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Sonic Generations was released in 2011 to delight its fans with its fast stages, dynamic gameplay and lots of nostalgic-inducing content.

It is one of Sonic the Hedgehog’s most memorable games. You can play at the same pace as Classic Sonic (a side-scrolling perspective) and Modern Sonic (a third-person perspective).

This bizarre mixture is explained through its plot. Our duplicate heroes are forced to confront an evil force that is wreaking havoc in the space-time continuum. 20 Best Grim Dawn Mods.

Their solution? Run so fast, that time is again in motion.

I don’t know what that is if it isn’t Sonic logic.

These mods will keep the experience fresh even if you have been enjoying this amazing tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog over the years.

14. Boss HedgeMod

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Before we get into the meat, you might be interested in the amazing HedgeMod manager by TheSuperSonic16.

This useful tool, which is also available for Sonic Lost World, Sonic Powers and Sonic Generations, can simplify the process of mod installation.

You can also do it easily via the HMM Watch Weathering With You Online If you need to modify the configuration files of any mods.

There are some websites that offer mod hosting such: GameBananaHMM supports the direct downloading of “1-click” from any browser.

14. Physics Mod for Generations: Adventure: Physics Mod

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My personal favorite is also the first mod here. It aims to restore some of the charm that was lost in the Sonic Adventure series.

This mod was created and maintained by TheKazebladeIt aims to replicate the physics of Sonic Generations Adventure, which allows for better low-speed maneuverability, and more power at higher speeds.

It is a great tool for all Sonic Generations stages, but it’s almost a must-have when you have Adventure period ported maps.

13.  Music that is better

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I love the unlockables.

Sonic Generations includes many classic songs from Sonic’s vast collection of games.

Unfortunately, these songs are often remixed or shortened for reasons that I don’t fully understand.

Yes, remixes can be good. But why is my favorite song only half the original length?

NateSquared’s simple mod will simply trim all songs to the correct length. You can also choose to keep the remixes.

12. High-Res HUD, High-Res

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It can be difficult to modify the Heads-Up Display on a game, especially Sonic Generations. But, this is essential if you are playing at higher resolutions.

JoeTE’s mod takes the HUD’s original resolution and doubles the resolution so it looks great on larger resolutions such as those found on modern TVs and computers.

This could be a small detail. It’s not a significant detail, but you will be looking at it almost every day, so it’s well worth the effort.

11. Generations of Sonic Movies

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Sonic’s is not for everyone. latest live-action film. A lot of discussion was also held about early Sonic prototypes, which were found at the bottom of Uncanny Valley.

Even after all the changes made to the movie, Sonic looks quite special in this movie. You can also bring this Sonic to your Generations game thanks to SonicOnBox.

It not only changes how Sonic appears but also substitutes his lines with those from the movie. Sonic is also “flossed” on his winning screen.

10. Cel Shading Business

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When I was a kid, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker introduced me to cel-shaded graphics.

Since then, I have been enjoying every cel-shaded new game I’ve found.

Modder seems to be the one. Darío agrees. So, he made this small modification that overrides Sonic Generation’s rendering phase to make the final product, you guessed, cel-shaded.

Even if you don’t like cel shading, it still looks great.

If you’ve been playing for awhile, it’s a great way to spice things up.

9. The Universe has a Dynamic White Impact

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The Dynamic white world effect comes from the same author. It is an interesting change that SEGA may have made well before its publication.

Sonic Generation is a story about running fast to bring life, colour and the passing time back to regions that are frozen in time.

This mod simply makes it possible that this shift takes place in real time.

As with the hub setting, levels become colourless and then regain their colour as Sonic approaches.

You should also consider that the game will require some computing power. Expect hiccups if you have to run it at a minimum.

You can also see it moving by taking a look at this video.

8. True Tails

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Tails has not been seen as a playable character in a while.

And UltimateDarkmanThe modder thinks enough is enough.

The Real Tails mod replaces Sonic with Modern Tails. He looks great, and he can also maintain his skills by pressing up the Boost button while in the air.

For this to work, you’ll need to install a Physics Module. It comes with versions of “homing attack allowed“, “homing attack disabled“.

7. True Knuckles

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Sonic’s sidekick cannot be transferred to Sonic Generations.

The Real Knuckles mod is exactly what you’d think: It allows you to enjoy Sonic Generations with the gliding perspective Knuckles.

Since they are included in the main file, there is no need to install additional physics modules. Practical!

6. Sonic Mod Dreamcast

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Sonic has been able to sport many looks over the years.

While some of those might be better off going into darkness (Sonic Boom Sonic), others are made of nostalgic visions.

This simple mod was created by Sonic Adventure. Franku Subtly alters both Generations Sonic versions to make them more Dreamcast-era Sonic.

It also replaces the voice clips of Ryan Drummond for the identical ones from the past.

This one is full of nostalgia.

5. Sonic HD Classic Boost

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If you are happy with the current Sonic as it stands, then you might consider this mod by Showin to enhance the adorable, stubby Classic Sonic.

This mod makes Classic Sonic even more like his official renderings and advertisements. It doesn’t alter his original design, but it does make him even more adorable.

It also modifies his gameplay to make the classic games more faithful to him.

For the lovable classic TailsThere is also a mod that has the same aesthetic changes.

4. Mod Low-End

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I’m always looking to support our less technologically fortunate readers with some performance-enhancing mods, and PTKickass Sonic Generations just what you need.


The Low End Mod eliminates anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to play the game.

It reduces the graphics quality to a point that it almost resembles a PS2 video game.

It does remind me of Sonic Adventure 2: War.

3. Improved FxPipeline

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Skyth, creator of Better FxPipeline mod, does the opposite. It dramatically increases the game’s visual fidelity.

It can not only repair Field Depth or Bloom Glare, so that they work properly on all resolutions; but it also has post-processing effects that impact particles.

The update was released in 2020. It supports FXAA.

It’s not necessary to be a fan of technological mumbo-jumbo.

2. Project STH2006

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 PS3 / XBOX360 /PC game is one of the most controversial franchise titles. There are many dubious choices including a furry love story between Sonic and a human baby.

However, they were not very high.

Sonic Generations founder Brianu is responsible for porting them.

While it’s not perfect, it does have some gimmicks that allow the stages to be faithful to the original. It even has boss battles.

The mod’s final goal is to transform the game into Sonic the Hedgehog (title 2006).

It already offers new hub worlds, such as New Soleanna City The tips of Omochao are replaced with STH2006 quotations, in order to make it a reality over the coming years.

There’s also a nice demo video You can always watch it again before installing it yourself.

1. Sonic Generations: Mission Unleashed

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Sonic Unleashed’s Werehog Sonic might not be the most well-known addition to the franchise.

Its daytime rate is among the highest that the franchise has ever seen.

Sonic Generations is the most loved fan project. Unleashed efforts were made to port these levels from Xbox 360.

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