Zeri Will Be Nerfed – Again

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Riot would seem to be done with continually nerfing Zeri. This is incorrect. Matt “Phroxzon”, Leung-Harrison today confirmed that Zeri would get another nerf for Patch 12.16. Why do they continue to nerf a champion who has a 46% win rate at Solo Queue?

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Zeri’s Performance at Pro Play

With the Regular season finishes in different regionsPlayoffs are almost over and players are getting ready for the Worlds Championship.

Riot Games are Look at which champions perform better than or worse in pro play this season in order to make the game as balanced as possible for the World Championship 2022 It turns out, Zeri is the champion they want to be a part of.

Zeri has been performing exceptionally well this seasonIn particular, LCK And LPL. Let’s have a look at the stats she has from different regions this summer. 


Win Rate

Presence KDA


84.6% 5.8


79.6% 6.6
LEC 54.5% 76.1% 5.1
LCS 56.7% 86.8% 5.4

As you can see Zeri is quite powerful and has over 50% win rate in every major region. Even though the win rate isn’t as high in the LEC, we witnessed the champion’s power during the last week of the regular season, where His team made it to the playoffs thanks to Upset She is with her. Here’s a video of Zeri Upset at work from the LEC Superweek 2022 

Is Zeri a New Ryze?

Zeri’s statistics outside of professional play are interesting. She has a mere 46% win rate on Solo Queue. It’s not surprising considering the number of nerfs that the champion has received since its release. This is evident. This nerf does not apply to Solo Queue but is intended for professional play

This situation isn’t anything new. Ryze, for example, is a champion often seen in pro play but has one of the lowest win rates in Solo Queue because of all the nerfs he has gotten. So basically, Ryze can be difficult to balance in a way that works both for Solo Queue and pro play, and we are now seeing similar patterns with Zeri. 

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Also confirmed was the fact that this nerf was pro-play. Riot’s Phroxzon. On his Twitter, Phroxzon announced that the patch with Zeri’s nerf will be The first The World’s Most Focused Patch It isn’t only Zeri that is targeted in Patch 12.16. Yuumi, Draven and Poppy will also be nerfed. 

Which Nerfs Should We Expect?

Zeri got many nerfs already, so people are starting to wonder if Riot has any more plans for Zeri, without completely ruining his champion. 

According to the Youtuber RyscuRiot August said that Zeri can’t receive any other nerfs and that there aren’t many nerfs available at the moment. Gameplay update. On August 17, however, Riot Phroxzon came out with a more detailed update of the patch notes, which showed no signs of a gameplay update yet. Zeri will instead get a nerf. W AP Ratio, reducing from 60% to 40 percent. Her also available in English Q AD Ratio will drop from 105-125% down to 100-120%.

Is this the end for Zeri in Solo Queue? Or do you think Riot has a plan that will balance Zeri across both Worlds? And Solo Queue?

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