Epic Seven Tier List Nov 2021

Are you into Gacha gaming? The game uses a turn-based combat system and the player is the heir. The heir summons heroes, who can be mythological, historical, or other characters. Epic Seven is a Gatch gaming favorite.

There is good news if you are an anime lover. This 2D game comes free on android/ios. The characters and graphics are inspired by anime. The game begins with the player being the master, and then there are four servants.

epic 7 tier list

The heroes can be traded, bought, sold and traded during the game. Once you have learned how to switch heroes, it is important to understand that each character has a ranking. We’ve compiled a tier list to help you filter out the best.

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Why are we able to classify characters into Tiers

There are more than 200 characters in the game. There are many classes and styles that can be used to group the characters. Each character differs in their skills and power. You must join the heroes who are able to make it to the end to continue in-game.

Knowing where each character ranks makes it easier to make a decision. It becomes crucial for your game plan to see the characters’ strengths, weaknesses, and feasibility. Which one to sell, and which one you should buy.

We are available to help you. The list ranks the heroes after careful analysis of the servants. It is called the Epic Seven Tier List. For your reference, the list is provided below. The list will be updated as soon as we add a character. Keep an eye on this list to ensure you stay connected with the game.

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Epic Seven Tier List

The following tiers have been assigned to the heroes:

S Tier

This level boasts the strongest heroes of all tiers. The majority of heroes are starred 5. They can be an asset to your group. This tier can help you reach your goals by showing continuous growth and demonstrating a high skill set. 

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Hero Classes Star
Karu Knight 5
Martial artist Ken Warrior 5
Yufine Warrior 5
Auxiliary Lots Mages 4
Specter Tenebria Mages 5
Vivian Mages 5
Luluca Mages 5
Landy Rangers 5
Iseria Ranger 5


Seaside Bellona Ranger 5
Ruele Of Light Soul Weaver 5
Roana Soul Weaver 5
Vildred, Arbiter Thief 5
Vildred Thief 5
Auxiliary of Lots Mages 5
Artist Ken Warrior 5

A Tier

The heroes at this level are just like the S-tier in stats. You can also find 3-star heroes here, unlike the S tier. These heroes have skills that are similar to those of the S-level heroes, so they can also be great additions to your team.

Hero Classes Star
Tywin Knight 5
Adventure Ras Knight 3
Charles Knight 5
Crimson Knight 4
Armin Knight 5
Fallen Cecilia Knight 5
Lilias Knight 5
Sigret Warrior 5
Judge Kise Warrior 5
Ravi Warrior 5
Sol Badguy Warrior 5
Little Queen Charlotte Warrior 5
Alencia  Warrior 5
Ken Warrior 5
Cermia Warrior 5
Straze Warrior 5
Silver Blade Aramnitha Mages 5
Basar Mages 5
Challenger Mages 4


Dominiel Mages 4
Top Model Luluca Magie 5
Dizzy Mages 5
Melissa Magie 5
Tenebria Mages 5
Briar Witch Iseria Ranger 5
Bellona Ranger 5
Flan Ranger 5
Angelic Montmorancy Weaver 3
Angelica Weaver 4
Tamarinne Weaver 5


Achates Weaver 4
Blaze Dingo Weaver 5
Maid Chloe  Weaver 5
Ray Weaver 5
Shooting Star Achates Weaver 4
Kise Theif 5
Violet Thief 5
Sez Thief 5
Celine Thief 5

B Tier

This level includes above-average heroes. Their competence is unquestionable. With them, you can make it to the end. You may have to push yourself a bit harder. They are still a valuable part of your team.

Hero Classes Star
Falconer Kluri Knight 3
Last Rider Krau Knight 5
Rose Knight 4
Shadow Rose Knight 4
Charlotte Knight 5
Fighter Maya Knight 4
Apocalypse Ravi Warrior 5
Kitty Clarissa Warrior 4
Assassin Cartuja Warrior 4
Mercenary Warrior 3
Helga Warrior 5
Luna Warrior 5
Rem Warrior 5
Clestial mecedes Mages 4
Kawerik Mages 5
Aramintha Magie 5
Baal and Sezan Mages 5
Fairytale Tenebria Mages 5
Researcher Carrot Magie 3


Ludwig Mages 5
Zealot Carmainerose Mages 3
Champion Zerato Mages 4
Cerise Ranger 5
Lidica Ranger 5
Leo Ranger 4
Wanda, All-rounder Wanda Ranger 3
Operator Sigret Ranger 5
Watcher Zuri Ranger 4
Destina Diene Soul Weaver 5
Mascot Hazel Soul Weaver 5
Rin Soul Weaver 4
Blood Moon Haste Soul Weaver 5
Many Soul Weaver 4
Magic Scholar Doris Soul Weaver 3


Baiken Thief 5
Remnant Violet Thief 5
Ervalen Thief 4
Tempest Surin Thief 4
Mirsa  Thief 3

C Tier

This tier’s heroes are average. They can only help you in certain situations, and they don’t have any superpowers. They are capable of supporting you in certain situations, but not until the very beginning.

Hero Classes Star
Ambitious Tywin Knight 5
Cecilia Knight 5
Mort Knight 5
Armin Knight 4
Chaos Inquisitor Knight 3
Crozet Knight 4
Ras Knight 5
Ilynav Knight 5
Senya Knight 5
Dingo  Warrior 3
Free Spirit Tiera Warrior 4
Holiday Yufine Warrior 4
Inferno Khawazu Warrior 5
Lilibet  Warrior 4
Commander Lorina Warrior 5
General Purrgis Warrior 3
Clarrisa Warrior 4
Dark Corvus Warrior 4
Ilryos Axe Warrior 5


Designer Lilibet Warrior 5
Choux Warrior 5
Lorina Warrior 5
Mui Warrior 5
Batisse Warrior 3
Captain Rikoris Warrior 3
Mercedes Mages 4
Ram Angelica Mages 5
Snow Mages 3
Carmainerose Mages 5
Guider Aither Magie 5
Zeno Mages 5
Angel Of Light Mages 5
Gloomyrain Mages 4
Solitaria Of The Snow Mages 3
Romann Mages 3
Elphelt Valentine Ranger 4
Cleste Ranger 5
Furious Schuri Ranger 5
Silk Ranger 5


yuna Ranger 4
Faithless Lidica Ranger 5
Pavel Ranger 4
Elena  Soul Weaver 3
Sinful Angelica Soul Weaver 5
Emilia Soul Weaver 5
Sonia Soul Weaver 5
Kizuna Soul Weaver 5
Ainos Soul Weaver 5
Ai Soul Weaver 5
Cidd Thief 4
Righteous Theif-Roozid Thief 4
Coli  Thief 5
Ran Thief 4
Khawana Thief 5

D Tier

They are not equal in their abilities and skills. They are only viable for the first part of the journey. They can’t be taken far. Trade them whenever you have the chance.

Hero Classes Star
Itan Ranger 3
Godmother Ranger 3
Nemunas Ranger 4
Rima Ranger 3
Kiris Ranger 4
Muse Rima Ranger 3
Eaton Knights 3
Kikirat V2 Knights 4
Bask Knights 3
Maya Knights 3
Pyllis Knights 4
Kluri Knights 3
Helen Knights 4
Mucacha Warrior 3
Chaos Sect Axe Warrior 3
Helga Warrior 3
Azalea Warrior 4
Ains Warrior 4
Purrgis Warrior 3


Hurado Mages 3
Eda Mages 5
Archdemon’s Shadow Mages 5
Otillie Mages 3
Adlay Mages 3
Jena Mages 3
Pearlhorizon Mages 3
Hazel Soul Weaver 3
Doris Soul Weaver 3
Elson Soul Weaver 3


Alexa Thief 3
Sven Thief 4
Haste Thief 3
Judith Thief 3
Roozid Thief 3

Final words

As you move up from tier D to S, the number heroes with five stars decreases. The more skilled the hero is, the harder it will be to find him. To win, you must always strive to find the best heroes for your team.

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