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Valorant is a shooter with characters, similar to games such as Counter-Strike and Overwatch. While abilities are an important aspect of the game’s personality, weapons are at its heart – so when you’re getting started it can help if you know which ones will give out the most damage per second ( DPS ) or how easily they’ll run through the enemy shields! We’ve compiled this tier list that has information about each weapon in Valorant; learn their strengths/weaknesses along with some tips on avoiding certain types altogether. To experience all this go to our Valorant downloads section.



The Operator is one of the most powerful weapons in a whole round. Its pick ability can’t be matched, and players with good aim will thrive on this weapon. If you land your bullet above someone’s waistline then they’re as good as dead – there isn’t much that even an agent wearing full body armor could do about it! Pairing up Operators for agents like Jett takes it to another level; she’ll reach previously inaccessible areas thanks to her Updraft Ability while also being able use hers too if necessary via Dash or Blink accesses.

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Phantom is a simple and easy-to-use shotgun. It has an excellent magazine size of 30 shells, making it perfect for those who like to fire away without thinking too much about their loadout or strategy.

The spray pattern also makes this weapon accessible even if you’re new at shooters as well! Finally, there’s no visible sign left behind from when phantom fires which means that flanking through smokes will be easier than ever before because your opponents won’t know where exactly on screen could you possibly hide (or what sound made by shooting)!


The Vandal is a gun that can be considered more difficult to use than Phantom, but in return for increased difficulty the muzzle velocity and power are much greater. Even when utilized at close range it will always seem like an easy kill thanks primarily due to its incredible kick which makes follow-up shots easier than ever before with this weapon type.


Odin is one of the most powerful weapons, with an automatic rate of fire and a 100 round magazine size. It also has a wall bang feature that makes it easy to penetrate locations not accessible through other methods such as explosives or shooting straight up while standing on ground level which can be difficult for some players trying to use this gun effectively at first because its spray pattern may cause aiming difficulties but by crouching down while firing you take almost no damage making using odins much more manageable.



For its cheap price, the Spectre is one of the best value weapons in-game. It has minimal recoil and makes it easy to wield for any player who wants some ranged shooting action with their buddies or alone on an open field; plus there’s no runout during those crucial moments when players need quick healing! The only problem may be finding enough space around you because this thing packs quite a punch (literally)!


The Sheriff pistol is a one-shot killing machine with the potential to take out fully shielded enemies at close range. It has higher damage than any other gun in the game making it truly lethal, but you’ll need pinpoint accuracy if your goal is spamming rather than tapping precisely onto an enemy’s head for quickness’ sake; or else they may overpower you.


Ghost is the go-to weapon for Valorant players. Not only does it usually come out ahead in pistol rounds, but this singleplayer focused gun has an amazing 15 round magazine which helps make up for its low cost and high rate of fire. With mid to long-range capabilities as well; Ghost will give any other high-tier weapons a run for their money.


The Ares is a great alternative to the top-tier assault rifles in-game. It’s much cheaper and can provide similar value, but there isn’t one particular aspect that makes it stand out as better than others-it just does everything well enough for most cases without any standout capabilities or disadvantages really worth mentioning! The magazine size on this baby maxes at 100 rounds before running dry (compared with 200+ shots from other guns), which means you’ll need to refill sooner if the battle doesn’t end quickly.


The Judge is a fully automatic shotgun that reigns supreme in close-quarter combats. It can take down multiple enemies with its powerful round and short amount of time it needs to reload, making the weapon great for holding corners or tight angles where enemies are usually least likely to check things out first.



Stinger was once a common sight on the battlefield, but its effectiveness has fallen drastically. The increased cost and spray pattern change have made it less viable than before as players can no longer spam this weapon in full buy rounds or during an economy round with minimal risk. That said, Stings still packs some good short-range punch so if you’re up against opponents at close quarters make sure not to forget about them!


While Valorant is often referred to as the budget version of Vandal and Phantom, it’s clear that Bulldog still deserves its place on this list. It has a slower fire rate than both firearms which limits how much damage you can output with each bullet while ADS or hip firing; but when players need an affordable alternative without sacrificing performance in combat, they should consider giving bulldogs a go!

Classic (Default)

The Valorant Classic is great for those who don’t want to risk their money and just need something that works most of the time. With very little recoil, this gun can be spammed without fear of wasting ammo or having a bad shot due simply because you’re too busy trying not to reload constantly! The best part? You’ll get more Credits by sticking with your original weapon choice than switching back after every match–so buy shields/abilities early on when possible if fighting opponents using similar loadouts as yourself so they never catch up in power levels (and then switch back should things go sour).


Despite the high price and mediocre damage, this gun has been one of the most popular meta guns. It’s because players love its versatility: it can be purchased during both pistol rounds as well as rifle/smg firefights for those who want all-around coverage against any type opponent; there are also premium particles when you pick up a bullet (a rare thing these days). On top of everything else, purchasing Frenzy will always give your character bonuses like faster reloads or an extra spawned source weapon on death – making them even more dangerous in battle!



A recent patch has reduced the power of Bucky, but it’s still a great weapon for beginners. The left click is now much easier to master and can one-shot enemies up close or when you are spread out across an area with this gun in your inventory. A player will need good aim since its shots do less damage compared before due to nerfing both alt-fire modes which were very powerful at short ranges where players typically use them ̶ especially considering how inexpensive cost makes these guns accessible even more so than usual!


The Marshall is a single-shot weapon that can be used to one-shot players without shields. Because it only takes one headshot, the most suitable window for this gun would be right after the pistol round when many people are running around with empty hands in order not to get shot again from behind or beside them while they’re trying to take down opponents themselves.



The Guardian is a gun with low damage and high recoil. Most players will not be able to control it effectively, making this weapon mostly useless in the battle for most people who want better options than commodities such as Spectre or Bulldog that cost less money but offer more benefits when used properly by someone without too much skill with them already developed at lower levels of play


Shorty is the cheapest weapon in-game that can hold up to two bullets. It’s an extremely short-ranged shotgun, only good for holding corners and tight angles so it has limited range but higher damage per second than other shotguns with fast reload speeds which are great at close quarters combat.

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