Guardian Tales Tier List 2022

Kakao Games launched Guardian Tales in 2020. This game gained a lot of popularity quickly. The game can be played single- or multiplayer. You can play the game online with thousands of people around the globe. 

The Knight is the focus of the story. This knight is part of the Royal Guard in Kanterbury Kingdom. The game requires the player to defeat many enemies in order to win. The knight, the princes and the enemies are the story. There are many heroes and characters involved in this game. Each character has its own characteristics. While it would be unfair to compare heroes of the game, we can attempt to rank them according to their capabilities. 

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The following article will show you how to divide the characters in tears into S, D, and s. Their power will decrease as they reach the D level. There are several classes of heroes. They are also separated according to their hero class. You can read this article to learn how to choose the best characters to play if you wish. 

Guardian Tales Tier List 

1. S Tier 

The S tier characters are of the highest quality. The strongest characters will be found in this tier. You can trust them until the end of the adventure, and they are capable of taking down any enemy. Excel is always there, no matter what mode you are playing in. If you have the means to afford it, it is a good idea to get S Tier characters. What are the tier’s occupants? Let’s take a look at the following:

Character  Classes 
Future princess Tank
Oghma Tank 
Gabriel  Support character 
Noxia Support Character 
Bari Ranger
Garam Ranger 
Nari Ranger
Beth Warrior 
Future Knight  Warrior 
Lynn Warrior 

2. A Tier 

A Tier characters are second to those of the S-tiered. While they may not be as skilled as the S-tiered characters, you can still trust them to make the journey to the end. Below are the A Tier heroes.

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Character  Classes 
Alef Warrior
Eugene Warrior 
Orca Warrior 
Lapice Warrior 
Lahn Warrior
Bianca Ranger 
Catherine  Ranger 
Rachel  Ranger 
Tinia Ranger
Adoba Support character 
Veronica  Support Character 
Miya Support character 
Eva Support character 
Mayre Support Character 
Idol Captain Support character 
Craig Tank 
Marina Tank
Rue Warrior 
Lupina Warrior 

3. B Tier 

They can be called middle class. They are not great. They are not necessarily bad. They can be anywhere in between. Although they might not seem to be of much assistance, you can still rely on them to provide a buffering zone. Although they might not be the best, they are still capable of working. Below are the characters from B Tier.

Character  Classes 
Akayuki Warrior 
Plitvice Warrior 
Shapira Warrior 
Fei/Mei Warrior 
Coco  Ranger 
Gremory Ranger
Rie Ranger 
Sohee Ranger
Arabelle Ranger 
Aisha Support Character 
Eleanor  Support Character 
Karina Support Character 
Ranpang Tank
Hekate Ranger 
MK. 2 Ranger 

4. C Tier 

Tier is the lowest tier. Here you won’t find any ok players. They can be considered a “passage”. If possible, avoid them. If you are given a choice between D or C, always wear C Tier characters. Below are the characters in C. 

Character  Classes 
Lavi Tank
Favi Support Character 
Dolf Ranger
Eva Ranger 
Girgas Ranger 
Amy  Warrior 
Marvin Warrior 
Neva Warrior 
Yuze Warrior 

5. D Tier 

With the hero from this tier, you can’t expect to reach the end of the game. These are the worst performers in the game. These characters are the worst. You can’t trust them to survive and you shouldn’t invest in them. They are useless for anything, but they will not be of any assistance to you. Take a look at the details to see how you can avoid them, if given the chance.

Character  Classes 
Knight  Warrior 
White Beast  Warrior 
Lorraine  Support Character 

Can You Create A New Account? 

Guardian tales allows players to Re-enroll. Most Gacha games don’t allow this. The following steps will allow you to delete your account and create another one:

  • You must first create a guest account to play the game. 
  • You will still need to go to main menu to access the settings. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a small cog. To access the settings, click on it. 
  • Navigate to Account Settings 
  • The delete account option is located at the bottom. 
  • When asked, confirm that the deletion was done. 
  • After the process has completed, close your device and then restart it. 
  • This will allow you to start the game over. 

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Final Talk 

Guardian Tales is evolving as a game. It is crucial to get to know its characters. It will be easier to develop as a player in Guardian Tales if you have a good understanding of the characters and when they are helpful. We are glad that you found this article useful.

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