Is Jump Force Cross-Platform?

Playing with friends is the best feeling. This is even more true when you can play video games with your friends, regardless of where they are located. Most large gaming companies strive to create games that are compatible with different platforms. 

Jump Force is a popular game that has been talked about a lot lately. Users have asked if Jump Force can be played across platforms. This article will cover Jump Force compatibility across platforms and whether it can be played cross-platform.

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Jump Force Game Overview

On the 15th, 2019 Jump Force It was initially limited to Windows PC, PlayStation 1, and Xbox One users. In 2020 Jump Force was also compatible with Nintendo Switch. 

Jump Force is a combat-based game. Many players wonder, “is Jump Force cross platform?” The game features different characters from anime shows such as Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece, Izuku From My Hero Academia, and Naruto.

The purpose of the game, like all combat games, is to defeat the opponent. You can achieve it by either finishing the HP meter for all characters or removing them completely from the area.

Certain characters also have additional features. Goku is an example of such a character. He can transform into various forms during matches.

You can play as three characters in a single game. To win, remove the opponent from the game or inflict so much damage that their HP bars are gone.

The graphics of the game are excellent. They are well-designed and provide a pleasant experience. The soundtrack is also enjoyable and pleasant to hear. It is also a distraction that draws players into the games.

Jump Force Cross-Platform to 2021

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform

Jump Force cannot be played with other plates if your consoles are different. It is not a Cross-Platform title. You must have the same version of Jump Force as you to play with another player.

Although this is a sad fact, Jump Force cannot be used in different modes. Is Jump Force cross platform? Unfortunately, it is not.

  • Making a game work across different platforms smoothly is more difficult and takes more time. Programmers therefore concentrate on creating a single, well-built version.
  • Cross-playability costs more than a simple game. Companies hesitate to make these changes.
  • A game that can be played on multiple platforms at the same time makes it easier for hackers to access the game. This can cause serious problems for the game’s players.
  • Keeping track of a player’s progress through multiple devices is extremely difficult. This means that the user’s efforts might go to waste and would be unfair to them.
  • Each device is different so players may experience problems that aren’t present in their version.

Jump Force Cross Platform Support on PC and PS4

Jump Force, as we mentioned previously, is not compatible cross-platform play. This applies equally to PS4 and PC players. Your progress will also be different if you use both consoles.

Is it possible to play Jump Force on both the Xbox and PC?

This is true for both devices. If you are playing on an Xbox, you cannot play with other Xbox users and vice versa. The same goes for progress.

Jump Force Cross-Platform Support for PC and Nintendo Switch

Even though the Nintendo version is the latest, cross-platform play is not supported, including Jump Force crossplay. You can’t play with friends using the PC console if your Nintendo Switch is used for Jump Force cross play.

Jump Force Cross-Platform Support for PS4 and PS5

It is possible, fortunately. Jump Force is a PS4 game that your friend can play with. Jump Force is cross-platform compatible with both consoles.

Jump Force Cross Platform Support on PS4/PS5/Xbox One

Although cross-platform gaming is possible between a PS4 console and a PS5 console, it’s not possible to do so with the Xbox One. You can’t play cross-platform with any of the consoles, even if you own one.


Jump Force’s cross-platform support has been a hot topic. This article examines the question of whether Jump Force can be used cross-platform with various consoles such as Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Jump Force is not compatible with cross-platform play other than between PS4/PS5. We were also disappointed by this, but it was our reason for not making Jump Force cross-platform compatible.

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