Hacks To Find Out The Time Wasted On LOL (League of Legends)


League of Legends, which was founded in 2009, celebrated its 11th year anniversary in January 2009. Over the years, the player density in League of Legends has dropped. The game’s popularity and appeal is still strong.

The player cannot keep track of how much time he spends playing the game. A player can only spend around 830 hours a year playing the game. Pensive, a Korean pro-player, is the highest. There are no in-game tools that can determine the amount of time spent on lol.

There are times when players may wonder how much time they’re wasting. There are many ways to find out the number. However, the question is, is the use of the word ‘Wasted’ appropriate? 


Here are some hacks to find out how much time you waste on LOL (League of Legends).

Riot doesn’t allow you to keep track of how much time was wasted. It is difficult to estimate the time manually. How can you get out? We’re here to help. After much research and close observation, we found the best way to get there. These methods have been tested and proven to be 100% reliable. You can try any of the following:

Method 1: Ranked Hours

Although Riot doesn’t give you time for lol in totality you can still access the ranked hours. What are Ranked hours? This is the time you’ve spent in the current season. How do you find them? These are the steps:

  • Navigate to League Of Legends from your device. Open it.
  • Click the profile tab.
  • The screen displays a menu. Find the option ‘stats.’ Open the stats option.
  • Look down to the bottom left corner. You will see the number of hours played. It is only for the current season.

Method 2: wol.gg

This is the perfect solution. Wasted On LOL is an online website that eliminates the need to estimate time for League of Legends. This is a third-party website that covers all servers in the world.

China and the majority of Southeast Asia are exempt. Garena covers Southeast Asia, and QQ covers China. These regions are not the only ones covered by wasted on lol.

Although the website doesn’t give an exact number, it does give the closest digits of the time spent on lol. What is the website’s working principle? It is very easy.

  • You will see a search box to enter your name as soon as you open this website. This is your summoner name in the game. T
  • Next, choose your region.
  • Click on the tab that says, “ how much time I wasted on lol.”
  • You are done! You are done!

The screen provides a detailed overview. It shows how many hours or days you spent playing the game. It also shows your global rankings and regional ranking. 

The time spent on lol is also compared to the amount of reading hours, movies viewed, and kms walked. This gives you an idea of how much time was wasted on lol.

Wol.gg.com offers more than just time-calculating. You can purchase RP from the website if you have a need. You can purchase RP from the website’s directory. The website ranks the top players of the League of legends.

Method 3: Alternate Websites

You may not find your region on the lol website. You can find alternate sites for those who live in areas not covered by this website. 

When it comes to accuracy, these third-party websites don’t compare with wasted on lol. These websites work. Remember, “ something is better than nothing.” You can get a close idea of how much time is wasted on, lol.

Laoyuegou.com can be an alternative website to help you with your work. It works differently from Wasted On LOL. It will not show the total amount of time you spent on the game, but it will list each season.

Calculating the time spent on lol will help you determine how long it took. Multiply both numbers. The resultant digit will be the entire time wasted.

Op.gg is another similar website. This website is not recommended. It only gives you the total number of games played. You can only guess now. It’s a hit-and trial method. 

The average time it takes to finish a game can vary from 30-25 minutes depending on what game you choose. To get wasted time, the player must multiply the number of games played.

Method 4: Mastery points

This is the easiest way to avoid wasting time on lol. This is based on Mastery points. Simply get hold of all mastery points you have. Once you have the total sum, divide it. Divider is 650

Once you’ve completed these steps, it will take you the least amount of time to waste on lol. This is the fastest method of the bunch. It can be used if you are in a hurry.

Is Time wasted?

It is sad to read the word ‘wasted.’ We are perplexed. Time spent by a professional player is an investment. Your time is an investment in the game that will return returns.

The question may be true if you play the game to refresh your mind. League of Legends can be addictive so it is important to keep track of how much time you spend playing the game.


Pensieve (a Korean player) is the winner of the game’s time-wasted at lol standing at 14,402 hour. He has played the game the longest. Faker and other pro-gamers have spent 2,460 hours on this game. If you’re looking to level up honor in Lol You will then need to spend hundreds upon hours.

These digits do sound big. You may feel inadequate after reading this. Quality is more important than quantity. You should be focusing on gameplay and skill development, rather than how many hours you spend on lol.

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