Idle Heroes Tier List 2022

DroidHang Games released Idle Heroes in 2016. It is an RPG game with effects that can be seen by Asians. 

The game has a turn-based storyline where the player controls six Factions. These factions can be classified into different classes, and have stars based on their skills. Four indicators show the character’s life expectancy in the game: health, attack, armor, speed. 

IDLE Heroes Tier List

The game has about 200 characters, each with a different class and tier. When you need to choose six characters from 200, this is the problem. As you climb up the ranks, you need to ensure your team becomes stronger. 

Each character in your team should be an asset. How do you choose the right character to join your team? We are here for you. Below is a list listing all characters in the game, sorted by their ability to play the game. Each class has been explained and the best parts of each nature have been included for your reference. It will assist you in your game. 

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Classes in The Idle Heroes 

There are several classes in Idle Heroes. Each class has a unique skill set. Each character in the same group is specialized in normal skills. 

Wearer should mention a few of the Idle Heroes classes, as well as the best heroes in each category.


The most beloved characters in the game are Attackers. They even surpass Tanks in popularity. Attackers, as their name implies, are known for their active gameplay that uses attacking as the primary pillar. They believe in active gameplay and not defensive gameplay. 

Attackers keep the unit safe and are always ahead of their team. A few Attackers are a good idea to have in your Idle Heroes team. Which Attackers are the best? Below are some:


Abyss Faction’s character is well-known for his devastating skills and exceptional stats. This basic skill allows him to manage damage from multiple sources simultaneously. His energy skill increases his abilities by attacking four enemy groups at once. Ray Of Delacium refers to this active skill.

Delaciums can be multiplied to make your team stronger. Three Delaciums can be deadly to the enemy.

Scarlet Queen Halora

Transcendence is the queen. She is a skilled warrior who can damage enemies and help her team. Crimson Abyss is the active skill of Crimson Abyss. This talent is said be able to bleed the enemy.

The active skill is supplemented by the passive skill of Queen’s Edict. This power can reduce damage from the enemy. The passive skill of self-healing is also available to her. This talent is known as Ultimate Queenship.


Another star among the Attackers. Her magical powers are a hallmark of her faction, Dark. She is not only a fighter against the enemy, but she also ensures that their power is subdued. This power is known as the Devouring Mark. 

Because she has Darkness Befalls power, this character will provide support for you for a long time. This power can increase her immunity and make it more likely that she will survive. 

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Support Heroes 

These are better known as the buffer zones. These people are not skilled in attacking or defending, but they support them.

They are able to heal and help others. If they are supported by strong heroes, they can be a valuable asset to your team. Who are your strong support heroes These are the most powerful support heroes.

Amen- Ra

She is the greatest hero of the whole game. Dark Faction she is. She combines two of her abilities, which makes her powerful enough to defeat the enemy. 

She not only causes damage to the enemy, but also stops them from using their power for two rounds. This skill is a lifesaver or game-changer. 

Her passive skill also includes a healing charm. This will make the enemy 2x more dangerous than he is right now and instead of healing him. 

Heart Watcher 

She is an Assassin by Faction and can increase the damage output of the team. She is thus one of the greatest Support Heroes in the series. 

At least one Heart Watcher can be found in every team of top players. She is also a healer and can heal you up 280%.


Her Light Faction status means she is one of the most powerful Support heroes in terms of healing power. This skill is known as the Sanctity Will. This power can pay for health up to three of its teammates. 

She not only attacks enemies but also multiplies damage output by 400%. The Holylight Sparkle skill is a way to help the allies while also destroying the enemy. 

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Tank Heroes

They serve as the absorbers of the team. They are the ones who take on as much damage as they can for their team. They will make improvements to the various systems within the group. What tank is the most efficient? Let’s have a look.


Garud, a member of the forest faction can take a lot damage. She uses her feathers as a buffer zone to protect the allies and enemies. She is able to create the weather when she steps into enemy territory using her power feather braid. 


Tara can provide passive skills in any way they wish. To stop the enemy from using their power, Tara uses an active skill seal or light and a passive skill seal or fluctuation of light. 

A player can be a valuable asset for the longer Run. 


She uses her power to stop the enemy’s defensive tactics. This power is called a “burning counterattack”. 

In addition to providing defense capabilities, she also damages enemy. This is known as flame bombardment. She can do additional damage to an already damaged enemy. 

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Idle Heroes Tier List 

We have divided the heroes into tiers to make it easier for you to choose the best. The heroes will be listed from the highest to the lowest levels. It is impossible to list them all. We have only listed the most popular.

S Tier

The highest of all tiers. This list contains the most talented heroes. They are capable of taking down any enemy. They should be included in your team as often as possible. They can also be divided into S+ and S. S+ stands for heroes that excel and S falls lower in the same rank. Let’s have a closer look:

Name Tier Description
Scarlet Queen S+ The hero can be considered an all-rounder. She can excel in all modes. She is the best member of the team.
Fairy Queen Vesa S She is a complete package. She is an attacker and healer.
Sword Fish Xia S+ She is among the most effective damage absorbers. She is available in all game modes but she’s most effective in Seal Land 25.
Star Wing Jahra S She can be the most reliable shield your team has. She can also take control of an entire team if necessary.
Eloise S This hero is there to support you every step of the way. She shines in solo seal mode.
Asmodel The Dauntless S The hero is the best damage-control dealer on the list.
Ithaqua S Another notable damage dealer on the list. She is trustworthy from the beginning until the end. 
Drake  S In recent times, the hero has been adding value to himself. The amount of damage done is extraordinary. 

A Tier 

This tier is considered the “above-average” tier. This year’s heroes are capable of performing well in the game, but not as much as the S Tier. These are great players who can be a valuable asset to your team. Take a look at this list. 

Name  Tier  Description 
Tix A During the initial stages of the game, the hero performs admirably. Although it has been able to reduce the damage done to the enemy in recent years, it can still be a great character during the first stages. 
Russel A An all-rounder Hero who can assist you in every step of the way. 
Andrea A+ The hero is a valuable addition to the team. He has powerful healing abilities and keen targeting skills. 
Rogan A+ Viber is available in all game modes. Robin is an amazing support Hero
Carrie  A+ She is a strong supporter, with great energy and weather skills.
Penny  A Her impressive damage makes her one of the most valuable players in the early stages.
Aida A While she is a strong player in Aspen’s mood, she cannot be a great player on the team in other modes.
Amen Ra A+ Amen is a great player in the whole series of idle heroes. He has the perfect combination of healing and matter powers.

B Tier

The tier is average. The player’s hair performed mediocrely. They can be considered neutral-powered but not great. However, they are more powerful than the C and D Tier players.

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Name TIER  Description 
Saja B Only the first half of the play is he capable. 
Fiona B A  good support Hero but has lost her shielding powers in recent times.
Inosuke B Despite her ability to cause great damage, it is very difficult for her to survive without significant shielding abilities. 
Garuda  B Garud can be an asset for the team with amazing shielding powers during the game’s first stage. 
Aspen B She is an excellent player until the middle of the match. 
Horus B Is more effective at tanking and damage dealing, but can’t be trusted until the very end.

C Tier 

The heroes of this year are very low-performing. You can’t trust them, even in the middle of the game. It is imperative that you get rid as soon as possible. 

Name  Tier Description
Phorcys C+ It can be used as a buffer, but it cannot be used in combat. 
Morax C+ The player can be trusted in certain modes of play, but not all. 
Xia C The player doesn’t have any skills that could be considered a skill. She is a character below average.
Belrain C It is only useful in certain parts of the game and not for buffering. 
Gloria  C A poor player that should be added to the team. 
Elyvia C You can use her powers, such as aura, at any part of the game. 

D Tier

This is the lowest level of the game. This is where you will find the worst players. If you want to be a good player in the game, they must not be in your team. You should avoid these characters whenever possible. 

Name tier Description
Gustin D+ can be a great help in removing buffers. He is a valuable support player. 
Faith Blade D Although this character can win you the Aspen Model, it has a low survival rate.
Orkirimaru D+ This may make it unwise to invest in this character. 
Nakia D The character has a tendency to cause harm and is therefore a poor performer. 
Unimax 3000 D Support players cannot expect much from box average.

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It’s all about the idle heroes tier. Based on our observations and recommendations, the list above has been created. These are also the best tank heroes for attackers. We hope we have been able to help you choose the right heroes for your squad. 

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