Is Madden 21 Cross-Platform?

Madden 21 has been a highly anticipated game in 2021. It is almost a reality for all football fans. Madden has already created a niche amongst football fans. The latest version promises to be even better and more realistic with stunning graphics and visuals and realistic gameplay. Fans wonder if we will ever see cross-play with all these new features in-game.

Cross-platform gaming is still a rare feature in Madden, despite its popularity among players on all platforms. Madden NFL Cross-Platform was what the fans hoped for with the new version. So, has EA Tiburon, the game’s parent company, listened to all these pleas and given us cross-platform gaming?

Madden 21

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Madden 21- Overview

Madden 21 is a top-rated online football game. Fans love it for its great gameplay, graphics and animations. Once you get playing, you won’t be able to stop! It has all your favorite teams and you can even play with your idols. 

There are many game modes to choose from, so you can pick the one that interests you. Each mode has its own unique characteristics that give you a different experience. You can play it on any gaming platform, so you don’t have to worry about what device you might be using. 

This game is still far from perfect due to the absence of cross-platform gaming. We’re crossing our fingers that this feature is soon added to the game.

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Is Madden 21 Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, the wait seems longer. Madden NFL 21 is not compatible with cross-platform play. This implies that if you and your friends buy different platform versions of this game, then you won’t be able to play together. The same applies to changing your platform mid-game. All your progress will be lost. 

To fans’ disappointment, the company confirmed that the new version, too, would lack this feature at the time of release itself. This is a missed opportunity for fans who want to play this game with their friends. 

But we need to understand where the company’s decision comes from. It is influenced by many factors:

  • Because all platforms work on different servers, cross-platform changes would need to be possible in all base codes. This is not an easy task. This is an expensive expense that the company may not be ready to pay yet. 
  • Another reason could be the disadvantages that certain platforms may face. Some consoles come with special buttons and features that can boost their performance. This feature is not available for PC or mobile gamers, so cross-platform gaming could be a problem. 

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Madden 21 Cross-Platform PC & Xbox One

Madden 21 has not yet announced that Cross-Platform will be available on Xbox One and PC. You would not be able to play with your friend if you had one of the platforms. The only pool at the moment is that of your fellow players. 

We might see it appear in the future, but it seems a bit bleak due to the company’s moral reason to avoid any misdeeds. 

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Madden 21 Cross Platform PC and PS4

PC and PS4, too, aren’t allowed to cross-platform in Madden 21. Well, first, it is because the two have system environments that aren’t compatible with each other and would clash if the feature gets enabled. It’s almost impossible to reach an equal playing field between these two. 

The difference in hardware and responsiveness is next. The keyboard and mouse are used on a PC, while the controller is used by PS4. The systems have been optimized to match their hardware. The same software could be installed in both. This would make them feel out of place. 

Madden 21 Cross-Platform PS4 & Xbox One

These two consoles did not support cross play at the time this article was written. The idea behind them both is the same but each console has its own unique system. Each parent company tries to outdo the other by adding specific features. They produce completely different gaming software. 

Madden NFL 21’s Madden NFL 21 pits Xbox One and PS4 together is impossible. 

Madden 21 Cross-Platform PS4 & PS5

Madden 21 currently does not support cross-gen gaming. Although they are part of the same company, their features are exclusive to them. These apparent differences make cross-platform gaming difficult. 

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Madden 21 Cross-Platform Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Cross-gen gaming is not supported in Madden 21, as mentioned in the previous section. Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S don’t support cross-platform gaming. 

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