the Valorant Protocol were in touch before they were launched.
  • Viper recruited Breach for the Valorant Protocol.
  • Viper and Reyna might be animosities.
  • Viper and Sage met earlier. Sage was unable to succeed in her position, so their collaboration didn’t go well.


Viper is an American agent originally from Alaska. However, Viper also appears to have links to Seattle through what will be shown in her “private card”. Viper is one of the founders of Valorant Protocol (VP), where she works alongside Brimstone. Regardless of her being one of the founders, Sage and Brimstone lead the Valorant Protocol as their first and second in command.

Viper’s thoughts on whether she would like to manage the group or not are currently unknown. She continues to work with brokers in the Valorant Protocol, recruiting and coaching the best.

Viper Tips and Suggestions

  1. Keep an eye out for your rivals, as you will soon realize which brokers have ultimates. Viper will make it easy to defeat.
  2. Brokers who are akin to Breach and Brimstone could save their final to stop Viper’s Pit. So keep an eye on them.
  3. Brimstone is able to launch an AoE nuclear weapon in any area that’s greater than the actual size of Viper’s Pit. To prevent being countered, use your last after Brimstone has cast his.
  4. Agent Breach is able to have interaction with you even when you are in Viper’s Pit using his Rolling Thunder. So keep an eye out for him.
  5. Phoenix can use Viper’s Pit to get his final outdoors. He won’t be able see him there, so he can interact twice as well with you. To avoid losing yours, ensure that Phoenix has used his final outdoors of Viper’s Pit before you prevent him from interacting with you.
  6. Viper is one of the most skilled spike-planters in Valorant due to her poisonous abilities. If you want to fundamental Viper, you should prepare yourself to hold it often when you get final. Otherwise, you can gain kills.
  7. Viper’s gasoline consumption is crucial. Take some time to learn the gasoline prices for Poison Cloud, Poisonous Display, and all three of them simultaneously. This will allow you to see your timing windows more accurately.
  8. Viper’s explosive projectiles can spill acid on the battlefield. This should be used to harass enemies.