Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform?

Dead by daylight is a heart-stopping and gut-wrenching game that won’t let you put your controller down. Amazing graphics combined with a dark storyline will make you unable to stop playing. Imagine trying to navigate the maze of terrifying killers towards your goal. You will need to be on the lookout for other enemies and keep your back. 

This is no doubt a difficult task. As your hoarse footsteps echo across the ground, you wonder if you could have your friends there with you. It’s a simple idea, but the implementation can be tricky if your friends have different devices. 

We now have the question: Is Dead By Daylight Cross Platform? The answer is yes, with a twist. 

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Dead by Daylight Overview

Dead by Daylight It is a multiplayer, asymmetrical horror game that has been dominating gamers’ hearts for the past five years. The game has a unique premise. One player is a killer and must capture four survivors. These survivors will then be impersonated by the other players. Killers must defeat them before they achieve their goal and depart. 

Although this format of gaming features players from opposite sides, has been copied many times, Dead by daylight is still a favorite. This is also due to the unique gameplay. 

The fact that there are two different modes of gaming simultaneously gives it its unpredictable nature. The four survivors are evaluated on their stealth, teamwork and coordination while the killer is responsible for finding their location and killing them.

The killer and survivors feel tension as they try to stealthily turn on the power generator. While the killer is on the lookout but can’t attack them without a plan, given the numbers.

It is an exhilarating game that won’t let you put it down so easily. You can even grab your friends to join you for a day gaming, since it’s a cross-player game.

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Is Dead by Daylight crossplayable?

Is Dead By Daylight Cross-Platform

Dead by Daylight is an integrated cross-player platform that has been available since last August 13th, 2020. This is great news for veterans, but it is not so good for newbies. There is no reason to wait for connections with other talented people around the world.

The majority of platforms are included in this cross-platform, but some are not. 

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Can Mobile Players Play With PC & Console Players?

Mobile players will have to rely upon strangers if they are to be successful. Mobile streaming is the only platform not included in the cross-platform announcement. 

How to add friends on Dead by Daylight for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

The consoles that crossplay supports include:

  • PS4 & PS5
  • PC (Steam or Microsoft Store).
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X

As you can see, cross-platform play is possible on all platforms, from the older Nintendos and new Xbox consoles to older Nintendos. You can play with your friends if they have consoles.

So how can you make friends cross-playing Dead by Daylight? You might know the answer if you’re a veteran. If not, the following steps will help you.

  • Play the game
  • Change to your Friends list
  • Tap on the Add Friend Icon (+).
  • Manually search for your friends’ DBD ID

This is a one-time process and won’t require connection again. All individual player progress is seamlessly integrated into this system. All the achievements made in a particular play are reflected in cross-play.

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You can chat with your friends and play the game while you are playing. No. The console-only in-game chat function is not supported by the current cross-playing system. However, PC gamers can use the chat that appears both pre-game or post-game. Third-party apps such as Discord are recommended to keep in touch with your friends while you play. 

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