Is COD: Black Ops 3 Cross-Platform? [PC, PS5, Xbox One]

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Video Games are a favorite launch for both kids and adults. More games are being released every day. gaming Cross-generation multiplayer platforms are a great way to enjoy the game with friends from all over the world.

Call of Duty: black ops iii has been a fan-favorite since release with its intense graphics and first-person shooter interface, but players have yet to get an answer to “Is Black Ops 3 cross-platform?”

This blog will provide all the details regarding cross-play for Black Ops 3 on various devices. Grab your seat and have a good read!

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COD: Black Ops 3 Overview

Black Ops 3 Call of Duty: The 12th edition of Call of Duty was released in November 2015. It has the highest-grossing sales of any newly launched game. This makes it one of best first-person shooter games ever. 

The game features a single player and takes place in a future world that is dominated by the US-China Cold War. It is focused on Dimitri (and David Mason) as the key characters. The developers released a variety of downloadable content in 2016 including interactive maps for multiplayer and extra characters and weapons to maintain consistency. 

Treyarch Studios created Black Ops 3 which was published by Activision on Windows and PS4 PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S Series. 

Treyarch was pleased with the release. Black Ops cold warfare quickly became the most-loved edition of COD in gaming. Black Ops 3 cross-platform is still a question that gamers are asking. Gamers use their own game servers to make the game more exciting.

Let’s get to the important part quickly!

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Black Ops III Cross-platform in 2021

Is COD Black Ops 3 Cross-Platform?

Black Ops 3 Cross-Platform may have been expected to receive a positive review, but the game does not mention cross-play on any of the devices. 

You can only play in multiplayer mode with people who have the same device and you. This puts the game in a significant drawback as cross-play has become a crucial part of online games in today’s generation.

Here are some reasons developers decided not to allow Black Ops 3 cross-platform play.

  • To avoid cheating and piracy.
  • Gaming consoles may offer unique features that are not available on other devices.
  • To lower the production costs for the game’s launch on different platforms.

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Cross-platform features offer many benefits to players. However, Black Ops 3 has not had it. One can only wait for the developers to bring the good news.

Black Ops III Cross-Platform Available for PC and PS4

The short answer is “No”. Black Ops 3 is not compatible with cross-platform gaming on PC or PS4, meaning crossplay Black Ops 3 is not available.

If you’re a PC player, this means you can’t queue the game with friends using the PS4 consoles. To enjoy the game together, both parties must try to invest in the same device. 

This is due to the fact that different platforms have different features, which makes it difficult for this feature to be available on all devices. 

Black Ops 3 allows cross-platform play on Xbox One and PC.

Black Ops 3 doesn’t support cross-platform play on Xbox One and PC. Black Ops 3 cannot be played on a PC. However, the multiplayer mode can be used with friends who are using the Xbox One to play Black Ops 3.

You can solve this problem by getting the same phone as your friend, or using the same device you have. This is because of the in-game controls that make cross-play impossible.

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black ops 3

Black Ops 3 allows cross-play between PS4 and Xbox

Black Ops 3 can’t support cross-platform gaming because both consoles run on different networks, provided by their respective controllers and manufacturers. 

It means you cannot play Black Ops 3 together with friends on your PS.

Can I cross-play Black Ops 3 on Xbox One and Xbox X/S for Xbox One?

Yes. Black Ops 3 supports multiplayer cross-gaming between Xbox One or Xbox X/S. This means that black ops 3 crossplay is available for these consoles. The consoles are all manufactured by the same company so it doesn’t matter which one you own. However, the controls and gameplay features of the Xbox remain the same and you can play multiplayer mode with other Xbox owners.

Black Ops 3 allows cross-platform play for PS4 or PS5?

Yes, Black Ops 3 is cross-platform compatible for PS4/PS5. Both consoles are identical, so the controls and network they use remain the same. This allows PS4 and PS5 players to play multiplayer games with other PS4 users.

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Cross-platform gaming has become a popular feature that is mandatory for better fan engagement and gaming experience. 

Black Ops 3 gamers demand that the developers add cross-platform support to their video game.

We hope this blog on “Is Black Ops 3 cross-platform” was worth the read! Thank you for your patience and time.

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