Is PUBG cross-platform?

With its growing popularity, gaming has taken control of the majority. The PUBG release was a big success. Bluehole introduced the game and it quickly became the most popular battle royale game in the world.

With such high popularity, it is relevant for players to ask the question, “Is PUBG cross-platform?” Indeed, with the game present on almost all platforms, cross-platform has become a mandatory feature for sustainable gaming.

This article will talk about the cross-platform feature of PUBG so, let’s dig deeper into this information!

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PUBG- Introduction

Bluehole created PlayersUnknown Battleground, an online multiplayer battle royale. The game features 100 players who are dropped onto a large map to gather resources to fight or survive.

The battle royale lets you shoot in the first person or use a third-person camera to see weapons and drive around with vehicles. The main objective of the battle royale is to be last man or squad standing. 

You can also earn cool skins and weapons by upgrading your weaponry and receiving rewards. Ranking games allow you to get better and become the leader of your field.

Let’s now see if cross-platform play is possible. 

Is PUBG able to support cross-platform 2021

Is PUBG Cross-Platform

PUBG does support cross-platform gaming, but it’s specific to some platforms and devices. While the game is designed for friends to play and meet new players on various servers, it doesn’t mean that you can enjoy cross-platform gaming on every device.

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PUBG can be played on PC, mobile, consoles and PC platforms. However it doesn’t allow cross-play between mobiles and consoles. Cross-platform gaming is not possible between consoles and PCs, or mobile and PC. 

Is PUBG cross platform for PC and PS4/PS5

PUBG isn’t cross-platform. This means that players using PUBG on PC cannot queue up with PS4/PS5 console gamers. 

This is due to the fact that the servers on the two platforms are different and each one has its own control. This makes it impossible for the game to be played on both of these devices. 

Is PUBG cross-platform on Xbox One and PC?

No. PUBG is not compatible with Xbox One or PC cross-platform gaming. This means that PC gamers can only play battle royale with their friends who have a PC. Xbox players can play with their friends on the Xbox One. 

Cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC is impossible due to the different servers and operators. 

Does PUBG support cross platform for Android and iOS

Yes. Yes. PUBG supports cross platform gaming between iOS and Android. It allows both iOS and Android users to play multiplayer games together, regardless of their OS. 

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Cross-platform support between iOS and Android has many benefits.

  • Play with friends on any device, no matter what it is
  • The game controls are the same on every mobile device.
  • Cross-progression means that there is no data loss when you change your phone.
  • PUBG has no hardware issues so gamers can enjoy smooth gaming sessions.

Is PUBG compatible with both Xbox One and PS4?

Yes, PUBG can be played on both Xbox One and PS4 consoles. This means that both console players can compete in multiplayer battle royales. This makes the game even more fun to play, as gamers can queue up with friends who might have a different console. 

Cross-platform support for PS4 or Xbox One has many benefits. These are just a few:

  • Console gaming is more fun with a larger group of people.
  • To play with friends, you don’t need to own a different console. 
  • With a greater player pool, matchmaking will be quicker and more accessible.
  • The gaming experience is enhanced when there are more players playing in team mode.
  • There are more players which allows for better mixing between skilled gamers and newer players.

Is there a cross-platform mobile and tablet app?

Because of differences in hardware and software, there is no cross platform feature for Mobile and Xbox. Mobile PUBG players are limited to playing against other mobile gamers, while Xbox players can only queue alongside other console players.

Console players can only play the game together using their mobile devices.

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Are there cross-platform games for Mobile and PS4 that are available?

No. PUBG is not compatible with cross-platform gaming on mobile and PS4. Mobile players can’t play PUBG against PS4 players because their devices run on different networks and servers. 

You have one option if you want to play mobile with your friends. That is, switch to mobile and have a battle royale with your friends. 


Cross-platform gaming is possible with PUBG between different mobiles and available consoles. It makes gaming more fun and engaging to play with friends, but now we know that the game’s only drawback is the incompatibility of cross-platforming for PC.

The game does allow cross-play but it is still limited so it can be enjoyed by players as a battle royale and great for mobile. 

We hope this article clears your doubts of “Is PUBG cross-platform?” and was worth your read!

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