Brawhlhalla Tier List (2022): The Complete Tier List

Blue Mammoth game Brawhlhalla released the 2D free game in 2014 with this idea. It can be played online and offline, which is one advantage of this game. This one is different from other fantasy-based games in that it involves completely eliminating your enemy. 

Legends are the characters in this game. Each Legend has a unique personality and skill. But, they may all be better than others. This has led to a growing competition between legends. 

The task of choosing the right legend to represent your team can be quite difficult. Many of the players to the left are stuck trying to choose the Legend who has the best skills for their game. We’ve done the hard work for you. This article is about the Brawhlhalla Tier List. 

We have broken down the legends into tiers starting with S and ending with D. The S stands to be the strongest and most powerful Legends. D is the least. Each legend’s skills will be described in detail. You can read the following to find the best legend for you. 

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1. S Tier 

These are the greatest legends. Their ability to defeat any enemy in any game mode is unquestionable. This group will be your victory lane. Which tier are you in? Let’s find out.


Thor must be known. He is the great god of thunder. The Legend is one the most loved and popular Legends in the game. The Legend is a combination of strength and defensive skills. The star hammer is his weapon. With just one hit, you can take down any enemy. 


The Legend is a strong female. It’s a mix of a bear, a shark. She is not only a symbol of strength but also has brains. One of my favorite parts about this Legend is how she used her brains and outsmarted any animal that came in her path. 


The Legend is the right legend for you if you are looking for a legend for close combat arenas. It uses offensive techniques and not defensive. His weapons include swords, bows, and even arrows. Each weapon can be used for close-range combat. 


Legend is one of the most powerful characters in the game. Open study tools include an axe or hammer. You can pray with your attacking skills or you can go to him. 


Legend’s female counterpart is well-known for her defense skills. Canon blasts are her weapon. She can crush any enemy. No enemy can stand before this strong, ductile legend. Her appearance is just as strong as her abilities. 

2. A Tier 

Although the group is comparable, it cannot match their quality. These legends are powerful. Their ability to lead you to victory is not to be doubted. Take a look around at this group of players.


The Legend also uses hammers. Legendary for close combat. There are two functions to the hammer. The first is to trust your enemy and bring them closer. Hammer can be used to pull an enemy in close combat, in which he is killed. 


Legend uses hammers and swords. You can give him dual power for both the close and distant combat. The hammers are for the distant combats, while the sword is for close ones. The sword is his favorite of both. 


The legend can be compared with any character in the s gang. She is as powerful and skilled as the others. Dolly likes speed. That is why she is in this group. 


He is well-known for his synergistic use of both weapons. As a team, we can use his bow and his axe together. Although he may sound incredible, there’s a reason he’s in the group. His speed is just as impressive as the rest of the players. 


The majority of the legendary characters in the game have weapons. This exception is rare. Raymond considers the axe his only weapon and The Other his only weapon. Raymond is a speed expert, which is something that sets him apart from the rest of his group. It is a perfect combination of speed, strength, flexibility and speed. 

3. B Tier 

This tier is an average one. This is the line that separates the best and worst levels of the game. They are moderate players. You shouldn’t expect too many or too few from them. Let’s take an in-depth look at this group’s players. 


A superhuman sportsman, with both strength and speed. He was originally created to be a weapon for the game. But he grew consciousness. He is lacking in attacking skills. It is therefore in the B group. 


Diana is a trained master. This is way too exotic. She must be aware of how deadly she is, despite her magic power. She is still unable to be. She uses the weapon bow and arrow, and the blasters. The speedy Legend is only weak in strength which is why she is at the B Tier. 


Legend, a male robot, was gifted to it to give the game a modern twist. Vector is exactly the same. He is proficient in bow and arrow foreclosure fighting, but his specialty is the weapon rocket lance. Science and culture go hand together. 


The Legend is a magician. Her gaming style is completely new. And what legends were she using? She is a witch and uses magic. Despite her magical abilities, she is a very average player. 

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4. C Tier 

The worst players can be started from here. These players can then be ranked as either the worst or second-worst. These are hard to win with. Take a look at these players:


Legend is a thief of origin. This Legend’s destructive abilities are so severe that even the B-tier player cannot stand them. The Legend is fragile and cannot be trusted for survival. 


If you are looking to be aggressive, he is the right choice. Strong strength and endurance Unbreakable She can defeat any enemy if she is put to the test. She is the last category of legend because of her least-valuable defensive skills. 


Legend even uses guns. Legend has exceptional speed, which is one of the best things about her. She lacks in skills and tactics like strength and attack. 

5. D Tier 

The worst tier is the last. You should not take the legends of this group into your team unless you have the option. They are not the most helpful and will prove to be the weakest point of your team in a long Run. Let’s take a look at them.


She is below average and one the worst legends. However, she loves animals and has all the skills necessary to be a successful player in the game. She is not likely to show the attacking and damaging skills. Do not try to include her in your team. 

Sir Roland

Roland has good defensive skills. This is his best. This isn’t the same as the legends from the C group. If you pick them, don’t do it. 

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Closing Thoughts

This was our interpretation of the Brawhlhalla Tier List. These Legends had clearly and carefully observed the list before we included them in it. We hope you find this useful. Use the above list to help you choose the right team. 

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