Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross-Platform?

Elder Scrolls Online is a popular game in the gaming community. This game is loved for its beautiful graphics, thrilling plotline and addictive gameplay. With so many perks, who wouldn’t play the game with their friends! But wait. But wait. What if your friends have different gaming platforms? 

The question that has been bugging fans for a long while is now answered: Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross-Platform? Answering this question is no. But it’s not in a traditional sense. You can find more information on this topic in our next sections.

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Is Elder Scrolls Online(ESO) Cross-Platform?

Is ESO Cross-Platform

This question has a rather ambiguous answer. As we have already mentioned, cross-platform doesn’t work in the traditional sense of ESO. By this, we mean that PS4 and Xbox can’t play together, but platforms with the same servers can. Here’s how it goes:

  • PC servers are stand-alone, and they won’t play with players on the console.
  •  Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Xbox Series S all share the same server
  • PS4 and PS5 share one server
  • The PC community shares a server to support Stadia players

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In short, cross-play is possible if your friends have the same platform (or different versions in the case of Xbox and PS)

ESO Cross Platform PC and Xbox One

ESO does not have cross-platform support between the two platforms. This means that players can’t play on the same platform. You will need separate accounts if you own them both. 

Zenimax Online Studios decided to exclude the users in order to avoid cheating. Each platform hosts different types of rulesets. This would give them some advantages over one another, so the game won’t be fair. 

Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform PC and PS4

Cross-platform gaming refers to both PC and PS4. This means that you cannot play with other PC gamers if your PC is a PC, but you can play with PS4 players if your PS4 is a PS4.

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This is due to smoother gameplay. Traffic can make it difficult to maintain high and consistent rates. Traffic can lead to server failure and severe lag if players from multiple platforms are able to connect to the same server. Cross-platform is not yet available to prevent such situations. 

ESO Cross-Platform Stadias and PC

Yes! Yes, both Stadia and PC share one server. This allows gamers on both platforms to come together and have a great gaming experience. The goal of this cross-platform integration was to increase traffic to the game. 

However, cross-platform is not possible for different consoles manufactured by different companies. 

Cross-Platform ESO Xbox One and PS4

No! Cross-platform support is not possible between Xbox One or PS4. Because the online services that back them up are different, cross-platform is not possible between Xbox One and PS4. This means that you and your friends will have to wait in order to play the game together. 

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Elder Scrolls Online Cross-Platform PS4/PS5

Yess! Cross-play is possible in two Playstation versions. They share the same server (PSN) and offer cross-platform support.  

Cross-Platform ESO Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Yes. Yes! ESO supports cross-platform gaming on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. All your friends can play together if they have the same version of Xbox. Again this is because all the Xbox consoles are hosted from the same online servers and hence won’t cause any interference of service. 

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), Overview

ZeniMax Media developed Elder Scrolls Online as a popular MMORPG. It was originally launched for Windows and macOS in April 2014. It has since been available for Windows and macOS, but it is now available for Xbox and Playstations. 

The game takes place in Tamriel, a mythical land that is home to many landscapes. The three alliances are the main draw of the game. The game includes three alliances – The Daggerfall Covenant, the Aldmeri Dominion,  or The Ebonheart Pact – and the player must pick one to play under. Once you’ve been selected, you will need to perform all your activities in their name.


Elder Scrolls’ popularity was due to its regular updates and improvisations. The game will be perfect if the developers can overcome the hurdle of cross-platform play. We hope this article clears your confusion about the game’s cross-platform support.

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