Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform?

Electronic Arts released Battlefield 5 on November 20, 2018. It is the 16Th Battlefield 5 is the latest installment in the long-running Battlefield series. It was released on multiple platforms, including PCPC, Xbox One and PS4and. Owing to its huge success, a question arises- “Is Battlefield 5 cross-platform in 2021?”

As of late, cross-platform features have become an integral part of the game development industry. Different platforms have different player bases so cross-platform options are crucial.

This article will answer all your questions about “Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform?”

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Battlefield 5 Introduction

Battlefield 5 features a campaign mode and multiplayer FPS games. It was developed by DICE and published in 2018 by Electronic Arts. The game is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, PS5 and Xbox One. The Battlefield multiplayer mode offers a wide range of game modes, with 64 players per map.

It has many features and mechanics that make the game a popular game among its community. Campaign mode is unique in that it features stealth gameplay mechanics, which gives the game an original feel.

It remains to be seen if Battlefield 5 crosses-platform. Let’s find out!

Battlefield 5 Will Support Cross-Platforms in 2021

Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform

Battlefield 5 does NOT support cross-platform playing. All Battlefield players that want to play multiplayer games on different platforms with their friends will be disappointed by this news.

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But there’s a reason. EA DICE cites a few reasons for their decision.

  •         Different platforms are more powerful than others. This can lead to one platform having an unfair advantage over another.
  •         DICE wants everyone, regardless of platform, to enjoy fair gaming.
  •         It also goes against everything they are trying to achieve with the game.

Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform PC & Xbox

Unfortunately, no. Battlefield 5 cannot be played with PC players by Xbox One users. This is a disappointing news for anyone who wanted to play an online multiplayer game with a friend. It is possible to wait for an update that will enable cross-platform play between Xbox and PC.

Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform PC & PS4:

Battlefield 5 cannot be played on both the PS4 and PC. Players on PC cannot play Battlefield 5 with friends using the PS4 console. Players from both communities are sorely missing this feature and cannot do anything but wait for a cross platform update in the future.

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Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform PS4 & Xbox One

The game is not compatible with Xbox One and PS4 on both platforms. The game does not allow for multiplayer play between players from different platforms. You can either wait for an update that allows cross-platform play, or buy the same console to play.

Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform PS5/Xbox One

Unfortunately, cross-platform play between PS5 & Xbox One is not possible. The game is difficult to play with friends across platforms even though it has a large playerbase. To play the game with your friend, you will need to wait or buy the exact same console.


Cross-platform support is not available in the game. It is a much-needed feature in the game. This feature has been increasingly important in the industry of game development. 

We hope this article delivers you all the information regarding “Is Battlefield 5 cross-platform?” and thank you for your patience!

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