Valorant Skins

Valorant Skins

Cosmetics used in the game to alter the appearance of brokers’ weapons are called Valorant skins. These skins can be purchased from the shop using ‘Valorant Factors.’ Gamers can then improve their skin with ‘Radianite Factors. This will further alter the skin’s pores. These skins can also be found in Valorant’s exclusive Contracts or Battle Passes. Every weapon pores and skin has a unique theme that can be used with up to five weapons.

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Simple methods to receive Valorant Skins

Here are three ways you can get Valorant skins. Valorant maps To fully enjoy recreation, they are essential.

Agent contracts

Gamers who complete an Agent Contract can get agent skins. Tier 10 will allow you to earn these skins.

Battle Passes

Each act features a new battle move and 13 unique skins. Each one will come from 3 pores and 3 skin collections, depending on the act’s battle move theme.


Gamers should immediately purchase weapon skins from the shop. Their costs depend on the weapon’s tier. These skins can be ranked with the Choose version being the lowest and the Unique version being the best.

  • Choose Version – $10 for each individual pores and skin, and $41 for a bundle
  • Version Deluxe – $16 per individual pores and skin, $62 per bundle
  • Premium Version – $23 per individual pores and skin, $82 per bundle
  • Extremely Version $30 per skin or pores per person and $119 for a bundle
  • Unique Version Values may vary

Each skin has its own animations and sounds. Some skins can be modified by gamers to alter their appearance and reactions.

There are many types of Valorant Skins

These are all the different weapons skins that you can get from the shop.

Choose Version

  • Infantry

Available for weapons: ghost, guardian, operator, specter and Ares.

  • Rush

Weapons: Bulldog, choose, phantom and frenzy.

  • Sensation

Available for weapons: Choose, stinger or vandal, frenzy or Odin.

  • Smite 

Weapons available: Choose. phantom, melee traditional, and Odin.

  • Luxe

Weapons are available to vandal, ghost and operator.

  • Prism II

You can get weapons from the following: vandal, sheriff and bucky.

  • Convex

Bulldog, choose, sheriff and operator are all weapons that can be obtained.

  • Galleria

Weapons: Bucky, guardian traditional, marshal and phantom.

Version Deluxe 

  • Avalanche

You can get weapons in traditional, phantom and specter forms.

  • Horizon

You can get weapons from: bulldog, bulldog, bucky, frenzy and bucky.

  • Silvanus 

You can obtain weapons from the following: vandal, sheriff and phantom.

  • Wasteland

You can get weapons from the sheriff, quick and specter as well as marshal, marshal, or vandal.

  • Winter Wonderland

You can obtain weapons from ghost, phantom marshal, melee and vandal.

  • Minima

You can obtain weapons operator, phantom and sheriff, specter and Ares.

  • Sakura

Traditional, sheriff and vandal weapons are available. Stinger and Ares are also available.

  • Aristocrat

Bulldog, sheriff and stinger are all weapons that can be obtained.

  • Prism

You can obtain the following weapons: ghost, phantoms, melee and stingers.

Premium Version 

  • Celestial

Weapons: Choose, frenzy, phantom and melee.

  • Nebula

Weapons: Guardian, phantom and melee, sheriff, or Ares.

  • Prime 2.0

You can get weapons from: Odin, bucky and phantom.

  • Tethered Realms

Obtainable for weapons: guardian, operator, vandal, ghost, and melee, together with Promise & Demise.

  • Valorant Go! Quantity 1

You can obtain the following weapons: guardian, ghost, specter (phantom), guardian, melee and guardian (guardian), and specter (specter).

  • E.G.O

This is a new weapon that evolves. It can be used for ghost, guardian or stinger as well as vandal and melee.

  • G.U.N 

This is a growing category and can be used to make weapons such as bucky or traditional, specter or operator, or melee.

  • Forsaken

This is how the weapons are offered: traditional, vandal and traditional.

  • Ion 

This is a growing category and can be used to make weapons such as bucky or phantom, sheriff or operator, and melee.

  • Magepunk

This evolves, and is offered to bucky and marshal, specter and ghost.

  • Forsaken

This evolution is ongoing and is offered as weapons: traditional operator, vandal traditional, melee, and vandal traditional.

  • Origin

This is how it evolves and can be used to make weapons: vandal, frenzy, operator and melee.

  • Prime 

This evolves and can be used to make weapons: traditional and vandal as well guardian, specter and melee.

  • Reaver 

This evolves and is offered as a weapon: operator, guardian or vandal, sheriff or melee.

  • Sovereign

This evolves and can be used to make weapons: guardian or ghost, stinger, marshal or melee.

  • Spline

This evolves and can be used to make weapons: traditional, operator, phantom and specter.

Extremely Version 

  • Elderflame 

This evolves and can be offered as operator, vandal or melee.

Unique Version 

  • Ruination

You can get this weapon guardian, specter or phantom, ghost, or melee.

  • BlastX 

This is a weapon that evolves, such as phantom and frenzy, specter and melee.

  • Glitchpop

This evolves and can be used to make weapons: choose, frenzy or bulldog, melee, or Odin.

  • Glitchpop 2.0 

These pores and skins evolve and are offered as weapons: vandalized, phantoms, operator, and melee.

  • Sentinels for Mild 

This skin is a result of pores and evolution and can be used to make weapons such as operator, sheriff or melee, vandal or Ares.

  • Singularity 

This pores and skin evolves into weapons: phantoms (specter), sheriffs, melees, and Ares.

Battle Move Skins

Valorant’s annual Battlepass and incomesXP can be used to purchase battle move skins for gamers. The unique skins in these bundles can’t be purchased at the retailer. So get them now before they are gone forever!

Episode 1 

Act 1


Available for weapons: vandal, ghost, choose, and Odin

  • Couture

You can get weapons from the stinger, bulldog or frenzy.

  • Kingdom

Weapons: Bucky, traditional, specter and melee.

Act 2

  • Hivemind

Weapons: ares, specter, shorty and melee.

  • POLYfox

Weapons are available for guardian, bulldog and choose.

  • Crimson Alert

Weapons are available in the following categories: traditional, bucky, operator, and stinger.

Act 3

  • Electroflux

You can get traditional, sheriff, and stinger weapons.

  • Jade

Available for weapons: specter and choose, ghost, and the phantom.

  • Spoil

You can get weapons from marshal, shorty and guardian.

Episode 2

Act 1

  • Aerosol

Available for weapons: Operator, Shorty, Bucky, and Odin.

  • Infinity

Traditional, bulldog and specter weapons are available.

  • Outpost

Weapons: Ghost, Choose, Melee, and Ares.

Act 2

  • Cavalier

You can get weapons from ghost, bucky or stinger.

  • POLYfrog

You can obtain weapons from: sheriff or marshal, specter, or Ares.

  • Prism III

You can get weapons from the following: traditional, melee, or Odin.

Act 3

  • Depths

You can get weapons from ghost, stinger and vandal.

  • Lightwave

Weapons: Frenzy, phantom and sheriff.

  • Songsteel

Weapons are available to guardian, traditional, marshal, traditional and melee.

Episode 3

Act 1

  • Jigsaw 

This evolves into weapons such as ghost, guardian and choose.

  • Ok/TAC

Weapons are available from the operator, sheriff bulldog, vandal and melee.

  • Monarch

You can get weapons from marshal, shorty and frenzy.

Contract Skins

Contract skins are distinct from the rest of Valorant skins because they can only be obtained by earning income XP and completing an Agent’s contract. These skins can be obtained on tier 10 in an Agent’s contract system. The final result is a weapon pores skin and skin that have been altered to symbolise its Agent. It gives you an incredible flex of abilities. The distinctive contract skins are below. Valorant Agent.

  • Astra: Eclipse Ghost
  • Breach: Ragnarocker Frenzy
  • Brimstone: Peacekeeper Sheriff
  • Cypher: Hush Ghost
  • Jett: Sport over Sheriff
  • KAY/O: FIRE/ARM Basis
  • Killjoy: Wunderkind Shorty
  • Omen: Ghost of the Soul Silencer
  • Phoenix: Spitfire Frenzy
  • Raze: Pistolinha Basic
  • Reyna: Vendetta Ghost
  • Sage: Basic information about the remaining chamber
  • Skye: Swooping Frenzy
  • Sova: Protektor Sheriff
  • Viper: Snakebite Shorty
  • Yoru: Demise Want Sheriff

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