Is the Rogue Company Game Cross-platform?

Rogue Company, a tactical third-person shooting game, was launched by Frist Watch Games in October 2020. It is based on the action approach with light combat styles and features an engaging output. 

The real question is whether Rogue Company Cross-platform. To continue playing and to communicate with their larger gamer community, most players search for cross-play or save features in their games. 

Let’s dig in deep and know from this post if Rogue Company allows Cross-platform support for different devices!

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Rogue Company Cross-Platforms in 2021

Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform?

Yes, Rogue Company Cross-play is possible on all devices, including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One. This allows Rogue Company players to cross-play with their favorite games.

The developers have made the game available on Epic store so that PC gamers can enjoy it with their friends. It is a sustainable game. 

Cross-play is a great feature for Rogue Company. Players can track their progress from any device and access their data. Multiplayer mode can be more enjoyable because both console and PC players can interact easily. 

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Rogue Company Cross-Platforms between PC and PS4

Rogue Company supports crossplay between Windows PCs and PS4 consoles, making multiplayer more enjoyable. 

This means that PC gamers can queue up with PS4 players and play multiplayer with their friends or only with other squads. 

Cross-Platform Support for Xbox and PC by Rogue Company

Yes, Rogue Company supports crossplatform gaming for Xbox and PC. This allows multiplayer gaming to be seamless and compliant between the two platforms. 

PC gamers can easily switch to Xbox consoles without losing their game data. This allows them to compete online with other console and PC gamers for more prominent gaming interactions. 

Cross-gaming between Xbox One and PS4 is allowed by Rogue Company?

You can now play with your friends on Rogue Company using a different console. 

Hi-Rez Studios allows the game to be played on any device, regardless of which one you are using. The game is compatible with both consoles regardless of whether they are running on different networks or using different controllers. However, cross-play is possible on both consoles. 

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Rogue Company Cross-Platforms between Nintendo Switch & PS4/Xbox

Cross-play gaming is possible between Nintendo Switch and PS4/Xbox consoles with Rogue Company. This makes the game easier to use. The game supports multiple devices so that more people can play it without worrying about data loss or device differences. 

Is Rogue Company available to cross-platform Nintendo Switch and PC games?

Yes, there is a cross-play option between PC and Nintendo Switch. 

It allows Switch players as well as PC players to queue together in multiplayer modes so they can play with other players on the same platform. 

How can cross-play be allowed for a Rogue Company?

One can easily access rogue Company’s cross-platform features via the Epic Games store or your Twitch account. 

Follow the below guide to enable this feature in your device.

  • Select the device for which you would like to begin cross-play.
  • Log in to Epic Games.
  • You can see the accounts linked to different games.
  • Choose the primary account where you will keep all of your game data.

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  • Click the + button, and choose Twitch.
  • You can enable Twitch Drop by entering your email ID.
  • Confirm your username. It is available in the Twitch directory.

This will enable cross-platform gaming and saves for your Rogue Company account. 


Cross-platform is an important feature in today’s market. It allows gamers to keep their progress going and share it with friends on other platforms.

Rogue Company’s ability to allow cross-play makes it a fun and sustainable game that players will enjoy. 

We hope this article clarified all the details regarding Rogue Company’s cross-platform feature. We are grateful for your interest!

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