Is NBA 2K21 Cross-Platform?

NBA 2k21 was the game that generated the most excitement among gamers. The game was a huge success and people were eager to play it. The fact that the game incorporated all our favorite players didn’t hurt as well. 

With its stunning graphics and 3D gameplay, it feels as though you are actually playing in a real game. It features all the NBA teams, so you can feel like you’re playing with your favorite players! What could be better than playing with friends? It’s impossible to think of anything.

What if your friends use different platforms? You could still play together, but it would be difficult. What about NBA 2k21? Is it cross-platform? These questions are answered in our next sub-sections. Scroll on!

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Is NBA 2K21 cross-platform?

Is NBA 2K21 Cross-Platform

No. NBA 2k21 cannot be played on multiple platforms. This news was expected by many veterans gamers who hoped for the best but kept their fingers crossed in case it happened. If you’re new to the game, you might be surprised to find that it doesn’t support cross-platform. This feature was absent in all previous versions. 

It does, however, support cross-gen gaming. This means that you can play with your consoles, even if they are from different companies. 

Another way to circumvent this issue is by creating accounts in Epic Games Store and Steam. This feature is available only to PC players. If you have an Epic Games Store and a Steam account, you can play NBA 2k21 with your friend. 

Unfortunately, console gamers are not able to benefit from this loophole. If you have different gaming platforms than your friends, it’s impossible to play together.  

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NBA 2K21 Cross Platform Xbox One and PS4

NBA 2k21 doesn’t support cross-platform gaming between Xbox One & PS4. This is because the game’s developers made it this way. Each platform has its own unique architecture, each one tailored to its needs. It is simply impossible to cross the platforms as it won’t even work. 

You will lose all data if your platforms are switched. This is because synced data cannot be transferred between platforms. 

NBA 2K21 Cross-Platform Xbox One and PC

This is also true. Cross-play cannot be done between any type of console and any PC. These platforms have different built systems. These two platforms will cause severe glitches or lags if they are combined. The server will not be able to handle this volume of traffic simultaneously. 

NBA 2K21 Cross Platform PC & PS4/PS5

NBA 2k21 does not currently cross-platform between PCs and PSN. This includes PS4 or PS5. This is due to the unfair advantage the PC would have over Playstation gamers. Playstation users are limited to using a controller, while PC players have both keyboard and mouse access.

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This will cause unfair playing and malpractices, which will eventually lead to all console users being turned away. We will continue to support players on the same platform until the company has a solution. 

NBA 2K21 Cross-Platform Xbox, Nintendo Switch

The cross-play of NBA 2k21 between these two platforms is prohibited on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Because of the vast differences in their UI, this is a problem. It is impossible to combine them, since one will always have an advantage over another. 

Cross-platform will require people to learn a new set of buttons if they decide to go with it. The players prefer to stick with their UI. 

NBA 2K21 Cross Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series SX/S

Yes! Yes! If you and your friends have the Xbox, you can still play together. If you want to upgrade to the next-gen console, your progress will be transferred!

NBA 2K21 Cross Platform PS4 & PS5

Yess! Cross-gen play is possible in NBA 2k21. Both platforms can be used to transfer data and you can play together!

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Cross-play is still not supported by NBA 2K21. The developers of the game will likely add this feature to the next update. Random matchmaking will be the only way to go until then.

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