Is Warframe Cross-Platform?

Warframe was first released in 2013. It is known for its evolving gameplay and graphics. They have a loyal following who enjoy the constant updates and look forward to new content. Cross-play was the only thing that was lacking in this amazing game. This was disappointing for those who wanted to share a gaming session.

Our pleas have been heard by the gaming company. In TennoCon 2021, the game’s parent company, Digital Extremes, announced the integration of cross-play. There you go! This is an enormous update considering how long fans have waited.

The following sections contain all the information you could need about the update and the devices. Continue reading!

Is Warframe Cross-Platform?

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Overview of Warframe

Warframe is an inherently violent game where you must eliminate all your enemies. The story of Tenno is told in the far future. It tells the story about a race that was kept under cryosleep for many decades. Players play the role of members of this race.

They wake up from their suspended sleep to find that they are in a state war with Grineer (another matriarchal-based race); Corpus, a multibillionaire company; Infested with the Tech virus victims and Sentients.  

Tenno allows players to equip themselves with different machines, ammunition, or abilities to defeat their foes. Open-world, you can simply travel wherever you want. The game has a set of story-based levels that players must complete to advance. 

This game is strategy-based and will require you to carefully consider your next move. It is not enough to just get into the missions headfirst and expect to be successful. After the cross-play update, multiplayer gaming will be even more possible. 

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Warframe Cross-Platform


Back in 2019, the creative director of the game deemed this plausibility a ‘high-risk task’ that the company could ever take. Digital Extremes overcame all obstacles and offered Warframe cross platform. You and your friends can play Warframe even if you have different devices. 

Warframe to support cross-save

This question can be answered yes.

The company announced a cross-platform announcement and also spoke of the possibility of adding cross-save. This means that all progress will be saved to the gaming account regardless of platform. It is easy to switch between devices and go back to the same place you were at the last checkpoint. 

People who frequently change their devices will be thrilled to hear this. Now they won’t have to worry about having to start anew with every device change!

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When will Warframe Cross-Platform receive a release?

At this time, it is not clear when the update will be released. We will release it in the middle 2022, if we can be trusted. According to the company’s official statement, they have a strong foothold in the design of cross-play. They would likely work to retouch the update and release it within one year. 

Warframe Cross-Play will work on all devices

Again, the official statement didn’t specifically mention any devices. The report noted ‘all the devices.’ So if Sony, the one company that always has trouble letting the PS users team up with Nintendo and Xbox players, agreed to the cross plate, then all the console and PC devices would make it to the list. 

You don’t have to own a Playstation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, but it doesn’t matter if a friend owns a different device. You can quickly whip your device up to connect with them. We will soon learn how to enable cross-play once the update is released. 

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Does Warframe support Phone gaming?


This piece of news was unexpected. The company also confirmed that the update would allow the game to be used on mobile phones. This suggests that cross-play will be permitted on the new platform. 

Gaming on the mobile will be similar to gaming on consoles and PC. If your phone supports high-end games, you can experience the same intensity as the others. 

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